Date Comment Rating
07/23/2017 Excellent work
just two small mistakes
07/17/2017 Overall a great job done! Considering I'm not the best at writing papers this helped me so much! Would definitely recommmend! 
07/16/2017 saved my ass and allowed me to enjoy a day at the beach!
07/10/2017 AWESOME WRITER & a Pleasure to work with everytime!
No other professor on this site I'd rather work with other than ProfCrisis! He's saved me twice already :)
07/10/2017 I haven't received my grade but ProfCrisis, as the name suggests, came through!  Thanks!
07/06/2017 I was very nervous about letting a stranger complete an essay for me, especially considering the narrow subject topic. ProfCrisis's bid was very competative and he/she replied to my questions straight away, which put my mind at ease. This professor was extremely responsive and was dedicated to delivering a tailored original piece of writing that was exactly what I needed. PC's responses gave me the impression that he/she is very in tune with the academic expectations that course coordinators have of students. After receving my completed essay all I did was very slightly alter tiny parts/words it to make it read more in my personal style and then I submitted it. The referencing was thorough and the research was specific. I received a High Distinction. I would definately use PC again for future work. 
07/02/2017 This was fantastic! I am working remotely with very limited access to a computer and reliable internet - making an online Summer class a very difficult thing to participate in. This professor went above and beyond! I will definitely try to use again!!!
07/01/2017 Awesome work
07/01/2017 This professor recently completed another assignment for me. I was once again extremely pleased with the final product, and it was back to me in less than 12 hours! Highly recommend.
06/26/2017 Great work! You can trust ProfChris!
06/26/2017 Great work on short notice! Like two hours short notice.
06/25/2017 ProfCrisis did a phenomenol job and met my expectations.  His work followed the instructions which was most important.  I look forward to using him again.
06/25/2017 Excellent work! Follows directions explicitly and is a very good writer.
Amazing paper and will definitely use this professor again. He went above and beyond. Thank you so much.
06/23/2017 Prof Crisis was amazing! Really easy to communiate with and even offered a deal on th second paper.  After mistakenly pushing my one paper by a day with notice, he offered an insentive by further lowering his price on my second project. Overall great work, got an 80 on one project and an 87 on the second project. Would reccomend totally for anyonr trying to get good marks and he delivers on his work!

Thanks Prof Crisis
06/22/2017 This professor did a fabulous job on my assignment- it was completed in about 12 hours and was done exactly as required! Thank you very much, hope to work with you again soon!
06/20/2017 One word. Amazing. 
06/20/2017 Great work, followed direction exactly as given.
06/20/2017 Super fast and efficient. Veryyyyyyyyyy Trust-worthy!!
06/19/2017 ProfCrisis did a great job on a very short time period! Thank you for the excellent work :) 
06/18/2017 That was a beautiful way of writing. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. I am using every letter of the paper you wrote. Thank you!
06/17/2017 Exellent to work with, very good communication. Got my essay done with very short notice. 
06/16/2017 Thoroughly impressed with his dedication and care, and his extremely high quality writing skills. I'd definitely recommend ProfCrisis above any other professor! 

06/15/2017 PC was great to work with.  Great with my topic and I had no issues at all.

06/12/2017 Couldn't have asked for a better result or better experience with a provider. Thanks so much!
06/12/2017 This Professor is the best. Fast emails back when i had questions. Done on time and very well done. Would rec 10/10. Nothing wrong with this prof at all. 
06/12/2017 Expertly written and sure to be an A. Followed all directions and writing style is formal, smart, and concise. Other writers here had filled papers with unnecessary words to meet the word count which resulted in clunky papers. ProfChris did the exact opposite and I can turn this in with no revision. 
06/12/2017 Awesome professor who can make your essay A-level and remarkable.
06/11/2017 Above and beyond expectations! Would reccomend to absoslutely anyone
06/11/2017 ProfCrisis was very helpful with my project and his price was very reasonable as well. Very happy with his help
06/11/2017 Awesome professor.
You will bet surprised quite a few times on how approachable he is and how quick he responds, and also you will be surprised from the quality of work.
06/07/2017 Incredibly well written essay with a beautiful flow and argument. Communicated well and was flexible handle the initial misunderstanding on my part. The best so far.
06/06/2017 I got a 98 on the paper ProfCrisis wrote. They were quick with responses and wrote a very good paper.
06/05/2017 Very helpful ! Completed it on time and did exactly what I asked for ! I'm have you professor Crisis 
06/01/2017 A perfect score!  Thank you so much for your assistance.  This was a great topic!
05/30/2017 If I could rate ProfCrisis more stars I would. He exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond in timeliness and quality. He was kind enough to do a couple revisions before finalizing the project and incorporated all of my comments and feedbacks. 

Will definetly use his services again! 
05/19/2017 Such great quality and quick turn around 
05/16/2017 very chill. I couldn't get him some information he needed to get work done and he still came through. Bless
05/15/2017 Excellent!!! 

Thanks for everything. You are very friendly and was  available to answer all my concerns. I'm very happy with your work and I do not regret chosen you. 


05/15/2017 ProfCrisis wrote an amazing research paper and was on time. Will definitely be coming back to ProfCrisis when I need a great paper.
05/13/2017 Great with communicating! Always answered back messages on time. The paper came out great and on time!
05/12/2017 This professor delivered a great essay on time. Very thoughtful and considerate. I am very satisfied with the project. If you are looking for someone to deliver solid work, please consider this prof!!
05/10/2017 He did good
05/10/2017 AMAZING WORK! He followed directions exaclty as I asked and provided a remarkle paper. Honestly, this is the best work I've seen come from this site. You'd be an idiot not to select ProfCrisis! 
Finished within a very short time frame. Well worded and good content.
05/02/2017 Wow. Not only did they dilligently seek my obscure subject matter and locate it, they attached notes along with the written piece. It was a very last minute assignment and this professor executed flawlessly. Have no concerns about the quality of what you'll receive - this professor without a doubt writes better than you. If you don't generally produce quality written work, I'd suggest submitting an example of your own, as they offer to model their work from yours. I'm highly pleased. I'll see you in Grad School.
04/30/2017 Awesome! Enough said....