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    Username : History-Mistress
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    Gender : female
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    Dual BA in English Literature and History (First Tier East Coast School) MA and current PhD Candidate in English Literature (Major public university in the Southwest)

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    Location : NA


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    As a Renaissance woman of modern times, I have worked as a paralegal, writer, bartender, and actor. I am also a published author specializing in poetry and working on a few full-length screenplays.
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    Hello! I am a unique soul with many interests, and luckily for you, one of them is academics! My two primary areas of specialty are English literature and history. I am especially knowledgeable of modern American literature, British literature from the 16th century onward, American history, European history, and world history.

    I am also comfortable with sucject matter in political science, sociology, psychology, cinema studies, and film. 

    My hobbies and interests include: Improv and sketch comedy, Yoga, Music of all kinds (some favorite bands are The Doors, The Eagles, RHCP, Death Cab, Brand New, Robyn, and Kings of Leon), Movies of all kinds, Apple Culture, TV (Favorite shows include Parks & Recreation and Mad Men), World Travel, Theater, Fashion/Shopping, Mixology

    PLEASE NOTE: My minimum bid is $25 per double-spaced page.  Thank you for understanding.