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Management 82 English 51 Business 39 Political Science 17 English Literature 16 Literature 16 Accounting 15 African-American Studies 9 Sociology 9 Psychology 8
  • Education

    Masters of Fine Arts - Queens University of Charlotte - Charlotte, NC, USA.  (Poetry)
    Master of Arts - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Blacksburg, VA, USA (English)
    Bachelor of Arts - Hollins University - Roanoke, VA, USA (Psychology)

    Past Employment

    Everest University Online - (2012 - 2014)
    Colorado Technical University - Online - (2010 - 2013)
    Bauder College - Atlanta, GA  (2000 - 2012)
    Morris Brown College - Atlanta, GA  (2000 - 2001)
    Devry University - Atlanta, GA (2000)
    Chattahoochee Technical Institute - Marietta, GA (2002)
    Kent State University - Kent, OH, USA (1993 - 1999)
    Virginia Western Community College - Roanoke, VA, USA (1989 - 1990)
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Blacksburgh, VA, USA (1986 - 1987, 1991 - 1992)


    • Masters and Ph.D. Writing
    • Covering subjects in all humanities, business and communications
    • Specializing in long papers but produces snappy short ones as well!
    28 years of college English Instruction.  5 years as Department Chair.  31 years of professional writing including academic and business writing.  Writes any and everything, including website copy.  Proficient in the college paper writing, whether the "term" paper, research paper or thesis/dissertation.  Have coached many graduate students in scientific papers/studies.  I can write papers on all liberal arts subjects and social sciences.  I am proficient in most documentation formats and work most in APA.  I'm interested in history, culture, literature, poetry, art and art history, and technology.  I code in html and build/maintain webpages.  I love gardening, tattoos, most music (except country).


    Date Comment Rating
    09/07/2017 Good work!
    09/01/2017 Org. Management 

    Communication 10 
    Following Instructions 10 
    Writing Ability 10 

    Second time I have worked with this person (and about the 10th time I have used this site). The first time was for a short English essay. He is professional, communicates well, and follows instructions very clearly.
    Thank you
    08/02/2017 I would never use a different professor. He wrote a fantastic paper with an extremely hard and complex topic. My professor grades extremely hard, however I received a 97% after this professor took the time to write an additional few pages and revise my (his) paper according to my teacher's request. 10/10 would recomend 
    05/20/2017 Did an awesome job, went above and beyond. Will definetly use again.
    05/11/2017 This Professor came through in the time of need. All I did was add my name to the report and that was it. Money well spent.

    04/19/2017 Professornomore knew the subject material quite well and was able to write a flawless essay.  What a life saver!
    04/06/2017 Great work! A little too great I had to dumb it down to turn it in lol all in all great.
    04/02/2017 Perfect
    04/02/2017 Always above and beyond
    03/31/2017 Great communication
    03/24/2017 This professor is very well knowledgable and returned my project about 12 hours before the due date. 10/10 would recommend
    03/23/2017 Amazing work!!! Would recomend any time!
    03/16/2017 She is the best on here! I have used several and many were good, but no one has done a better job than her! I love her thoroughness, her work ethic, her ability to comprehend and write the information in a professional way.  She truly is an exceptional professor!

    02/26/2017 High quality, quick turn around. Will be working with you again. 
    01/11/2017 Great writing and delivered on time. :)
    01/10/2017 You are fantastic and amazing, and you have absolutely saved my life. Thank you so much. This paper is excellent - actually better than anything I could have written myself - and the edits needed to put it into my own voice are fairly minimal and easily completed.  Delivered on time, well-written, I honestly cannot thank you enough.
    12/22/2016 Everything I wanted and more. Extremely efficient and educated. Professornomore really took my notes into consideration and gave me plenty of directions that they wanted to go in for my prompt. Overall I am beyond satisfied with the interaction between us and will certainly consider using them as an future option.
    12/09/2016 Has helped me a few times and all A+ work! Would definitely recommend. Thank you Professornomore!
    12/04/2016 Highly recommend this professor. Great communication and wrote a fantastic essay for me. I was worried some of the guidelines would not be met because my teacher wanted it a very specific way, but professornomore wrote it exactly how it needed to be and gave it to me a full day in advance. I haven't turned it in yet to see what grade I get, but I'm very confident it will be an A. Amazing paper, well worth the money. 
    10/28/2016 Did an amazing job! Did exactly as I asked and was delivered on time. Clear and consise. Needed no offcial revisions. I just went through and made some lines sound more like me. Wasn't too wordy or too vague. I'm very happy with my paper! Would recommend and would use again!
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