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    Username : ang48
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    Gender : female
    Education :

    Master of Fine Arts in English (creative writing with fiction writing focus)

    Bachelor of Arts in English

    Focused heavily on British, women's, and ethnic literature 

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    Location : Nashville


    Past Employment :

    Composition, creative writing, and public speaking professor 

    AKA Jedi master of the Freshman English essay, the rhetorical analysis, the argumentative essay, the comparative analysis, the annotated bibliography, along with any and all other such tedious, torturous assignments from those heartless professors of yours. 

    Profile :

    I'm unemployed, I'm hungry, and sickly enough, I LOVE writing papers! It's dark and disgusting, I know. But it's my cross to bear, and hopefully, your gain. 

    Likes: books, cooking, writing, feminism, trivia, wine, and telling people that my dog (Frodo) is better than their human baby. He is. 

    Dislikes: babies, people who say "LOL" aloud, and sports that aren't Quidditch.