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    Username : Felix-the-Write-o-Matic
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    Gender : male
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    Undergrad Honors degree from the University of Chicago. Also completed majors in Economics and History at another school.
    Completed coursework requirements for social science doctoral program at top Ivy League level research university. A average in grad coursework with funded fellowships.
    I have extensive graduate coursework in Sociology, Political Science, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, and even some graduate courses in the MBA program. I've also take many graduate level courses in Philosophy (I have a B.A. in Philosophy with Honors from UChicago). In the past year, I've written  papers that got A+ on Hegel, the theology of the Virgin Mary (Mariology), corporate social responsibility, nursing informatics, residential real estate marketing, project management, Freudian interpretations of Kafka's The Metamorphosis, cultural appropriations and re-appropriations of Ukrainian Easter eggs as a symbol of resistance and of different versions of the Trinity, globalization as exemplified by developments in the petroleum industry, and many admissions statements and business plans.
    Special areas: SWOT analyses, organizational theory, social network theory, competitive strategy, data-driven marketing, American history, European history, Catholic theology, Continental and Anglo-American philosophy, social theory, political theory and philosophy, ethnography of Asian and Polynesian cultures, game theory in both economics and political science, gender studies, 20th century U.S. literature. yes, many winter evenings spent reading books. I own over 4000 books on all subjects and have read most of them ;-)

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    Location : US


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    Numerous political and marketing campaigns. I have written speeches for people whose names you would probably recognize if you read the national news and business section of your newspaper. I will manage your online reputation and stop scurrilous stuff from being spread about you and make you look as good as possible to the world.
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    I love writing papers and articles on everything. Everything. That's why I'll probably get you a good outcome - if I bid for your paper I want to learn more about that topic (and I will already know a fair amount). See below. I also dabble in politics, skydive, SCUBA, ride horses, and once made a fortune trading oil futures. I love traveling, bonsai trees, and colorful saltwater aquariums.