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  • Education

    Top 10 University in the Northeastern United States - BA Cum Laude - Biology 

    Well Ranked Medical School in the Northeastern United States - MD 

    Past Employment

    New York University Langone Medical Center

    Bellevue Hospital Center


    I'm a practicing doctor with board certifications in three specialties. I am very experienced and knowledgable in matters of patient care, public health including global public health and infectious disease, medical ethics, death investigation, forensic science and police procedure. I also have traveled the world extensively and have a deep understanding of geopolitics. Projects I would be excellent at tackling include:
    • Any/All Healthcare-Related topics
    • Biology or Chemistry topics
    • Environmental Science
    • Infant Mortality
    • Public Health
    • Nursing
    • Nutritional Studies
    • Pharmacology
    • International/Global Public Health
    • Criminology/Criminal Justice 
    • Psychology and Forensic Psychology
    • Forensic Science or Forensic Biology
    • Death Investigation
    • Medical Ethics
    • Anthropology
    • Geography
    • Medical School / Residency Personal Statements


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