PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: Professor-perspicacious

Date Comment Rating
12/06/2017 Amazing how fast the professor completed the paper with such short notice. Very high quality writing as well. Would definitely reccommend and will use again in the future. 
12/05/2017 Fantastic paper, not overly done and written very well. 100% on my grade I could not have asked for more. Oh, it was also delivered days before the deadline.
11/28/2017 Exceeds expectations. I look forward to reading the papers and so does my professor. Always receive an A
11/28/2017 Perfection, A++ on assignment
11/28/2017 Always a perfect paper. Excellent writer, the best on the site. 
11/28/2017 Never disappoints. Fast, accurate, follows exact details of the paper. Excellent work.. 
11/24/2017 got a 60 
11/13/2017 Not sure if most of these reviews are fake or not.

US Based student here at a University studying Business. Had more than a few ghostwriters over the years as my schedules sometimes overloads me with work and school. This professor is about as legit as they come, no ESL foregin language writer where you have to go back and edit the grammer. Hes written some of the best essays I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Couldn't recommend him enough, very communicative, and responsive to questions or concerns. 10/10 would use every time. 
11/01/2017 Amazing piece of work, extremely concise quality answers, as well as a pleasure to interact with. Superb command of the English language and delivered work was way above expectations.
11/10 would commission again.
10/27/2017 great professor fast work!!
10/20/2017 Finished the essay in just over a day and it is amazing quality. I am sure this paper will get a way better grade then I ever could get! Thanks again!
09/29/2017 One of the best papaer I've ever read. Amazing writer!
09/23/2017 Perfection again and agin. Best writer on the site. 
09/17/2017 Look no further for another writer on this site. Provides high quality work, follows specific directions outlined for a paper, formatting is perfect and turn around is before your deadline. A++ on papers that were submitted. 
09/09/2017 This professor is awesome! He went above and beyond what was required! He added an extra half of a page, and added a reference page and a cover page! He also cited and referenced in AMA, as I had requested! Thank you
09/07/2017 Always excellent writing, follows directions exactly, fast turnaround, citations are perfect, Best writer here, look no further. 
08/21/2017 Seriously fantastic essay. This will get a good grade at a top British university. Thanks so much
08/16/2017 Incredibly fast. Thanks, mate!!
05/25/2017 Very, very helpful!
05/25/2017 Thank you so much!
05/17/2017 I was running tight on time and needed a 5 page paper done asap. I posted the project and accepted the professor's bid late on a Sunday night, and by Wednesday (4 hours before my requested deadline time) I had the completed project from the professor. I had to make very minimal edits to the paper, and I ended up receiving a 97% A+ on the paper. Would I use this professor again? 100% most definitely.
05/09/2017 The professor did a wonderful job on my essay. It was concise, supportive of a well thought out point of view and was not over written.
And he turned it in early.  
04/22/2017 I just can't say enough about this professor!  Kind, professional, ALWAYS ON TIME, insightful, in short...ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!  I have been able to use this professor on several of my projects/papers and have always made an A+.  Don't waste your time or money with any one else - choose this professor right away!  
04/20/2017 Thank you 
04/17/2017 Got a perfect score!
04/10/2017 Great paper and well written 
04/05/2017 A+++ paper. 
04/05/2017 Outstanding work on all papers. Follows assignment details perfectly, excellent formatting in all citations, A++ work. 
04/05/2017 Excellent well written paper. I always receive an A and I enjoy reading the papers written. 
Got an A!
03/30/2017 Great work and on time! 
03/25/2017 There are other sites out there; however, they absolutely do not compare to this site.  Why?  Because of the quality of the work - especially from this professor!  Absolutely, 100% THE VERY BEST!  Have used professor on several occasions and have always gotten an A+  

If you want it done correctly.  If you want it done professionally.  If you want to make an A+ on your work then you need pick this professor!  

03/16/2017 Great inbox response time, easily understood the prompt.
03/14/2017 Am absolutely IN LOVE with this professor.  I have hired him for various projects and the professor has ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, 100% D E L I V E R E D   impeccable, great, A++++++++ work!  You wlll never have to worry about communicating with this professor, you will never have to worry about receiving your paper back on time, you will never have to worry about the quality of the paper!  You will definitely never, ever, ever, ever regret picking this professor!  I PROMISE!  
03/10/2017 Great paper. Exactly what I was looking for.
03/07/2017 Excellent work, always receive an A . 
Overall it was great work, however few questions were not answered.

02/28/2017 Professor was given about 24 hour time window to write 2 pages, and had it done in a couple hours. High quality writing. Would definitely recommend!
02/26/2017 Professor-perspicacious is a professional. This paper is so well written and beyond my expectations of what I would receive that I will ABSOLUTELY be using him/her for future projects. If you're on the fence about who to choose, rest assured, you'd be hard pressed to find someone this good, and that comes from a student with a 4.0! Bravo.
02/25/2017  Gets the job done, though could be better.

Professor wrote 1620 words for a paper that specified 1125. However, the paper contained a lot of fluff; the first three sentences of several paragraphs said exactly the same thing.

The intro was exceptionally generic.

Repeatedly used "illicit" instead of "elicit" 

A few transition sentences were very clunky. 
02/21/2017 Wow just wow amazing work. Gladly work with again.
02/18/2017 A very well organized paper and on time 
02/16/2017 Got a literal 100.  Excellent work.
02/15/2017 The comments from teacher are not good, there're even some misused punctuation.
02/15/2017 Will hire this professor in a HEARTBEAT!  Was always available, always answered questions in a timely manner, AND....followed all directions PERFECTLY!  ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE!  Hire this one - you will not, will not, will not regret it!  
02/14/2017 Perfect!
02/09/2017 Great paper, didn't request any further information or communicate much
02/07/2017 Extremely happy with the outcome of the assignment! Professor-perspicacious replied to various emails in a timely manner, and followed the instructions of the assignment diligently. Overall, it was very well written.  
02/01/2017 excellent work
01/29/2017 Excellent work. I had assignments last minute, completed them quickly and perfectly. Highly recommend this Professor. 
01/16/2017 I got a quality paper in a timely manner for a great price, can’t complain.
01/16/2017 I was pretty desperate and had a very small time frame for my paper, and Professor Perspicacious was on time and the quality was great!
01/16/2017 This professor worked with me in terms of price, was prompt in the delivery, and completed the assignment perfectly to its specifications.
01/16/2017 Professor Perspicacious was extremely helpful. He/she was very quick to respond to me very attentive to the paper description, and ended up getting me my paper earlier than expected. I should not have worried. The quality was excellent, would recommend.
01/16/2017 This Professor did an excellent job! He was super fast, and I ended up getting an A on my assignment. Will definitely be using him again next time I am in a time crunch.
12/19/2016 Willing to work with me on price, was efficient and wrote a good paper
12/10/2016 Quality of paper was great and Professor-perspicacious was quick to answer all messages. I would definitely use him/her in the future without any hesitation. 
12/10/2016 got a 72% on this paper. it is a good grade since I only gave the professor one night to write it. satisfied with the job.
12/08/2016 This professor did a good job on my homework assignment. Will use again.
12/06/2016 On time and very good paper!