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English 44 Philosophy 31 History 22 Law 16 English Literature 13 Literature 9 Accounting 8 Political Science 7 Business 6 Criminology 5
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    Yale University J.D.
    Columbia University M.F.A.
    Princeton Univeristy B.A.

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    I go and dine with middle-class people on reasonable terms.
    I dance at cheap suburban parties for a moderate fee.
    I accept refreshment at any hands, however lowly.
    I also retail State secrets at a very low figure.


    I am committed to consistently delivering the best academic results in addition to providing a rewarding, stress-free experience. I incorporate all of your outlined requirements and feedback to ensure that your professor’s expectations are satisfied. I keep open availability seven days a week to discuss your assignments at your earliest convenience: whenever you message me, you can expect a prompt response. As a semi-retired lawyer, my professionalism, courtesy, and work ethic are unparalleled. I'm an expert on American & Canadian law, economics, and the humanities (literature, history, art, and creative writing). I have published books on all the above subjects that are highly acclaimed in their field. My clients' detailed and phenomenal reviews, which are significantly better than any other professor's on the site, reflect the superior nature of my work. My aim is to develop a long-term working relationship that extends well into your professional life. 


    Date Comment Rating
    10/18/2017 Another pristine paper from my boy Casper 
    10/14/2017 I have used this service a lot and this is by far the best quality work out of all 10+ professors I have used. 
    09/24/2017 Very late review, my bad. This professor wrote a good essay, it recieved a B+ and I was happy with the results.
    06/30/2017 100%!
    06/30/2017 100%!
    05/18/2017 got me an A on a very difficult assignment, whatever he is charging is worth every penny, casper is my go to professor
    05/18/2017 Ill keep this simple, Want a A? come to Casper 
    05/09/2017 Dr. Capser is the person to go to for all your paper needs, Work is done very well and the communication is great. 10/10 would use Dr. Caspers services again 
    05/08/2017 Great essay
    05/01/2017 Completed the project in a professional matter and responds very fast. He will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with his work. I would recommend to anyone. Will use again.
    04/29/2017 PhD quality work, fantastic with staying in touch and taking all of the stress of your hands.
    04/29/2017 Excellent writing, diligently checks in to keep you posted on progress and stays in contact to provide whatever extra help is needed on the work. Flawless execution on this essay.
    04/26/2017 Casper has been an absolute gem throughout the entire process. He is extremely knowledgable and concicse in his instructions and has been not only extremely professional, but is extremely approchable. I highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed. 
    04/22/2017 Very friendly, and willing to work with you. Does great work and delivered well before the due date. 10/10
    04/18/2017 Great and quick writing, very undrstanding, and responds fast. 10/10
    Professor Casper is an ace. I've used him twice now. 10/10 through both experiences. 
    04/09/2017 Professor Casper was easy to communicate with, fast in his work, and outstanding in his execution. 10/10. Will use again.
    03/30/2017 Worked with me through my extended dead lines (3 of them), Easy to get in contact with and very friendly. This is my second time using Dr. Caspers service and I'm very pleased with the out comes. 
    03/28/2017 The service was great.
    03/26/2017 My project that he did for me was right on time and well structured, beget than what I could've done with the limited instructions that I got from my prof. I will have to do some editing so it sounds more like my writing style. Overall, it was really well done and exexuded effectively. 
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