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    M.A. English
    B.S. Interdiscipinary Studies

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    Hello, students!
    I describe myself as a one-stop-shop to take care of any of those pesky paper assignments that you may be assigned in the Arts and Humanities. But have no fear, Psychology/Sociology/Criminal Justice/etc. students, my B.S. is in Interdisciplinary Studies, which means that I have a broad overview of virtually any subject. And knowing how to research and write papers was a prettyyyy big part of my Masters program (English, if you're interested). 

    I have plenty of experience writing in both MLA and APA styles, but to you "homg I'm so not creative" types, I have quite a bit of creative writing experience under my belt as well. I've even been published!

    I hope that you'll consider allowing me to help you with your next writing assignment. As for why I do it? Well, the biggest reason is that I actually enjoy it. The second reason is that I am fully aware of how so many of these classes go (especially online ones); you spend so much of the semester learning a subject and then the only thing that your professor can think of as a "big finale" is some paper that takes up far too high of a percentage of your final grade. Sigh. When I was a student I was fully aware that these assignments in no way measured what I was able to learn during the semester and I'm sure it's the same way for you too. So if you feel that you're not the best writer, or you simply find the topic boring or redundant, send me a message! It's what I'm here for!

    I look forward to working for you!