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    Username : sky
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    Gender : male
    Education :
    AA in Chinese Studies
    BA in Sociology, focus on ideological extremism.
    BA in Philosophy
    MS in Conflict Studies, focus on intercultural conflict.

    Paralegal certificate.

    I am particularly strong in ethics, environmentalism, current events, social analysis, philosophy and admissions essays.

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    Location : The Oort Cloud


    Past Employment :
    I have several years experience crafting model assignments for students. I have worked as a writing tutor (particularly for ESOL students). Beyond that, my employment ranges from teaching to fine dining. I bring a cornucopia of worldly experience to everything I write.

    Profile :
    I'm one of those rare gems (or a masochist) who does this type of work because I enjoy it. I hate higher education as much as you do; the only difference is I have two bachelors and a master's, making me much more motivated than you to Stick it To the Man who screwed me over financially.  So a working arrangement between us is a win-win: you go get drunk while I exact my revenge.

    You can expect good communication, flexibility and absolute discretion. It is my genuine pleasure to deliver a typo-free, ON TIME and witty assignment with plenty of unusual commentary and a dash of Sriracha for zing. Don't speak English all that well? My experience as an ESOL tutor means I'm a pro at avoiding detection. 

    My bidding minimum is $25 per double-spaced page with regular margins and correct formatting. Thank you for your understanding.

    Oh and if you're going to be one of those whiny brats who thinks they're being clever by trying to scam their UP, don't waste your time with me because it won't work. 

    I do, however, encourage you to take a shot for every page I write for you.