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03/20/2017 Dr. Right finished the essay early which was appreciated but the sentences felt very clunky and didn't have variation. Dr. Right also had weird word choice and I often had to reread a section mulitpule times before I understood what they were trying to say. I am dissipointed that I had to go through to make it flow better and meet the standards of my class. It met the bottom criteria for a C essay but the formatting was correct. I have heard lots of good things about this site and I am bummed out that the standards are not what I expected. 
03/18/2017 Dr. Right wrote a wonderful on time essay
03/18/2017 The paper was pretty well written and it was on time.  I did find 1 punctuation mistake (starting a quote with ' and ending with " ).
03/17/2017 Just got my paper. It is amazing! And to top it off, Dr.Right finished the paper  a full day before the due date so I could rest easy and not worry! The professor was also highly available and responded to my questions and concerns Highly recommend this professor! I am happy to be Dr. Right's first review in what I'm sure will soon be a page full of satisfied customers. Thank you so much Dr.Right!
03/15/2017 Dr. Right really helped me in a pinch. Great essay! The only issue was I was missing an introduction but I was able to write it on my own.  Would definitely recommend