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09/21/2017 On time, knowledgable and excellent...
09/21/2017 Awesome!!
09/14/2017 Now that's what I call PhD level writing! So let me start by saying I wish everyone wrote like Professor-Probrya.  If you have professional development among you, he should lead it.  He is the best I have experienced in using multiple resources and making a generalized argument using several texts to make a point.  Thank you for doing a superb job for me during my time of need.
09/13/2017  I got an A on my last paper with them and so I invited them to work on my next paper and they gladly communicated with me on it and turned it in on time as well. Happy with the paper. Will def choose Probrya for my next as well! My favorite professor on this site!
09/09/2017 Thanks for providing immediate feedback.  Great Work!
09/09/2017 Perfect timing, goood professor
09/09/2017 I will definitely use again
09/06/2017 perfect
09/01/2017 Great work and quick turn around time. Thanks so much!
Gave me a paper within the time frame requested, however just took infomormation I gave and type it in a sentence.  Wasn't anything I requested.  I couldn't use what was given I had to write it myself.

08/31/2017 This is the best professor on this website. A life saver indeed!!!!
08/19/2017 Am in love with probrya's writing prowess
08/19/2017 Probrya has the best skills and expeterise to deliver both technical and urgent papers. I scored an A+.
08/19/2017 The best professor ever
08/16/2017 This was the worst experiecne that ive had at unemployed professors , first off Probrya was not responsive and he kept giving me the runarounds about my project when i asked for becuae it was pasted the due date, second he returned the project back to me 2 days later then due date i got a terrible score on my assignement it was off topic, 2 days late and it just didnt make sence to me that im paying for this type of service. 
Awsome job!
08/15/2017 this professor will not dissapoint. 
Thanks again Probrya for another job well done. Highly recommend him, especially if you are in a crunch. Good work with a good turn around time. Always delivers on time and will ask for clarification if needed. He's usually the first one to bid on my projects and his prices are fair and reasonable. Thanks Probrya. 
08/03/2017 Very professional. Great communicator. Delivers on time. Outstanding service.
08/01/2017 What a wonderful job this professor has done. I was perfect and I thank you so very much. A life saver!
07/29/2017 Again, just amazing the work this professor provides. If you don't at least give this professor a chance then you are only kidding yourself. 
07/26/2017 You can trust for excellent projects.
07/26/2017 PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT! Probrya is reliable and committed to his work. I recomend him for high quality projects delivered in time. Good grammar and sentence structure. I GOT AN A+.
07/25/2017 This is a horrible essay. Several grammar errors and it missed the point. It's about FITNESS and I made that very clear
07/22/2017 Simply blown away of the product. Really exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with this professor again. 
07/19/2017 probrya did excellent work for me in a timely manner and within a strict timeline, I gotta tip my hat to him for the work he did for me!
07/18/2017 Tkssss!!!!!
07/11/2017 good work, good, communication does work with you in accomplishing the work. Thank you Professor.
07/05/2017 The paper look great! you pulled it off you are my go two guy...... To all who are in a crunch don't be fool this man puts in work and he will deliver on time.......
07/02/2017 It was a 6-8 page overnight rush order and not only was it on time it was well done to boot. Thank you so much!
06/29/2017 Probrya, is a SUPERB writer that can deliver even in a short window of time, with quality and well-researched writing.  He has a talent for being able to produce quality topic papers that are grammar free and non-plagiarised.  I will certainly recommend him and will be using him again, and again in the near future. 
06/28/2017 Finished my assignment on time and with great quality.
06/23/2017 Did a huge project in less than 24hrs and did it perfectly!
06/18/2017 Delivery time was better than I asked for and the final paper was done Superb! 

06/14/2017 I scored 97/100 which is an A. I am happy that the paper was delivered in time. You are truly worth more than 10 stars. Thank you
06/14/2017 A+ paper. Well written and formatted. Thank you probrya. Will definately use again. 
06/13/2017 Probably one of the most terribly written papers I've ever seen.  He has no idea how to write in APA format.  After seeing the first version, and all the errors, I informed probrya that I would be doing some major editing.  I also informed him that his references were more than 20 or 30 years old, when the paper was about electronic surveillance in the workplace and employee privacy.  After he asked to rewrite the paper, and make corrections, he finally got a revision back to me, over 12 hours later, that wasn't much different than the first.  I have now completely revamped the product, eliminated the references he used (BTW, I gave him references to use), and ensured that it was somewhat close to turn-in.  When I read his bio I thought he had the know-how, the background, something..... I'm wondering if he graduated from college.

Excellent paper. Just scored an A. Thank you probrya

06/05/2017 Good work, I am happy with his timing. 
06/02/2017 Wow...Just got an A. Thank you probrya!!!definately will have you for my next paper
06/01/2017 Wow!! Excellent paper. Thank you!!
06/01/2017 Completed early before the deadline. I had enough time to go through it and confirmed everything was covered. The paper is written in excellent English and good quality. I will always use this Professor for all my consequent papers. Thank you Probrya!!!!!!
05/26/2017 Felt like it was not written by a native speaker, but was fixable. Feels expensive for what I got.