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    Username : Proverbial Professor
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    Gender : female
    Education :
    Undergraduate Degree -
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Philosophy 

    B.HSc (Bachelor Degree of Huaman Science) - Addictions Counselling 

    Graduate Degree- Masters Degree in Counselling / Psychology based. 

    Location Information

    Location : Kelowna, British Columbia


    Past Employment :
    Human Resources Manager- Big Oil Company 
    Teachers Assistant
    Treatment Center- Addictions Counsellor 
    Family Counselling 
    Individual Therapeutic Counselling 
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    I am new as a professor to this site, but would love the opportunity to do your dirty work for you -- I promise that I will put in as much effort and care as if it were my own assignment.  I will put in however long it takes to ensure you have a properly, well-written paper that surpasses your expectations.  I firmly believe in building a great business relationship- where you will hopefully pick me to do future work for you.  

    I have taken courses across a broad range of subjects, and if I've bidded on your paper, you can be assured that I feel confident to write your paper for you. I'm also pretty young- in my 30's still- so I totally have a grasp on what writting papers is like.  It wasn't all that long ago I was in your shoes... 

    I am bg on communication, so feel free to message me with as many details as you can, and don't feel bothersome messaging me to see how its going either!