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    Username : Clint-Eastwood
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    Gender : female
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    BA, History; MA, History; MAT, Education; Ph.D. History/Gender Studies (Tier 1 state university). 

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    Location : Canada-US


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    gender studies prof 
    high school history teacher 

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    You wouldn't be aware of my immediate infuences. They're mostly German. 

    Kidding (someone will get that reference, don't worry). 

    When I'm not reading, writing, and researching, I enjoy wreaking haovoc on my bicycle and exploring different neighborhoods and cultural enclaves. I really never stop being a historian, but I am also interested in pop culture, gender studies, religion, education, the Cold War, Victorian lit, ethnic cooking, and music. 

    I'm an interdisciplinary Ph.D. (history/gender studies), so that makes me very versatile! My work prior to my Ph.D. was in mainly in history, and I minored in creative writing in college. I've taken graduate-level classes in history, gender studies, education, musicology, poli sci, geography, philosophy, literature...  I have also helped friends with nursing and psychology research papers, and have a Masters in Education, so I'm also down with the APA and social-science related projects.