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    Username : cee.favero
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    Gender : female
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    I graduated Summa cum laude (3.97 GPA) from a top 20 university (top 10 nationally), and proceeded to obtain a masters & PhD in biomedical anthropology with strong focus in human ecology & nutrition. 

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    Location : New York, NY


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    I've worked as a data jockey, a marketing coordinator, a curriculum developer, a technical writer, a fundraiser, and every other job under the sun that involves writing, researching, and compelling people to do my bidding. At this point I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it. 
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    I'm an adjunct professor & PhD in biomedical anthropology. I am formally trained in anthropology, psychology, and biology, with enough coursework to get my through environmental ethics, forestry, ecology and most human-related shenanigans. I teach intro anthropology, human evolution, evolutionary biology, and in the past have taught/TA-ed ecology/biology courses as well.

    I'm published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, have written extensively online for science blogs/publications, and most importantly, have been grading hundreds of essays on human evolution & biology per semester for the past 5 years.