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    Username : Mercenary_Scholar
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    Gender : female
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    PhD in neuroscience, BS from an Ivy League School. Medical student.

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    Location : US


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    I've taught and taken classes at about a dozen colleges, ranging from the Ivy League to the most depressing community college on earth. I've also worked as a medical and technical writer. Finally, I am a writer at an extremely popular (1 Million views a day at least) comedy site.
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    • All introductory medical school classes
    • All forms of psychology, especially biological psychology and abnormal psychology
    • Cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, organic chemistry, general chemistry, non-calc physics
    • Lab reports, including graphs and figures
    • Introductory statistics using Excel and SPSS
    • Music theory and composition
    • Humor, poetry, and general fiction
    I've devoted my life, wrongly, to academia. This means I know how professors think, I know how they grade, and I know what they're seeking in your work.

    I have also helped someone apply to medical school, which includes writing and editing over two dozen secondaries, as well as all the extra curriculars and personal statement on the AMCAS application itself. If you are struggling to put together your AMCAS application or need some finesse applied to yet another "diversity" essay, I'm your writer.