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    Username : CuttingReMarx
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    Gender : male
    Education :
    Cornell University, MA, Philosophy, 1975
    New College of Florida, BA, Philosophy and Religion, 1971
    Numerous graduate courses, mostly in health care, computer science, statistics, and philosophy,  1975 - present

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    Location : US


    Past Employment :
    Social Security Administration
    Several DC-area consulting firms ("beltway bandit.")
    Northampton Community College, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science
    Lehigh-Carbon Community College, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
    Lehigh Valley College, Adjunct Professor, Comnputer Science
    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, US Department of Health and Human Services.

    Profile :
    I have completed more than 240 projects as an Unemployed Professor, with an average student satisfaction rating of 10/10. (Yes, that's possible due to rounding.)
    Those 240 papers are the writing equivalent of three full undergraduate educations. That's on top of my own undergraduate work, which won me a choice of five fewllowships.

    My project failure rate is 1.7%.
    I can write stuff. Good and fast. the proof is before you.
    I have had very good results with theses and dissertations, long-ish papers (25-50 pages) and admissions essays and letters.
    I am a member of Mensa (who isn't?) and the Triple Nine Society (IQ in the top 0.01% of the population.) There are those who say that IQ tests measure the ability to take IQ tests, but there are a lot of correlations -- with good stuff.
    Among them are these:
    Long papers I have produced on artificial intelligence in medicine have been graded in the high 90s (profs always have to have something to pick at.
    I hold numerous certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and Certified Master of Written English. As you've figures out by now, writing good stuff on damdn in short time frames is hard. I have proven I can do it, over and over. From the other side, I've graded thousands of papers. I know what profs look for, which is often different from what they say they look for. In addition to my knowledge of healthcare related sciences, I have a strong conceptual background in the physical sciences.
    My degrees are in philosophy and religion. My graduate degree is from an Ivy League university.
    What this means for you is that I can produce high-quality papers quickly, that will almost certainly guarantee you an excellent grade.
    Other interests include science fiction and classical music, especially the Baroque. 
     Yes, I am bald and have a beard.