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    B.S. in Chemical Physics
    M.S. in Nuclear Engineering

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    Graduate Research Assistant (Nuclear Engineering)
    Teaching Assistant (Chemistry)
    Various non-academic jobs


    Hi all! I'm a scientist and engineer who went to a liberal arts school, so I can write more or less anything you need! My undergrad university was one of the top 25 liberal arts schools in the nation, and my graduate school was top 5 in my program. In general, I'm looking to charge reasonable prices, which increase with serious mitigating factors (closeness to the due date, etc.). Further, I'm willing to perform any edits requested by the client up to the due date of the project.


    Date Comment Rating
    01/12/2018 Very timely work. Good quality. Thank you for your help. 
    11/19/2017 Work was amazing! And turned in well before the due date, AND included suggestions!! 
    09/30/2017 Work delivered on time. Great communication. I am so happy with the work! Thank you!
    09/18/2017 Did a wonderful job on my biology course assignment. I would not hesitate to ask him for his services. Thanks!
    09/15/2017 Great work thx!!
    08/31/2017 Thank you for another great paper!
    08/15/2017 Paper was well written and completed hours in advance so I was able to look over it and submit it on time.  I would highly recommend this professor!! 
    04/29/2017 Excellent work! Sources were cited properly and the essay had a good format. Would definitely highly reccomend. 
    04/17/2017 He wrote a great research paper. Lots of great research and ideas.
    thanks so much!
    04/08/2017 Completed the project to-a-T. Knows what they are talking about. Was very efficient and gave enough time to review. 
    03/30/2017 The professor did an overall great job but made a couple grammatical errors and typos here and there. All of the points and ideas made were superb throughout the paper however. The professor also incorrectly cited a source which I had to clear up.

    This professor knows how to write for a good cost and I highly recommend this professor.
    03/11/2017 Everything was perfect. Very pleased customer.
    Thank you again!  
    03/10/2017 Everything was perfect
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