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    Username : Professor-Chaos
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    Gender : male
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    BA / MA / PhD in Communication and/or Media Studies, all from top-tier American schools

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    Location : US East Coast


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    Have worked as a user interface expert, and have run my own businesses, not to mention my collegiate teaching experience, which is extensive. I flirted briefly with the idea of being a doctor, so I have a significant background in science/medicine/nutrition as well.
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    I specialize in marketing and consumer behavior, but I have a wide range of interests, including anthropology, communication, broadcasting and media, psychology, digital technology, advertising, web design, medicine, biology, health, art, sociology, earth & weather science, geography, and more. I also enjoy projects that pertain to methodology... I guess some of us have to be nerds like that!

    I am also an occasional screenwriter and have a good grasp of fiction, so I am happy (and in fact enjoy) working on creative writing. However, poetry is not my strong suit. The only subject matter that I am not comfortable with or qualified to handle relates to heavy-duty math (aside from statistics), analytical sciences, or engineering. I also prefer to stay away from to philosophy.