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History 65 Business 51 English 43 Economics 41 Management 33 Nursing 29 Political Science 27 Accounting 25 Healthcare 25 Sociology 18


  • Education

    Ph.D. in History
    Master of Busines Management and Economics
    B.A. in English
    CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis
    CFA in Accounting
    Lead Editing in Nursing and Healthcare
    Lead Editing in Psychology and Socialogy

    Past Employment

    Over the years, I have worked as a freelance academic writer handling projects ranging from finance,  History, English, engineering, and many others. Moreover, I have around 10 years of combined teaching and tutoring experience. I have over 96% customer return, which means my clinets are happy with what I offer.


    I am a professional researcher and writer with a Ph.D. in History, Master of Busines Management & Economics, B.A. in English, Leading editor in Nursing & socialogy and CFA in Basic Quantitative Financial Analysis. When you select me for your assignment, be assured of high quality and timely delivery. 


    Date Comment Rating
    02/17/2019 Thank you for making my life easier. 
    02/15/2019 ??
    02/14/2019 Amazing work! I loved how quick and professionally I received my paper! This was my first time using unemployed professors and the experience was amazing! I will be reaching out again in the future!!
    02/12/2019 Delivered just in time with only a couple minor edits in APA format I needed to fix. 

    9/10 would recommend. 
    02/06/2019 Grace did an amazing job and went above and beyond on the amount of work she did.
    02/02/2019 Nicely done.  Required an hour or so of formatting and tidying up, but overall the content was there and the prof did a great job with some fairly loosely defined parameters.  Would definitely use again.
    01/23/2019 Awesome job. 
    I asked for an engineering field resume, with very basic information given, and she researched and added material on the field that I never included. She finished well before my set deadline and, when I changed what I wanted was quick to make those changes.
    01/13/2019 She not only exceeded the number of pages required, but completed it a day early. Great paper.
    01/10/2019 Quick turnaround and passed Turnitin!
    01/09/2019 Grace produced a banger of an essay, but the project was delivered past the due date and time. However, because of the intensity of the project, the efforts of the professor is recognised just from the quality of the essay. Great job! Maybe frequent updates would be better next time!
    01/02/2019 Submitted before the time and covered the topic well. Second time using the professor 

    12/18/2018 amazing.. got my essay super early 
    12/13/2018 Paper was great and delivered early as notch
    12/09/2018 Awsome, outstanding work!
    12/07/2018 E
    12/05/2018 Grace finished my intial draft well before my required due date. My professor gave me minor feed back 3 weeks later and Grace edited my draft within the hour. She is fantastic.
    12/03/2018 Always exceeds my epectations delivering quality products ahead of schedule. Highly recommend! 
    12/02/2018 Great job!
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