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03/28/2017 Great paper!
03/28/2017 Mastermatt did a great job on my essay and answered all my questions in a quick and timely fashion. Thanks again!
Really good paper
03/27/2017 I couln't be happier.  MasterMatt is where it's at. He exceeded my expectations and helped me to learn from his work.  Don't forget to tip, he's worth it!!!
03/27/2017 Failed the assignment. The instructions in the sylabus were clear but the prof didnt follow them. Do not hire, it is not worth it.
03/27/2017 N/A
03/25/2017 ?Excellent. Even completed my assignment early. I would use this professor again in the future.
03/21/2017 A well written paper that was finished early with time to check for revisions. Thanks!
03/20/2017 Completed the paper, everything was well worded, and the professor was kind and helpful throughout the entire process.
03/19/2017 Matt is the master :D
03/17/2017 The paper looks great, perfectly footnoted and researched.  Paper was submitted before the deadline and was tweeked to perfection after feedback.  Thanks so much!
03/16/2017 great work, quick to reply
03/16/2017 Great essay, really appreciate the work
03/16/2017 Great work!! 
03/15/2017 Great work!!!
03/15/2017 I received a perfect score for this assignment. The paper was Sophomore level writing but the course was equivalent to that so I am happy. MasterMatt followed all of the instructions given. Thank you very much and I will be back in the future MasterMatt!
03/14/2017 Well researched and I received full credit. I would definitely use this professor again. 
03/14/2017 10 stars for Mastermatt. My project was exactly completed the way I asked and finished within the deadline I had assigned. 
03/13/2017 Once again great paper - Awesome writer! 

Thank you  :-)
03/12/2017 gave me what I asked for.
03/12/2017 excellent work
03/12/2017 excellent work
03/12/2017 I received an A+ on this paper! There were no grammatical errors or sentences that needed restructuring. Thank you very much MasterMatt!
03/11/2017 Great format in his writing, had no complaints at all.  
03/10/2017 Delievered as ordered.
03/10/2017 Outstanding work! Would gladly use mastermatt again.
03/09/2017 Extremely happy with it, now to just wait for my grade!
03/09/2017 MasterMatt flew through the assignment with a day to space and even stuck the my style of writing. Will choose again!
03/08/2017 Great JOb and followed all of the assigment instructions!!
03/08/2017 A few grammatical/spelling mistakes here and there but otherwise a brilliant job & excellent communication
03/08/2017 Amazing to work with, Great quality work and great communication
03/07/2017 The essay is high quality. I'm marking a star off just because it was a few hours late. Not a huge deal, but did cause a bit of worry.
03/07/2017 Very clear, concise, and straight to the point. Finished my essay without a hitch.
03/06/2017 Got a 75 on a paper I'm sure I couldv'e done better on given the time allotted.
03/06/2017 This professor completed my project satisfactorily and on time, and was responsive to my questions while the project was ongoing.
03/05/2017 timely and answered the prompt. thanks!
03/05/2017 Great work. Very thorough.
03/03/2017 good paper overall. Professor's only gripes were a lot of the citations coming from one source and a slight tone of announcement in the thesis. I can easily fix this myself. Thanks!
02/28/2017 Great paper!
02/28/2017 Great paper, on time, and answers questions.
02/28/2017 Awesome!!
02/28/2017 Job well done!
02/28/2017 Great Job!!!!
02/28/2017 Perfect!
02/28/2017 Paper matched exactly as what was required! 
02/28/2017 Matt exceeded my expectations and was able to provide supurb work! He also delivered my final paper WAY earlier than I needed which is always a relief. 
02/26/2017 solid paper exactly what I wanted! Great work thanks! 
02/23/2017 AWESOME!!!!! Finished before the deadline!
02/23/2017 Very well orginized and on time 
02/19/2017 *
02/17/2017 Good job and fast.
02/13/2017 Mastermatt,

Following is how I was graded on this paper. I would have uploaded it but there is not a spot to do so.

Summarize the employment-at-will doctrine: Unacceptable F (you did not answer the question)
Evaluate 3 of the 6 scenarios described by determining whether you can legally fire the employee:  Fair C (a clear determination of whether or not the employee can legally fire was required, also no exceptions were discussed)
Evaluate 3 of the 6 described by determining the primary actions that you should take to limit liability and impact on operation: Unacceptable F (a discussion of how to limit legal liability, limit the impact on operations and ethical theory that supports your decision should have been done for each scenario)
Examine your states policy on employment-at-will: A  Exemplary (good discussion on this question)
References: A Exemplary
Clarity writing and mechanics: A Exemplary

My grade just dropped from an 87 to an 81.
I still have two more papers to keep my grade above an 80 is going to be extreamly hard now.
This is why i am rating you low.

02/10/2017 This professor is awesome. If you get the opportunity to choose him,you will not be disappointed. Produces nothing but "A" papers. I've used him 5 weeks and received 5 "A's."
Well done! Went above and beyond! Thank you!
02/01/2017 Professor M is amazing. You will have no worries if you pick this professor. Everything that's been done for me so far has been an "A"!
01/28/2017 Professor Mastermatt did a terrific job on my paper. This is my second time using this professor. I received an "A" on my first paper! Will use again and spread the word!
01/24/2017 Amazing and exceeded my expectations!
01/23/2017 Followed instructions and did a great job! Believable too!
12/30/2016 followed guidelines excellent paper!
12/20/2016 Very happy with the paper. Thank you!
12/20/2016 Thank you! A+ paper!
12/20/2016 I have used MasterMatt a few times now and his work is very good. I would definately recommend him. He is very fast with meeting deadlines on short notice and delivers original, high quality papers.
12/19/2016 Did not hand in solution on time and the quality of the paper was not nearly up to the standards I was hoping for. I do not recomend mastermatt. He sucks.
12/15/2016 If I could give zero stars I would. mastermatt did not follow the assignment prompt; there were copious grammatical and spelling mistakes. There were even a horrendous amount of incorrect facts. Literally zero stars! I ended up writing the whole thing myself because not even one single sentence from mastermatt was usable. so ridiculous 
12/15/2016 I received a 65% on the paper that was written. The instructions were clear, he told me he didn't have a problem. The paper was 2 pages and I received 1.5 pages of work. I didn't think anyuthing of it and wrote the last half-page myself, but i shouldn't have had to do that. The research was poor, the basic APA formatting was incorrect, and generally it was not an enjoyable experience. I would not recommend using mastermatt ever. The only reason I gave him 2 stars was due to his friendly and quick response time to my inquiries. Very VERY dissatsified with the service.
12/15/2016 Revied and writen the project before the deadline so far my favorite Professor thank you sincerely for your kidn help. 
12/14/2016 Amazing work well done sufficent and qick Thank you.
12/11/2016 It was a pleasure to work with mastermatt. His paper was of high quality and he even managed it to finish it before the deadline I set, so well done.
12/08/2016 Awesome work thanks! Got it to me before due date
12/08/2016 Awesome writing style, clear and concise.  He definitely does his research. I would recommend for topics concerning history, theology, and religious studies in general. 
12/06/2016 On time, very well written and very well deserved perfect rating!
12/05/2016 One of the best writer, always before time. One of the great professor to choose for your next paper.
12/03/2016 I would not recommend.
12/02/2016 Good and on time!
11/30/2016 Amazing paper!
11/30/2016 Very good work! I would definitely use him again. Deadline was 3 days & he delivered the paper before the deadline. Paper passed turnitin & I got an A. Thank you!
11/30/2016 Paid $200 for a C paper. The first finished submission did not follow the prompt so he kindly fixed it. But upon fixing it he did not read over the rest of the essay to make sure the new changes flowed. By the time I got the second submission there wasn't enough time for me to fix the paper myself before the due date. Kinda frustrating.
11/28/2016 My Admissions essay was well written, and completed right on time! I am so happy that I found this site, and was able to get other important things done while Mastermatt successfully completed this project.

Thank you....Thank you!!!!

Hope to work with you again in the near future.

11/27/2016 Formatting was incorrect. Grammar errors. Paper was to be minimum of 4 pages and I got 3 pages because he said it had enough words but project request and grading rubric sent with project specifically said pages not words. I ended up re-writing the entire paper. First and last time I ever use someone else to do my work! An expensive lesson learned.
11/20/2016 Professor was a pleasure and would love to do business again!
11/16/2016 He works hard to give the best possible work
11/14/2016 The paper was about 1/4 of a page short of the requird 5 pages.
11/06/2016 Fantastic essay! Great sentence structure.. and just enough information to earn me a good grade, but not raise any eyebrows. 

Thank you
11/06/2016 Very well written
11/06/2016 Awesome!
11/04/2016 Few typos, but very well written. :)
11/03/2016 Job well done! Thanks again!