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    PhD: Harvard (Philosophy / Political Science). MA: Harvard (Psychology). BSc: Rice (Business Philosophy/Psychology). BA: Rice (Double Major: English Literature & Composition and European History)

    Past Employment

    I'm a lifelong professional scholar: I've taught both Philosophy and English at the university level. I was a research assistant to a high-profile analyst. I've been a professional writing tutor for over 15 years (mostly in English, Psych, History, and Philosophy). I've written and published numerous academic journal articles as well as a book. I was also a social science teacher at a very prestigious private school full of snobby rich kids for two years. And, finally, I protect students' sanity by providing high-quality scholarly papers that are always delivered on time.


    My research and writing skills are second to none and I always meet the deadline. Don't settle for "budget" options when you can hire a PhD who delivers top-quality papers -- trust me, you will definitely get what you pay for! I may be a little more expensive than the average writer here, but at least you can rest assure that my papers will always be well written, cited with scholarly sources, formatted per the appropriate style guide, and ALWAYS delivered on time!
    I am a well read scholar and possess a wide range of expertise. From science to philosophy to English literature to history, I can produce high-quality papers on almost any topic. My rigorous research ethic and exceptional writing skills make me the perfect writer for your master's thesis, capstone paper, or dissertation. 
    I am well versed in APA, Chicago, MLA, and Bluebook style guides and will always provide a reference list with my papers. My pricing is typically based on a double-spaced page in 12-point Times New Roman font, but I'm happy to format your paper any way you'd like. All quoted times are 11:59 PM PST, unless otherwise noted!


    Date Comment Rating
    07/08/2018 Comes through with great work every time I've accepted his bids.
    06/12/2018 did not listen or do what i asked- and when i asked him to fix it he never sent me the paper back
    06/09/2018 Greater than I had anticpated, I was able to review it weeks before it was due and use the information for other assignments. 100% made my life easier and stress free. I'd give more stars if I could. 
    06/09/2018 Got an A-. Thanks!
    06/09/2018 Fantastic job! Wrote exactly what I needed!
    06/06/2018 Delivered on time and with a professional look to the paper. He even did some revisions without any problems or excuses. I would definitely use him again.
    06/02/2018 I wish all of my professors were like you. 
    06/01/2018 Thanks MR Harvard - a great basis that I can rewrite for my assignment saving me days of effort. Would have liked a conclusion included but that was easy enough to cover. Thanks again.
    06/01/2018 Project was completed on time and received maximum credit! 
    05/31/2018 Great  Paper!
    05/27/2018 Awesome paper, used and cited all sources I gave them. Got it done early! Would highly recommend!
    05/20/2018 Great cooperation and full-star work 
    05/14/2018 another job well done! and another A+ paper
    05/14/2018 Great work.  Don't hesitate - choose this professor.
    05/06/2018  Paper was extremely well done and would highly reccomend again in the future! 
    05/05/2018 was willing to make changes 
    05/02/2018 Incredible work. A+
    05/02/2018 AMAZING 
    04/28/2018 Absolute top quality work: not overly verbose to fill pages, clearly researched the subject, and delivered almost two weeks early -- Not choosing MR-HARVARD for your paper would be a mistake!
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