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History 65 English 45 Religion and Theology 32 English Literature 21 Art 17 Literature 17 West European Studies 13 Philosophy 12 Accounting 8 Psychology 8


  • Education

    Bachelor Degree in English
    Masters Degree in Communication Studies
    PhD in English

    Past Employment

    Lecturer and professor at various top-tier institutions.

    Ghost writer for fiction novelist.


    Hello, students!

    I am proficient and well-rounded in all areas of study, but my specialty resides in language and the humanities. I excel in English, psychology, history, and art, but have a firm grasp on the sciences, especially earth science (geology, meteorology, etc.) as well as general human physiology. 

    I enjoy many hobbies in my spare time, including reading, music, hiking, and I've been known to make a mean chicken curry.


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    11/13/2017 Not sure if most of these reviews are fake or not.

    US Based student here at a University studying Business. Had more than a few ghostwriters over the years as my schedules sometimes overloads me with work and school. This professor is about as legit as they come, no ESL foregin language writer where you have to go back and edit the grammer. Hes written some of the best essays I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Couldn't recommend him enough, very communicative, and responsive to questions or concerns. 10/10 would use every time. 
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