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  • Education

    PhD in English, top-tier US research university
    MA with distinguished honors in English, top-tier US research university
    Double BA with high honors in English + Philosophy, top-tier US research university

    Past Employment

    Indentured academic / college instructor
    Business owner


    I have a PhD in English from a top-tier research university in the United States. I have published academic articles on literature, and I have years of teaching experience in rhetoric/composition, literature, and business communication. I am deeply familiar with professors' expectations for undergraduate and graduate writing.

    100% customer satisfaction, with not a single negative review mixed in, because I never cut corners or fudge a project. See my reviews: I treat every single project with the care it deserves. Can you find a better track record? I cannot stress this enough: read my reviews, then read the reviews of the other bidders. Notice the difference.

    You might also want to look at how many projects your bidders have in progress (left-hand side of the profile). My in-progress number is usually the lowest you'll see, because I only bid on projects that interest me, only if I have time, and only if I can turn out an excellent product. I never have 40+ projects in progress at a given time, because I care about my customers and always put quality over quantity.

    Good for the Ukrainians who run the sites, bad for you. The work they sell you will either be plagiarized or so poorly written that you can't turn it in. It's just economically impossible for a qualified, English-speaking writer to produce original work for some small percentage of $10/page. Do you think a capable writer would agree to work for less than minimum wage? Of course not. You found the right site (and the right price point) for high-quality, custom-written work.

    *$25 per double-spaced page is the site minimum bid. I RARELY bid at the minimum, because my standard of quality and attention to detail are well above the status quo in this industry. My pricing fluctuates with demand and (most importantly) with the difficulty and complexity of the work. Wouldn't you find it troubling if a mechanic quoted you only 2 hours of labor for a full engine rebuild? What about a writer who bids the minimum and spends 45 minutes on your essay because he/she has seven other jobs to complete that day? Some things should not be done in a hurry.

    SOME AREAS OF EXPERTISE, in no particular order:
    Rhetoric/composition, persuasive argument essays, communication
    Literary history and theory
    Cultural studies
    Film Studies
    Political science
    Human geography
    Business administration / communication
    Feminist criticism / gender studies
    African-American studies / race theory
    Philosophy of language
    Admissions essays - experience with med school, nursing, law school, other grad/professional degrees, and undergrad


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    10/17/2018 Fantastic work! Will be using for more projects, on time and very thorough! A+ 
    10/16/2018 I always select ProfCrisis for all my assignments! I have never been dissapointed. All of the assignments have been beyond my expactations! 
    10/16/2018 great job thanks for the work and being on time.
    10/12/2018 The best!
    10/05/2018 Absolute gentleman, communication was above and beyond, recieved an A+ on the work which I am very grateful. Looking forward to working with Prof Crisis again
    10/04/2018 Awesome Essay, paper was on time. Great job thank you.
    10/02/2018 Amazing!!!! 

    Prof Crisis was so patient and listened to my every request, and even suggested ideas that would be more suitable for my coursework. He was a month ahead of schedule, saving me a lot of trouble from my teacher, considering the coursework was a few months overdue.

    He spoke through adding revisions with me for when I recieved feedback from my teacher. (even after i'd paid him) Furthermore, he's extremely accomodating - not to mention considerate of the fact that my project was set by a UK exam board, and he is an American Proffessor.

    I will definetely use him again and would recommend him 100%. 

    Not surpised he has such a good track record on the site. 
    10/01/2018 Amazing Professor ... always does great work !
    10/01/2018 Amazing Professor 
    09/27/2018 This prof exceeded my expectations! Very quick to respond to messages. Great writing, on time and had all of the requirements. Thank you!!
    09/27/2018 By FAR the best professor on this site. Exceptional work, so accomodating. No point in using anyone else 
    09/22/2018 PC does such an amzing job!  If its something he can handle then its totally worth every penny for the perfect work that is done!.
    09/21/2018 Prof did an exceptional job on my project.  Sent over a link to a photo album that had nearly 60 pictures of book pages needed for the project. Prof didn't blink an eye and created a great essay ahead of schedule. 
    09/19/2018 Awesome person took his time to make sure I got the right material in a timely manner.  Thanks again. 
    09/19/2018 Awesome guy took his time to make sure sure I had the right materials for the Essay. Thanks again for the help

    Prof. Crisis has completed a lot of assignments for me and they have always exceeded my expectations!
    I always received the assignments on time and sometimes early!
    I am so happy with the services that I will continue to use Prof. Crisis for ALL future projects!!! So freaking good! 

    09/15/2018 To put it simply: the work is superb. He produced a Masters-level piece for me and it was faultless. He’s virtually the only prof I’d trust to produce masters level work. Peerless! 
    09/09/2018 Very timely and well written
    09/08/2018 Absolutely amazing work!  Did not have the best resources for them to work with, but they pulled together and amazing paper.
    Execellent customer service, OUTSTANDING paper! Absolutely no bad grammar or typos (which I'm a stickler for).
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