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  • Education

    PhD Social Theory and Photography
    M.A Media Studies - qualitative research methods, audience studies, gender studies
    B.A Communication Studies - visual theory, avant-garde cinema, semiotics

    Past Employment

    Part-time Lecturer since 2011 in Europe and for three different schools/faculties: Latin American Studies, Media Studies, Social Sciences.


    Prof. Media Studies is an avid reader, critical mind and creative practitioner. Interdisciplinary work, media and communication, film studies, social theory, visual research methods, qualitiative research methods and gender studies are the subject matters that Prof. Media Studies has studied and researched in depth. Empirical research, analytical thinking and reflective practice are the keywords of Prof. Media Studies' working mode. If you are looking for a good writer, who can bring together (or separate) different conceptual perspectives, demonstrate analytical, reflective and critical thinking, as well as conveying arguments clearly, your search is over.


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    10/31/2017 Fantastic work, provide enough information on the paper and he will do his research and provide you with sublime work I got a A+ on this paper and this was in a professors course where I couldnt get a B- on any of my film analysis to save my life!!

    Thank you for helping me out!

    All the best,

    04/29/2017 This Unemployed Professor is a literary Michelangelo.
    03/21/2017 The paper was really good and well-written. I can see he put a lot of thought into it. He wrote 2500 words within 8 hours about a topic that I would've taken a week to research and come up with myself. I definitely reccommend :).
    08/09/2016 Amazing work for a very good price.
    I highly recommend this professor!
    06/23/2016 Amazing
    06/20/2016 great work! early delivery even.

    would recommend!
    05/04/2016 Excellent Work. Highly Recommended
    02/20/2016 My professor loves it thanks!
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