Date Comment Rating
09/12/2017 Product was serviceable and given the strict time constraints, exceeded quality expectations (5 hours for two pages). 9/10 only because the work was received an hour after the deadline.
09/08/2017 Excellent work, more than expected. I hope to work with him again. 

Much appreciated. 
08/26/2017 Solid. Had a few rounds of revisions but the professor was able to adapt and deliver. I appreciate it.
08/07/2017 Project was completed 3+ weeks ahead of time. The work was superb; writing was brilliant. I highly recommend Mr-Harvard.
07/30/2017 fantastic help with a difficult subject
07/26/2017 excellent work....really big project and very important to me....too many things in my life to complete this on my the subject matter was really emotionally hard for me since I had expereinced some of the issues the paper was about....the final paper was awesome and first rate...time tables were met and I could not be more pleased with his work.....thanks very much for helping me through a tough spot.
07/25/2017 Fantastic paper and a quick turnaround! Will use again in the future!
07/12/2017 I had a pretty lengthy paper at a graduate level which required extensive research and analysis. This professor wrote an excellent paper which met all the given criteria. There was no plagiarism, grammar, or spelling errors. I would definitely recommend this professor to anyone who is looking for a good grade.
07/07/2017 Second time using Mr-Harvard, work was just as great as last time.
06/25/2017 Project was late, professor communicated poorly, and multiple pieces of the assignment were missing. Still had to go back and spend hours on it, defnitely not worth the money when many of the others professors do much better.
06/02/2017 Excellent product, short turnaround, great communication. Highly recommended!
05/25/2017 Thank you so much!
05/23/2017 I paid $220 US for an assignment I achieved a grade of 33.5% on (which was raised from my rubrik derived score as the marker felt it didn't adequately reflect the efforts) In other words everything was completely wrong and didn't address the criteria remotely.

Think twice before outsourcing your assignment and trusting it'll get done properly. It won't. 
05/21/2017 I got an A on my paper!
05/11/2017 Completed the paper before due date. Paper was not great, but acceptable, 75%. Paper read is if it was typed by someone on adderal and not indicitive of someone from Harvard. Overuse of short quotes as paper filler without any actual analysis or discussion. Recommended ONLY if you don't really care about the paper/class, but not if this is something you actually need a good grade on. 
05/08/2017 Got a 13/20 on the paper. 
Was hoping for a higher grade for how much I paid for. 
05/04/2017 The paper was very well written and meet all of the points described in the directions, which I appreciate very much. I only asked for 3 referneces and this professor went above and beyond gaving me 18 references. This was wonderful. The only reasons I am giving this professor an 8/10 are because I attempted to make contact through the inbox several times without a replay until after the paper solution was given, and also the solution was returned past the set due time which was 10am est. The paper was handed in at 11:04am est. Not teribble, but my paper was due at 12pm (roughly an hour after the paper was handed in) and that give me very little time to read over it, add/subtarct information and/or make any adjustments. As you can understand, that made me very anxious as this paper was a large part of my grade. Other than that, the paper was great. 

05/03/2017 Best thing I have ever read and turned it in a day before due date so I could go over it. Absolutely amazing
05/02/2017 Very well written, only a couple little errors, nothing terrible or hard to correct. Completed quickly, actually one day before posted date and used an exstensive number of sources (more than requested). Would highly recommend this prof. 
05/02/2017 Essay met my standards and he was willing to make changes that  I needed! 
05/01/2017 Excellently written:) would use this prof again! Thank you!
04/28/2017 Did great in tackling the prompt. Great communication and was able to finish in a timely manner. Would recommend to anyone!
04/27/2017 Mr-Harvard has excellent writing skills. Two star rating for two reasons. First did not meet the deadline. I have to retake the class because the paper was not finished in time. In fact the paper that was writen on my behalf does not meet the requirements of the class. I therefore have spent hours working to complete the project to meet the requirements. Secondly Mr. Havard was able to get paid without my consent leaving me with an unfinished project. The paper was close to being correct however after stating he would make it right he stopped responding to emails requesting help. The reason I am giving two stars not one star is because what was written was very good; it was just not complete and could not be turned in. The end result is that I have spent over 10 hours working to finish the project. I paid $1250 for a paper that was incomplete. Proceed with caution, expect deadlines to be missed. If you have a simple paper I think he could do a good job. If your project is complex then avoid this professor. 
04/26/2017 Great
04/26/2017 Great work 
04/24/2017 Finished my 15 page paper one week before the due date!  Although minor editing is needed, it is by no means anything less than 10 stars.  I asked for 5 sources minimum.  He provided 18!! Clearly was well researched, just a few grammatical errors and some sentences needed restructuring.  thumbs up.  Thank you thank you mr. harvard
04/23/2017 Great professor amazing job. Thanks for your help. 
04/22/2017 Mr. Harvard replied promptly to any concerns and had the research paper thoughtfully composed and fullfilled all the project requirments well before the deadline. If anything needs to be changed, professor is accomdating as long as you have the exact prompt for the project-professor does good work! Well worth the price.
04/22/2017 Great paper followed my guide to the tee. Would use again for any project 
04/22/2017 Good quality writing. 
04/19/2017 Absolutely excellent work. I 1000% recommend this professor to anyone looking for a top marks paper in the social sciences!
04/17/2017 Great job. Even had it done before the due date!
04/17/2017 Really well written. The essay was clear and easy to read highlighting the crucial points
04/12/2017 This paper is incredible! Exactly what I needed and well before the deadline
04/08/2017 Really an amazing paper, scored 85% and it was worth 40 of my total grade, Thank you, and looking forward to working with him again.
04/07/2017 I posted a project, he responded with a great message and delivered an EXCELLENT paper! I a so happy I chose you!
04/07/2017 Didn't read the short source material I provided (despite it being in the description). 

Completely unusable and, after I EXPLICITLY said that a lot of my analytical work was wrong, he said "he assumed that all my work was correct."

Waste of time; waste of money. 
04/06/2017 .
04/06/2017 Unemployed Professors and Mr.Havard saved my ass! Again thank you!!
04/05/2017 Got my research paper assignment before the dealine even though it was a very tight timeframe! And got a 24/25 !!! Highly recommended !! Great professor to work with!
04/05/2017 Excellent well formatted research paper. 
04/04/2017 yes
04/04/2017 Poorly written for the amount of money I paid. A lot of rambling & filler with no decisive context. Had to edit a lot.
04/03/2017 Mr-Harvard will be my "go to" Professor permanently. Not only does he provide wonderful papers, but he also takes the time to focus on his customer's needs and drives results.
04/02/2017 Project was delievered early and was top quality, a couple of very minor edits and it was good to go. Would recommend!
03/26/2017 I received 100% on this one. Thanks again!!!
03/26/2017 Thanks once again! Great work
03/26/2017 Another great paper. Excellent work. Thanks!!!
03/25/2017 I got an A! THank you so much. Professor wrote "great job" on my paper. Will use this professor in the future!! Thanks. 
03/24/2017 My assignment turned out great. 
03/24/2017 Great work. 
03/21/2017 Great work done.
03/20/2017 Excellent work.
03/15/2017 Completed on time while exceeding my expectations.  Well done.
03/14/2017 I had an awful experience with Mr Harvard. He did not follow criteria for the essay AT ALL and when I messaged him he never got back to me even when I had discrepencies with the work he did he just did not respond to any of my messages. Ive used this site again and again and never had just a bad experience as I did with Mr Harvard. Save your money or pick someone else
03/07/2017 Did excellent work,was even early with the assignment!  I will be using him again in the future for sure!
03/07/2017 great work. fast and accurate.
03/06/2017 Wrote a very well written essay that was nice to read, but did not end up answering all the questions to the prompt I provided. I got an 86% on the paper which isn't bad, but I did better on a paper I wrote myself earlier, so that was a little disappointing. 
03/05/2017 Great communication and excellent work. Wouldn't hesitate to use again.
03/01/2017 Very well written detailed paper. I (he) recieved an A!  and will use Mr Harvard again.!
02/28/2017 Pretty solid work, a fair amount of grammar to be corrected and general flow of the paper, but overall extremely pleased.
02/26/2017 Wonderful job on the prompt! No errors after reading through. Very appreciative! 

Thank you!
02/26/2017 My preferred professor!
02/26/2017 Incredible work
02/26/2017 A+ Quality
02/21/2017 An excellent, detailed response as assigned. Thanks!
02/19/2017 This professor wrote an excellent response as assigned and delivered early. Thank you good sir.
02/17/2017 Well written paper, consice and exacly how I wanted it, will use again, thank you.
02/16/2017 Awesome work
02/15/2017 Mr-Harvard deliver a great paper! He followed my instructions to details and only had to make minor changes to make it my own piece! The best part, It was delivered before due date which was perfect time for me to check the project and make sure it contained all the points that needed to be cover. I would definitely recomend him and look foward in working with him in the future! 
02/12/2017 Failed to produce even a basic thesis statement or follow VERY detailed instructions and the rubric.  It was very obvious that the paper was thrown together at the last minute, and included multiple errors.  It would've been much easier to do this assignment myself.  Waste of time and funds.
02/12/2017 This feedback is for revisions that I had to pay additional money for, only to find that the revisions were just as dismal and sloppy as the first product that was delivered.  Disaster.  Qualifications of professor are highly questionable, given the paper produced, and the almost high-school level requirements.  This should've been a walk-in-the-park for any graduate student, let alone someone who has aledgedly attended an ive-league school.  Strongly advise against using this professor. 
02/12/2017 Learn from my get what you pay for.  For ther record, I have used this site numerous times, and typically have good success, but this professor was an absolute disaster.  I should've right away what I had gotten myself into, when the first project he sent me, still had his name as the author.  I wont elaborate on the details of this nightmare, other to say that the work was beyond poor, and a high school student could have easily composed a better paper, than what was produced. 

I would've given 1 star, except for the fact that the original set of instructions were not as clear as they could've been.  However, multiple subsequent revisions were just as disastrous, even after provding very detailed and explicit instructions, and paying tremendous amounts of money for revisions.  Communication with the professor was also slow, and not very clear.

This professor could not compose a very basic thesis statement, or follow the rubric.  Also failed to spell and grammar check.  Almost $1000 later, and a lot of explaining to my professor and requesting multiple extensions, I was able to pass, due to revisions made by another professor who did an amazing job.

Should you select this professor (I would strongly advise against doing so, as I could not find any evidence of his tenure at Harvard, his namesake.  This is what happens when the professor does not take his name off of the paper...luckily I caught is before submission.), I would proceed with caution, as it is much harder to revise a disastrous paper, than to start all over.  I would have started from scratch, had I not already submitted the paper...which was subsequently torn apart by my professor.  To avoid tipping my hand about using this professor in the first place, I was stuck with the mess of having to clean it up. 

A very costly and expensive mistake.
02/07/2017 My paper was excellent! This was a difficult Master's level nursing research paper and it was done professionally, on time, and with only minor errors in APA citation which I fixed myself. Thank you so much, Mr. Harvard! I will definitely be using you again in the near future.
02/07/2017 Awesome job writing a very specific literature review for my class, got an A on the paper!
02/06/2017 My essay was completed before the requested due date and exceeded my expectations.
02/05/2017 Well written paper, was willing to make reviews and edits as needed. very accessible for any question, however annoying i thought it was to ask. definitely will consult this prof again
02/04/2017 Great work as always!
02/03/2017 Awesome...
02/02/2017 Great work as always!
02/01/2017 Great paper, thanks for following the prompt so accurately and finishing the paper on time!
01/22/2017 Great work!
01/22/2017 Great paper - completed well before deadline
01/22/2017 The Investment Portfolio project looks outstanding! Thank you very much
01/20/2017 great turn around time and great essay!
01/18/2017 Excellent work!!
01/17/2017 Thank you for such an awesome analysis!  Received an A++!
01/08/2017 Thorough, proficient, and very pleasant to work with. Also, awesome with my tight deadline. :) 
12/30/2016 Perfectly done! Netted me the highest grade I could get!
12/20/2016 I have used Mr. Harvard a few times and he always delivers amazing work! I highly recommend using him. You WILL NOT be dissapointed!
12/19/2016 Solid paper, but not particularly responsive, though did give only 24hrs
12/15/2016 Great work!
12/15/2016 Professor Mr-Harvard is stellar, to say the least...adhered to strict guidelines and made an extensive revision in a very timely manner. 
12/12/2016 Awesome Prof H.
12/11/2016 Well done!!!!
12/11/2016 Did everything that was required. Would recommend! 
12/05/2016 A good piece of work, got a B for the assignment.
12/04/2016 Amazing.  I will seek out this professor in the future. 
11/28/2016 Great job!!
11/23/2016 Very responsive, effective, I will use him again!
11/22/2016 :)
11/21/2016 Great paper, reasonable price and by the deadline. Do you really want anything more?
11/17/2016 thx!
Always delivers amazing work! Prompt with deadlines and a he is a very nice person to work with. I would definately recommend using this Professor.
11/17/2016 Excellent job!!
11/17/2016 Very well written essay, however, there were multiple grammatical errors.
11/15/2016 Such an amazing paper!
11/12/2016 Good paper. Done on time.
11/11/2016 Quick, solid work even with such a quick turn around, helped me out big. Much appreciated


If I could, I would leave 1000/10 !!!!!

No, seriously - any project you need to get done, ask Mr-Harvard. He gets everything down to the T. 

Reliable, quick to respond & the outcome is waaaay more than you could expect.


10/20/2016 just amazing everytime i use this website. thanks 
10/17/2016 super expensive and I got a 40/100 because he failed to answer the question. 
Use at your own risk this professor can't even spell words/grammar check his essays
10/12/2016 This was an awesome paper and Mr. Harvard finished it well before the deadline. Well worth the price I paid and would recommend him for any paper you need written. Great job, thank you so much. 
10/10/2016 Amazing work. Had to redo a few parts after submited the original work (I wasn't specific enough when creating the project, not Mr-Harvard fault) and in a matter of a couple days he re-submitted the project and it was perfect. 
10/04/2016 Quality work, received in a timely manner. 
09/27/2016 Paid for this service out of curiosity. Currently doing an MA. Completed earlier than expected, not how I would of approached the subject, however I'm sure if I was to submit it, it would get a pass. Thanks.
09/23/2016 The professor did great work. It wasn't in the exact APA format I wanted but I easily edited it slightly and it looked amazing.
09/21/2016 Received a 122/150 score on this project. Did not follow guidliness; was to be in question format and answer those specific questions. I thought it was a well written paper. Thanks!
09/14/2016 Prompt and suffice, thanks for helping me in a bind. Cheers
09/12/2016 Another superb job!!!
09/11/2016 Excellent writer. Will recommend him to my friends!
09/09/2016 Exactly what I needed. Paper was done very quickly & excellent work! Would definitely recommend this Prof. 
09/04/2016 Thank you, its looks amazing!
09/01/2016 Amazing work. Received full credit
Thank you for getting the paper to me as fast as possible. I will get a lower grade for turning it in late but hopefully it will not be to much counted off.  the paper looked good to me now it depends on my instructors.
08/16/2016 Very responsive to all emails. allows for a proof read and for you to submit a "draft" for the teacher to review before paying. 
08/01/2016 Thank you for the quick turn-around on this work.  My initial review of the dontent of these documents shows the clearly and consisely meet the scenario and reuirements posted tin the porject description.  The earlier than requested delivery of this work gives me plenty of time to review against the project rubric so that any adjustments needed can still me made on time.

thanks you again for the great work
07/19/2016 Another great paper. Received an A- on my last one.
07/15/2016 I gave this professor almost 3 weeks to complete the project and it was returned in days. Communication was great. I will be using Mr-Harvard in the future!
06/23/2016 Great quality work. vvvvv nice. 
06/19/2016 Super fast, well written, exactly what I needed. Gave two weeks in advance of the due date and received it within a few days.
You did an excellent job with this assignment. It sounded as if I had written it myself, which was my expectation since I write at a doctorate level. It was delivered a week early, which I also appreciate. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this assignment.
06/08/2016 Not the quickest communicator but paper turned out good. The first completed copy was not exactly what I asked for but an attempt to fix it was definitely made. Unfortunately, it was given to me after the time I had to submit it into my professor which was a bit of a bummer. So overall, good paper but wasn't the most reliable in responding.
06/07/2016 good
05/05/2016 Great paper and finished early!
05/01/2016 very quick and fair pricing, would recommend to anyone!
04/26/2016 THE BEST 
04/10/2016 Hi,

Thank you so much for my paper, it was great! I was wondering, I didn't see the rest of the works cited -there was only one source, if you could send the rest to me that would be great! 

Thank you so much again,

03/16/2016 Well researched and written histroy paper for a final in my writing and rhetoric class. A+ work
12/22/2015 Mr. Harvard was quick, prompt, and provided exactly what I needed. I gave a short deadline and just hoped for the best. He came through and it was more than I could ever hope for. I totally and completely recommend him to anyone and everyone!!! Trust me, you won't regret it. 
12/09/2015 I had another professor begin this project and then bail on me last minute. Mr. Harvard came to the rescue and really saved the day. He was most helpful and was definitely up to the task. I reposted the job and forgot to change the due date, I freaked out and asked him if he could finish it earlier. Mr. Harvard was very accommodating and was able to write it up by the time I needed it. A fantastic paper, great writer and really followed the guidelines. Needed to incorporate a lot of course material which he did and more! I really liked his style and he really knew what angle I was going for. I also really liked how communicative he was with me. Sometimes some professors take a while to get back to you, I felt comforted knowing Mr. Harvard was conscious of replying and communicating. I will use Mr. Harvard in the future no doubt in my mind. Thank you thank you thank you. 

- You won't regret picking him, amazing!
12/08/2015 He did a great job, got it to me early and it was very helpful with everything. I definitely recommend using him
09/21/2015 Professor did not know how to follow guidelines, mailed him twice about changes and refused to reply until i contacted the admin of unemployed professors. A complete rip off for sub par work, i had to rewrite a huge chuck of the essay. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
08/20/2015 He did excellent work.  Highly recommended.  I will use him again in the future.  I got a 100 on my paper.  Thanks So Much !!!!
06/09/2015 WELL DONE! Amazingly well written, aided in revisions, super nice guy - I couldnt be happier!
05/08/2015 Great work and delievered on time! Thanks!
04/27/2015 I got a 90 percent on this assignment, (took forever to get a grade on it) I am happy with the grade! Thanks!
04/27/2015 The the end result needed some corrections, revisions, and changes, but that is to be expected, considering that you were producing a work blindly and are not always aware of the nuances that may be required for submission. Overall, well written paper that I could work with to make it my own. 
04/24/2015 Excellent! Would definitely employ his services again!
04/19/2015 For the price I paid I only got a 78% which was extreamely underwhelming
04/08/2015 Mr. Harvard did an excellent job researching and writing my essay.  I highly recommend him.
03/23/2015 Received 89% Good work.
03/23/2015 Thanks for saving me. Got an A, great job
03/18/2015 Mr Harvard did an amazing job! The paper turned out great and he was pleasant to work with. I will be using him next time. I definitely recommend him!
03/04/2015 i cannot accepy the project could you email it to me at thnaks
02/26/2015 I was very satisfied by Mr. Harvard. Asked him to write me a huge economics research paper and he was very polite and went above and beyond on the assignment. He responds quickly, follows directions, and will make any changes needed to drafts to your liking. I highly recommend using him! Did I mention he delivered my paper a week and a half early?! Totally worth the money.
02/17/2015 Excellent Work!! My professor was extremely pleased with the paper.
Well written thank you
02/02/2015 finished assigment way before due date! great paper. thanks!!
02/01/2015 This professor completed a well written assignment in approximately 2 days and during Super Bowl weekend.  Would not hesitate to use him again. 
01/27/2015 Best professor on the site! Couldn't be happier with the work. Needed a very detailed paper - and he was able to deliver, and he was very patient with my many requests. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!
11/12/2014 Mr-Harvard is an incredible writer who communicates with you throughout the entire process. I will definitely use him again. Highly recommended!!!
11/09/2014 worked extremely fast, paper was cited properly and was a very god read...will be using these services again