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English 51 History 36 Accounting 29 Political Science 27 Business 26 Philosophy 18 Communications and Media 17 Sociology 15 Psychology 12 Healthcare 11


  • Education

    Masters in Education University of New Orleans 2011 to 2012
    Bachelor of Arts in English Education Tulane University 2007 to 2011

    Past Employment

    English and AP Instructor, ACT Prep Tutor Archbishop Chapelle High School - New Orleans, LA - August  2013 to December 2016
    The St. Paul's School - Covington, LA – January 2013 to August 2013
    Brother Martin High School - New Orleans, LA – 2012 to 2013

    Credit Approval and Authorization First National Bank of Commerce - New Orleans, LA - December 2010 to June 2011


    With years of experience as a researcher and educator, I intend to use this experience in ensuring your success academically as a student.


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    07/22/2018 This professir was very helpful and when I had an issue (my fault) he corrected it quick and without question. Amazing!
    07/22/2018 Did in a great job with short notice!  Thank you!
    07/16/2018 Went above and beyond what I had expected.  Thanks!!!
    07/12/2018 Thank you
    07/11/2018 This professer is LEGIT and came through in the clutch! He/she turned my 5 page research paper around in about 24 hours with perfect sentence structure and almost perfect grammar. Also followed my instructions to a tee. The first draft I was sent was good enough for me to work off of and make minor changes to make it sound more like the rest of my essays I submitted earlier in the semester. Luckily this is the last class I'll ever be taking, but if not, I would definitely hire him/her again! 
    07/07/2018 Great paper well before due date
    07/07/2018 First time using this service. Definetly recommend.
    07/05/2018 Thnak you.
    07/03/2018 95/100
    07/02/2018 Excellent work, thank you so much!
    07/01/2018 This is for the second paper.
    07/01/2018 Dude did the damn thing!!!! I got my papers on time, they were well written and well reseached. I needed two papers at the same time and he exceeded the nesisary word count for both. I got a 78 overall, but that has been my highest grade on papers in this class so far and it saved me from failing a pain in the ass summer class. Not to mention says that the lady is a bitch and grades like she has a grudge on everyone. I don't know what an A would have taken and I can't blame it on this guys writing. Job well done. I am not a robot.
    06/30/2018 Great :)
    06/29/2018 Excellent essay
    06/29/2018 Great Job!  Very pleased.  First time I have every used anyone in my entire college career of 3 degrees (BS, MS, PHD). Cramped for time and he/she delivered earlier than requested so that i can edit as needed to personalize my style. 
    06/29/2018 Received project days early. Worked quickly and wrote great work!
    06/29/2018 Excellent work and was completed before deadline. 
    Litmaster is great!
    06/26/2018 This is my go-to prof. Always ahead of schedule. The paper is better each time.
    06/26/2018 Always goes above and beyond. Very hapyy with the results.
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