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English 36 History 27 Political Science 23 Accounting 18 Business 16 Sociology 15 Communications and Media 12 Philosophy 11 Psychology 10 Marketing 9


  • Education

    Masters in Education University of New Orleans 2011 to 2012
    Bachelor of Arts in English Education Tulane University 2007 to 2011

    Past Employment

    English and AP Instructor, ACT Prep Tutor Archbishop Chapelle High School - New Orleans, LA - August  2013 to December 2016
    The St. Paul's School - Covington, LA – January 2013 to August 2013
    Brother Martin High School - New Orleans, LA – 2012 to 2013

    Credit Approval and Authorization First National Bank of Commerce - New Orleans, LA - December 2010 to June 2011


    With years of experience as a researcher and educator, I intend to use this experience in ensuring your success academically as a student.


    Date Comment Rating
    05/21/2018 Very accomodating, worked quickly and wrote great work!
    05/19/2018 done in a timely manner with a good product
    05/18/2018 I recieved a 35 on this project!!!!
    05/16/2018 good job, could have done a better job though
    05/15/2018 Completed on time as assigned
    05/11/2018 Very good sonding essay and finished ahead of shedule 
    05/08/2018 did very good work, will use again in the future for more projects!!!
    05/01/2018 Essay was exactly what I wanted. Would have given all stars but I got it 5 hours late. 
    04/27/2018 Didn’t follow the extremely clear directions. Instead of analyzing the source material, they just provided a crude summary with virtually no original thought, and didn’t answer any of the questions posed. After editing out the nonsense I had about 50% of what I paid for. I needed it on a short timeline but this paper was just sad.
    04/27/2018 Outstanding job....Great communication.  
    04/16/2018 This professor surely is NOT fluent in English. The paper is barely intelligible. 
    The paper was for my nursing school, but I can't use his work due to the extremely low quality. 
    04/04/2018 Wow omg thank you!!! 
    04/03/2018 I recieved a D on that paper
    03/13/2018 very good and way ahead of schedule! 
    02/12/2018 I recieved my project WEEKS before I needed it and it's EXACTLY what I asked for.  
    12/02/2017 Another quality deliverable. Nothing too extreme, easy enough for the lay and educated to read.
    Thank you.
    12/02/2017 LitMaster is an incredible professor. The professor did an incredible job on my essay and it was done within a timely manner. I would highly recommend working with her/him.
    12/01/2017 Excellent, Got the paper done ahead of schedule and the paper is perfect. Couldn't ask for a better result!
    11/28/2017 Not bad of a paper, but I ordered a paper from the same author last night and it's clear it was another writer. My other paper was complete garbage and this one is alright. I wouldn't take the chance again. 
    11/28/2017 Wow, really horrible, I actually erased everything he wrote and rewrote it all. I provided a 5 page outline with tons of souces and complete sentences he could have just coped and pasted. This person does not have a good grap on the English language. Please dont use him, he wrote a paper I did not ask for and wasted my money and stressed me out beyond belief. I'm not handing in a paper that is half the required pages because I couldnt complete it in time. 
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