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    Username : CuttingReMarx
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    Gender : male
    Education :
    Cornell University, MA, Philosophy, 1975
    New College of Florida, BA, Philosophy and Religion, 1971
    Numerous graduate courses, mostly in health care, computer science, statistics, and philosophy,  1975 - present

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    Location : US


    Past Employment :
    Social Security Administration
    Several DC-area consulting firms ("beltway bandit.")
    Northampton Community College, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science
    Lehigh-Carbon Community College, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
    Lehigh Valley College, Adjunct Professor, Comnputer Science
    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, US Department of Health and Human Services.

    Profile :
    I am a member of Mensa (who isn't?) and the Triple Nine Society (IQ in the top 0.01% of the population.)
    My degrees are in philosophy and religion. My graduate degree is from an Ivy League university.
    I have done more than 230 projects as an Unemployed Professor, with an average student satisfaction rating of 10/10 (due to rounding, of coruse...) . I have had very good results with theses and dissertations, long-ish papers (25-50 pages) and admissions essays and letters.
    What this means for you is that I can produce high-quality papers quickly, that will almost certainly guarantee you an excellent grade.

    I have spent most of my career as a health care consultant, working in both the private sector and in state and federal governments. I am the author of two books on health care. I love teaching philosophy and computer science and have very high ratings from my students.

    Other interests include science fiction and classical music, especially the Baroque. I hold numerous certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and Certified Master of Written English. I have a strong conceptual background in the sciences.
     Yes, I am bald and have a beard.