Date Comment Rating
07/24/2017 Great job. Follwed the rubic to its specifications.
07/23/2017 Just as expected. Delivered within time frame. Thanks!
07/17/2017 Absolutely phenomenal work! Received a 100% A+ on my 7 page paper. Definitely recommend this professor, and I'll be using this professor again in the future!
07/16/2017 Great work, would definitely reccomend!
07/10/2017 Professor went above and beyond my expectations for the project. Even after changing the deadline last minute, the quality of the paper was fantastic. Professor Rogue responds to messages quickly and efficiently. Life Saver. 
07/09/2017 Always Helpful
07/09/2017 Another awesome paper!
07/07/2017 Exactly what I needed! I will definitely choose Prof. Rogue again! Every detail requested was handled perfectly! 
07/01/2017 Great paper!
06/28/2017 Top notch work every time!!! Highly recommend him for all things Poli Sci!
06/25/2017 Returning once more in asking for Prof Rouge's assistance and writing skills. Delivered ahead of time and stuck to script as to what was being asked. Highly recommended. 
06/23/2017 Very accomodating and timely.
06/20/2017 Can't say enough good things about this professor! Thank you for a job well done!! Hope to work with you again!
06/10/2017 His writing is amazing and completes work on time. What more can you ask for? 
06/10/2017 As always the best!! Can't go wrong with your assignments.
06/09/2017 Great work!
06/06/2017 Timely manner, quality product. Annotated Bibliography with unique sources, and I got a 100.
Such an amazing job this professor did for me. The writing was superb and all the instructions were followed exactly the way I mentioned in the posting. Not to mention my assignment was also completed well before the due date.
05/31/2017 A clearly intelligent Prof who has excellent communication skills. Highly recommended. 
05/26/2017 The paper was well written. I had an issue with part of it that the writer promptly fixed in a timely manner. I was awarded a B.
05/10/2017 I've used many of the professors on this site and would give most an "average" grade- but Professor Rogue does the BEST work every single time! I got my grade on my final essay in a Political Science class- 98/100 from a very tough instructor. Thank you very much- I hope to hire you again in the future!
05/04/2017 Really good paper, got a 98%!
04/30/2017 It was a good, but not great paper. There were way to many minor mistakes along the way, plus the use of so many recurring words and ideas, diluted it a little bit. Handed in timely, and great feedback. Would work with again.
04/27/2017 Another A+ Paper. Thank You
04/23/2017 10//10 essay turned in way early. Chose a super unique topic which made it stand out a ton. Clear, constant communication, will be working with again for sure.
04/19/2017 Fantastic work.  I posted the project with a due date within 24 hours.  Rogue knocked it out the park at a very good price.  
04/18/2017 AWESOME WORK
04/18/2017 perfect !!!!  Recieved A on this paper
04/18/2017 Recommend this professor everytime
04/18/2017 Great work!
04/18/2017 Thanks!
04/16/2017 Fantastic 
Great job Professor! Requirements met on time. Highly recommended!
04/15/2017 Great work!
04/10/2017 Great academic writer.
04/09/2017 Professor-Rogue is a magician.. there is no other way to put it!!

Absolutely fantastic work. Completed a 15 page paper for me and followed every detail and requirement to the T. You could not ask for a more efficient indvidual.

The work itself is incredibly nuanced, well-researched, and well written. 

I have had Professor-Rogue write multiple assignments for me. My #1 Choice by far. 
04/07/2017 Top notch paper. Thank you!
04/06/2017 i got an A+, i could not appreciate your help more
04/04/2017 prompt responses to my questions engaging and finished much faster than expected
04/03/2017 Absolutely delighted with the work. Would recommend to a friend.
04/01/2017 Amazing job! He even submitted the paper to me a day early which gave me time to read it and make any changes if  I needed to. Also, he replies super fast to emails. Thank you so much! 
03/31/2017 perfect paper.. Got an A
Thank you  for another great paper
Another great paper
03/31/2017 Excellent work
03/29/2017 Satisfied
03/28/2017 Professor Rogue was a godsend for my paper. I rewrote the paper he gave me in my own style, but used the references, points, and progression from Rogue. I was able to rewrite the paper in an hour thanks to the source being so well thought out. I got a strong A on the paper from a Professor known for being stingy on As. Professor Rogue was very communicative and delivered on time. 
03/14/2017 Perfect! Got the highest mark, thank you!
03/12/2017 Received a B+ for this assignment. FYI, there was a VERY short turnaround time for the deadline and my professor gives almost no As. My B+ is equivalent to an A+ in this particular class. Thank you Professor Rogue! I will be back again!
03/10/2017 A as usual. 

The most steez i ever did seez...
03/10/2017 Professor-Rogue will always be my first choice! Could not be happier with this and all projects completed!
03/10/2017 Another great job! Thank you so much!
03/10/2017 Excellant! Could not have completed this class without you!
Excellent work
03/06/2017 spicy
03/03/2017 A paper! Professor completed early and welcomed any changes and feedback! Thanks again!
03/01/2017 Professor-Rogue completed mutiple short essay projects for me well before the due date .  Professor Rogue went beyond what I asked for which was highley appreciated . He is very professional and always anwers back in a timley manner. He was even so kind enough to answer questions on  general essay writing.  I highley recommend using him as he produced all A's for me on all the projects he completed.   
Professor-Rogue is a Lifesaver
02/16/2017 got assignment early and was perfect!
Got an "A"    Thanks again!
02/16/2017 A+
02/14/2017 Highly recommended.
02/14/2017 Very Dependable!  Great work
02/12/2017 Excellent solution for this project as always! High quality "A" grade work completed on time without any revisions needed. Highly recommend!!
02/10/2017 ***Awesome Work***
02/05/2017 Excellent solution to this project! Professor-Rogue always provides grade A quality product on time without any revisions necessary!
02/04/2017 Professor Rogue is on point! 
02/04/2017 Highly recommended!  GREAT WORK
Never Disappoints! Always on time
01/28/2017 great work !
01/23/2017 Excellent solution for another project! Professor Rogue always produces grade A work and has them completed on time without any revisions ever needed. 
On time and recieved "A" on the paper
Great work everytime!
01/18/2017 Absolutely saved my ass with my class!  Needed to smash my final paper to salvage a B in my english course with a associate professor who likes to deduct points for doing what she instructed you to do.  Rogue delivered on short notice a paper that pulled me back into a salvation B!!  You need a grade, then Prof-Rogue is the only way to go!!!
01/14/2017 Professor Rogue is awesome! My project was complete and directions were followed in full. Will use again in the future. 
12/11/2016 Reliable and easy to communicated with.
12/11/2016 OB (2nd year course) - Grade awarded 4.0/4.3 

I've worked with PR on multiple occasions. He has never failed to deliver - quality and communication. He is cordial, communicates, and always double checks to ensure that quality precipitates through the final product. Highly recommended.  Received an A on the course. 
12/08/2016 RE: Professor Rogue
Once again, an excellent paper is submitted on time ! This one had a few bumps that were my fault.  Rogue was very patient and understanding about everything. I would expect nothing less of him, he is an utter professional. Many thanks once again.  Vanessa

Great work everytime!!
12/03/2016 Great
11/30/2016 paper on time and as I asked. 
11/27/2016 Thanks so much Prof Rogue! Stayed true to the deadline we agreed upon and the paper looks great!! 
11/26/2016 As always, an excellent solution to a unique and diffiecult topic! Always on time and of very high quality work!
11/20/2016 Very well written solution to this important project!! As always on and time and of high quality!!! A grade work.
11/20/2016 Requested PhD level work.  Professor Rogue writes on a Bachelors or possibly Masters degree level.  Uses a lot of hyperbole and purposefully placed, repetitive adjectives and adverbs to fill a page.  In addition, repeats sentences throughout.  Needs to work on flow.
11/19/2016 Wonderful work! Everything done as asked and got the paper before the due date. Awesome guy!

Professor- Rogue  completed a comparative research assignemnt for me in APA format. He was very professional when it came to communication and was a pleasure to work with.

Completion: Finished on time ( a day eariler )  and followed directions perfectly to how the directions  were given to him 10/10

Communication: Always responded in a reasonable time. 10/10

Overall: 10/10 


11/16/2016 Work was done quickly and efficiently with only a few minor errors.  Way better than the alternative - which was me having to do it!  Would use again!
11/14/2016 As always, an excellent solution to the assigned project. Delivererd on time while maintaining a high quality of work 
11/12/2016 Great paper, and got it to me early as usual.  Professor-Rogue is amazing!
11/11/2016 Professor Rogue is a life saver. If I had a question, he answered it within minutes every single time. Additionally, he went above and beyond all expectations I had and created a great piece for me. When I realized that the date set for completion was wrong, he made time to finish the project early without complaint and did an amazing job. HIGHLY reccomend this professor anyone! THANK YOU!!
Great paper!!
11/04/2016 Great work as usual !   
11/03/2016 Received a 90 on this project! 
11/01/2016 Professor Rogue is smart and savy and has an acedemic edge that radiates with me.  He completed my paper on time, it was succinent, well supported, and basically brilliant!  I kinda wanna keep Rogue to myself but  I just cant keep  queit about him!  Best! Vanesssa
11/01/2016  got a first for this thanks!
10/22/2016 Professor Rogue produced an "A"-earning PowerPoint in a week's time, thereby saving my butt again.  His work is always above par, and I will continue to seek him out for any additional projects that come up as I stumble toward my degree.  Thanks, Professor Rogue! 
Awesome Sauce!!! Yeah I said that.   Great work as usual
10/12/2016 Brill
10/10/2016 Rogue is awesome! I had a last minute, the professor for the class gave it to us 24 hours ahead of it being due, project that Professor Rogue worked on for me. He turned out a high quality paper in no time at all so that I could meet my short deadline. 
10/10/2016 Professor-Rogue has completed multiple projects for me and they are always done on time and in a highly professional manner. One of the classes I have had him complete projects for on my behalf are for a college professor who should probably retire. She is often difficult and makes changes to assignments at the last minute. As such I end up scrambling to get the updated requirements to Professor-Rogue and each time he has handled them with no problem and is good natured about it. I really can't say enough positive things about this professor, but rest assured if you need help with an assignment you need to look no further than Professor-Rogue for high quality work.
10/10/2016 With apologies to the great Carly Simon......

Nobody does it better makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Professor Rogue, you're the best
10/10/2016 Nobody does it better than Professor Rogue. The papers he writes are always exceptional and completed on time. In fact he normally delivers the finished paper a day or two early. You can't go wrong by selection Professor Rogue to work with.
10/10/2016 Rogue is the best! I have used him for multiple projects and he always does an excellent job and delivers a great end result. 
10/10/2016 Professor-Rogue is outstanding! If you want your work to be well researched, well written and delivered on time then look no further!
10/09/2016 This is the third project that I have given Professor-Rogue, and he never disapoints. The last two projects have been A's, and I expect this project to be the same. He did 13 pages, when I asked for only 11. Page 12 was the conclusion and 13 was the referances. He is awesome, I highly reccomend. 
10/06/2016 Thank you, I may contact you in regards to the full project at a later date.
10/04/2016 The Professor did a great job and posted the assignment on time. I would highly recommend using this professor for future projects.
10/04/2016 Professor Rogue delivered a top-notch research paper on time and exactly as requested, fulfilling all of the requirements of the rubric I provided.  Although I was nervous entering into the transaction (it was my first time using a service like this), I couldn't have been happier with the product I received and  I feel certain that Professor Rogue's paper will earn me an easy 'A'.  The paper was incredibly well-written and comprehensive.  It also bears mentioning that all of my communications were answered in a timely fashion, which went a long way toward easing any fears I might have had during this process.  In the future, I will continue to ask for Professor Rogue with complete confidence that he will get the job done!   Added bonus:  he has a great sense of humor.  Thanks very much!   
10/02/2016 Always a Pleasure.
10/01/2016 Lifesaver! delighted with my project
09/27/2016 Highly recommendable !
09/25/2016 Totally awesome!  Intelligent content quickly delivered. thanks so much

09/24/2016 On time and a great writer!! Thank you so so much!
09/19/2016 Great work!
09/17/2016 Excellent solution to this project! High quality, on time and as expected....highly recommend!
09/13/2016 Great paper. Will use Professor-Rogue again!
08/31/2016 Business Management Course

T is an excellent communicator who always delivers based on your needs. He took time to revise and rewrite specific parts throughout the project. I highly recommend working with him. He is a consistent writer who incorporates text theory in an effective manner. 

Highly recommended, would work with him again. I received a 92/100 on the course (5 papers in total). 

08/25/2016 Incredible!!! Excellent communication, prompt delivery, and perfect work.  Thank you very  much for your help on this project.  
08/09/2016 Great
08/07/2016 thank you I apperciate your work 
08/01/2016 Business Mngt. 101 

I've used this site a few times to complete multiple projects. 
Communication 10
Work Ethic           10 
Writing Skills       10 
Patience               10 

PR is an excellent person to work with. He always responds promptly and uses his broad skills as leverage on assignments and tasks. I would highly recommend him. He is fair, hard working, and always meets deadlines.  

07/27/2016 Great paper!
07/26/2016 Well exceeded my ever-growing expectations. Received full credit on a rather complex project. Thanks!
great work! Real professional and paper on time!
07/07/2016 Thank you so much for your assistance!  I got an A+!
This professor is highly recommended
07/05/2016 Delivers on time and well written too.
07/04/2016 Received a well written paper. Very high quality, thanks a lot!
07/03/2016 11 Stars for Professor-Rogue.  This is the 7th work I've purchased from him, and he always comes through with amazing quality and attention to detail.  He was communicative throughout the entire process, and was able to provide reasonable pricing on a project with a short deadline (4 days).  I would definitely recommend him for any of your future paper needs.
07/02/2016 Done in a Timely manner, got an 86% on the paper. 
06/29/2016 Works extremely hard and is always open for feedback and revision requests. He is an excellent communicator who knows the ins and outs of navigating through academia. Highly recommended. 
06/28/2016 Excellent
06/21/2016 Always amazing will us him again for sure!!!
06/17/2016 Professor Rogue delivered a very good project. Communication was good and everything was on time. Would recommend.
06/12/2016 Professor-Rogue always puts out amazing work, and this project was no different.  I've used him countless times, and couldn't ask for a better paper.  He was very communicative throughout the entire process.  Accept any bid of his with confidence knowing you'll receive a A+ paper.
06/09/2016 Great job!
06/08/2016 Amazing work! it was on time and very on point of what I asked would definitely use again.
06/08/2016 Amazing work! it was on time and very on point of what I asked would definitely use again.
06/07/2016 Excellent service!

High quality work product that was delievered as prescribed!

Would definately hire again. 
06/06/2016 Received an "A"- thanks!
06/01/2016 Professor-Rogue is the best! He's written two fantastic essays for me which both received A's. Would recommend! 
05/30/2016 Excellent!
05/27/2016 Well written document and it was completed early as well.
05/25/2016 Great Job!!!
05/24/2016 Done early!!! Love it!!!
05/17/2016 A great essay, very happy and good communication. Got everything done in a rushed time constraint. Would definitely recommend!
05/08/2016 I've worked with Professor-Rogue many times in the past and for great reason! He always delivers high quality papers and has always been on time. Look forward to working with you again, thank you.
05/08/2016 GREAT WORK!!!
05/08/2016 Excellent work
05/08/2016 Great work again! 
05/06/2016 Very good work! Thank you so much! 
05/05/2016 On time and well written. Thank you!
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
04/26/2016 Excellent paper, followed all guidelines and used citations previously picked out!
04/25/2016 Great work. Very personable.
04/25/2016 Professor-Rogue is incredible!  I have used this professor multiple times for Political Science and Anthropology assignments and he always comes through big time.  His insights and analysis are very well articulated.  The work is always organized and easy to understand. The lowest grade I received from submitting work from him has been a 96 because I handed it in late.  Highly recommended.  
excellent work!
Great work everytime
04/24/2016 bid pretty quick, responded to messages quickly and really listend to what I was looking for! thanks!
04/21/2016 Got my project done early and did a fantastic job
04/17/2016 Outstanding work
Great work
04/17/2016 Very Professional. Always On time. And above all very Courteous and attentaive of the required instructions. 
04/17/2016 YES!!!!!
04/17/2016 YES!!
04/15/2016 Fantastic effort from Proffessor Rogue, flexible and very accommodating. Asked for my project to be written at a certain grade level and he nailed it! 10/10 would commission again.
04/15/2016 Hands down the best Professor on this site. Professor follows directions and goes above and beyond in his work. I hight reccomnd Professor-Rouge for and assignment.
04/10/2016 I'd highly recommend Professor Rogue. My paper was completed on time and was very well written! 
awesome work
04/06/2016 Reasons to have Professor Rogue complete projects for you:

Excellent communication throughout the process
Projects are completed always completed on time, normally a day or two early.
The completed work is high quality
You like making A's in your class

Reasons not to have Professor Rogue complete projects for you:

You are a silly, silly person
You prefer the taste of dirt to that of steak
A pizza once assaulted you and stole your tuition money
You were once bitten by a llama
Good grades? Pffft, who needs em?

Seriously, have Professor Rogue complete projects for you. I promise you will not regret it. Professor Rogue is the best!!!

04/06/2016 Professor Rogue has completed multiple projects for me this semester. I took far too many classes during this term and was at wits end until I had Professor Rogue start working on projects for me. The exceptional work that this professor has completed for me has allowed me to concentrate on my other classes as I know the work he is doing on my behalf will be completed on time and will be high quality work. If you need help as I did I highly recommend Professor Rogue!
04/06/2016 Professor Rogue really knocked my project out of the park. After turning it in the professor teaching my class commented on how well it was written and that she would like to use it as an example in future classes. Bravo Professor Rogue!!!
04/04/2016 Awesome!  This professor really is impressive and on time!  Thank you so much for your outstanding work!

04/02/2016 Will continue to use for my criminology projects and next semester possibly for my criminal justice class. Papers are very well written and completed well in advance. 5 out of 5 stars
04/02/2016 Greetings,

Sorry for the delayed feeback to the paper.  Thank you so much I received an A+ in the course.
03/25/2016 Great paper, delivered on time with strong communication throughout the process! would recommend & absolutely would do business with Professor-Rogue again!

03/19/2016 Amazing work
03/17/2016 great paper! haven't received my grade yet but the paper was well written, perfect APA format and exactly what i wanted. will use Prof Rogue again.
03/15/2016 Recived a 4.0 from using Professor Rogue! Thanks for the quick writing, response time, and help!
03/13/2016 Awesome work, would have loved to see a little more analysis regarding "Risky Exchanges" but this is really great stuff. I look forward to working with you again. 
03/11/2016 Amazing work as always from Professor Rogue! I have used this professor for multiple assignments in a class that is totally uninteresting to me so that I can concentrate on doing the work for two other classes I am taking this semester. Each time I have selected Professor Rogue to work on a project for me it has been completed on time and with high quality. I cannot recommend this professor highly enough. If you need help with something.....go Rogue!
03/10/2016 thanks for another A
03/10/2016 A++++
03/10/2016 thank you for the A
03/10/2016 Perfect, got an A on the work
03/10/2016 Knocked it out of the park again with another A. Thank you so much
03/10/2016 Awesome, another A+
03/10/2016 Thank you for the A+
03/09/2016 Got me a B. That's all I was looking for. Thank you.
03/03/2016 Received an A- with a weird grading professor! So hurray! Would use Professor Rogue again.
02/27/2016 Amazing as always. Enjoy your Trip!
02/26/2016 Beautifully researched and written. You cannot go wrong with this professor, especially if you need top-notch results. 
02/25/2016 Great paper! A bit stale, redundant and dry for an english/language paper. I had to edit ~30% to fit my writing style. Other than that great job!
02/24/2016 Delivered the goods and more! Excellent paper, well written, in proper format, and way beyond the expectations. Don't hesitate to use this professor for your upper level classwork. 
02/24/2016 Fast turnaround! Great papers, getting me a solid B with the goofiest professor whose grading is schizo!
02/23/2016 Altough this review is much past due, I have to say the highest grade I ever recieved from the teacher was the grade I recieved on this essay. The teacher was never one to just "hand out" A's and A+'s, and I believe I am one of very few students who recieved an A+ on a paper in her class. Thank you very much. 
02/22/2016 The best
02/21/2016 Incredibly fast-- accurate response and great to work with. 
02/21/2016 Thaks for coming through in the clutch.
02/18/2016 GREAT!
02/18/2016 My essay was amazing! He responds very quickly to any questions you have, and finished my paper before the due date. I Very much recommend :)
Another A+ from Rouge. You get what you pay for. Be weary of other "professors" here. Rouge is my go-to guy. A+
Rouge has done several assignmnets for me. He is great. A+ on my assignment. Would recommend to anyone.
02/16/2016 Great essay - always on time or early.
02/14/2016 Professor-Rogue comes through again. The project I asked him to work on was completed very quickly, far earlier than I had asked in fact, and is well written. I highly recommend this professor for any projects you need help with.
02/09/2016 Very quick turnaround - he always gets the paper to me before the due date. Well written. This is the third paper he has written for me & I will continue to use his services.
02/05/2016 Excellent work by Professor Rogue. My assignment was completed early, was well written and properly cited. Choose this professor for any work you need completed and you will not be disappointed!
02/04/2016 Awesome sauce!!!
02/03/2016 I selected a highly controversial topic and provided a few sources that I would like to use to justify my thesis. Prof. Rogue did an excellent job filling out the research and full defended my ideas using excellent control of case law and legal rationale. 

02/03/2016 Great job!
01/28/2016 Always Good work, 97/100 when graded by my  professor. No complaints at all.
01/27/2016 Great work by Professor-Rogue!!

The work that was done for me was excellent and was done quickly. I highly recommend this professor.
01/26/2016 Thank you for getting this done so quickly!!
01/11/2016 As always, solid work.
12/18/2015 Extraordinary paper writing skills, great communication, on time (if not early than promised), and overall very good quality work. Delivered everything I asked for. I highly recommend. 
12/11/2015 Perfect! I could have never acomplished this high quality in the little time I had alond with everything else!! Thank you
12/10/2015 Paper looks great and was on time.  Overall a good job
12/10/2015 I received at A+!  Many thanks!
Good job, Thanks so much!
12/08/2015 Once again I have to tell you I NEVER leave comments but this Professor deserves it. This Professor has done a few papers for me and everytime he has nailed it. Professor-Rogue has helped and saved me time and time. I don't care what you read pick this Professor you will not be upset or let down. 

11/30/2015 A well wrote and articulate paper couldnt have asked for more
11/29/2015 Never disappointed in your work!!!  Excellent as always!!!  Thank you...
11/23/2015 received assignment ahead of schedule, with excellent work...thank you Pro. Rogue
11/20/2015 great service 
11/18/2015 By far my Favorite Professor and use everytime! Thanks again

11/17/2015 Paper turned out way above my expectation. Great work and on time. He promptly replies to all my questions. Definitely recommend!!!
11/16/2015 Thank you I appreciate your help. I might have additional work and will get back to you tommorow since its late. Once again Thank You!
11/16/2015 Thank you I appreciate your help. I might have additional work and will get back to you tommorow since its late. Once again Thank You!
11/16/2015 high quality of work, great communication, on-time, & sweet! Cheers!
11/16/2015 Another excellent grade!  Thank you
11/10/2015 Received over a 90 on this paper and the last one he wrote!
11/02/2015 Delivers when it counts most for me...SUPER THANK YOU FIR THIS LATEST ASSIGNMENT
11/02/2015 Right on time as always
11/01/2015 Thank you for a well written paper. 

11/01/2015 Thank you for a well written paper. 

10/22/2015 Great.
10/22/2015 Thank you for your help Prof. Rogue.  The assignments were completed accurately and on time.  I recommend Prof. Rogue and would ask for his help again in the future if the situation requires.  
10/09/2015 Great great great professor. Works quick, exceeds expectations and has excellent communication. The paper he wrote was phenomenal and arrived early! Professor Rogue is the best and has become my goto UP! Thanks again Theo! Cheers!
10/04/2015 He does great work.!!!! Have used him quite a few times now and get full credit every single time.  Gets the work done before deadline and has excellent communication.!!! Thank You A+++++
10/01/2015 The prof actually deliver the work to me a day earlier and nice writing as required. Thanks a lot.
09/30/2015 STUPERDIFEROUS!!!
09/29/2015 AWESOME!!! First time ever with this professor and he didnt let me down!!
09/25/2015 Professor Rogue is a great communicator as well as extremely reliable. Cannot say enough good things about him!
09/25/2015 Professor Rouge does it again!!!! Huge assignment completed ahead of schedule in amazing form! I could not be happier. Well worth the money. I cannot say thank you enough.
09/01/2015 Rxcellent Work.

It got me a 100%

I am very grateful
Great job. Quick turn around time and amazing communications. Thanks alot. Highly recommened. A++++
08/23/2015 Amazing person. Was able to do an assignment for me i posted 9 hours before it was due. Did it thorougly and understood all the instructions. 
08/13/2015 Once again, outstanding work delivered on time (before expected, actually). Thank you again for delivering exactly what I was looking for. 
08/07/2015 Got an A in the class!
07/31/2015 Awesome paper delivered on a short turn around. 
07/30/2015 Great work and finished 2 days early.  Thanks!
07/27/2015 Wonderful as always!! This guy is the best!!
07/26/2015 Once again professor Rouge comes through and delivers with professionalism and a fair price. Ive netted 100% on every assignment hes completed for me. At this rate Ill have to give him my degree when Im done! Well done sir! I will see you soon!
07/20/2015 Prog Rogue netted me 100% on essay style questions for my Justice Administration coursework. He demonstrated in depth knowledge and really went the extra mile to provide elegant responses. Im very happy with his results and feel his bid was a bargain!
07/16/2015 This guy is legit. Great communication skills and open to suggestions. A++++ thank you!!! 
07/13/2015 Got an A++++++++!!!!  Excellent work, on time, professional!  Went above and beyond my expectations!  
07/12/2015 This was AWESOME. Can't say enough good things. 20/20 on paper with quick turnaround time. Outstanding indeed. 

Actual comment from my professor:

"I have no comments to improve your paper. This is simply first-rate.You argue succintly, eruditely, cogently and persuasively".
07/07/2015 Got an A again!  Paper written excellent!  Thanks again!
07/02/2015 Paper was well written! Earned me an A... again!  Thanks so much.
06/30/2015 Outstanding... came with flying colors even with lacking information... 
thank you very much
This is a good paper overall. Focused a little too much on marketing but i can spin it. Some grammatical errors and missing words alltogether but that was fixed easily. You used a lot of prepostional phrases to begin the sentences. There were a lot of "thus" and "indeed" in there too. My biggest gripe though (and really my only true gripe) is that you didn't build any of the references i sent you into the paper.
06/25/2015 Thanks Theo,

This is exactly what I proposed I would write. Oustanding!

06/23/2015 excellent work! a 6000-word-essay delivered on time and written as instructed, with prompt correspondence in between. i have been a frequent customer of this site and theo is the only prof here who has never failed me and has lived up to his reputation. he's polite, proffessional and a top-notch writer. if you ever have him bid on your project just choose him regardless of the price (which is usually reasonable), you'll be in good hands. needless to say, i strongly recommend his service. a true life-saver!
06/21/2015 He hit the nail on the head. Thanks!
06/21/2015 Professor Rogue came thru with flying colors... thank you for an outstanding paper.
06/16/2015 Very good timely responses. Good citations.
06/09/2015 great work! thanks!
06/09/2015 Professor Rouge did an amazing job with some short papers for a psych course! I am definitely going to use him again! 
06/02/2015 great
05/31/2015 Got exactly the kind of paper I was hoping for. Thanks!
05/17/2015 A great writer that is very reliable in getting things done well!
05/11/2015 The project was done early and was exactly what I needed. Professor Rogue communicated very well and delivered a pristine product. I'd highly reccommend using him.
05/11/2015 Really well written essay given waaay before the due date and very prompt responses when i had questions about the essay. thanks again dude!
05/10/2015 Prompt, perfect and could not have asked for anything better!!!  Excellent job on a Humanities paper!
05/07/2015 A job well done! high quality writing and even finished ahead of schedule
05/04/2015 Can never go wrong with Professor-Rouge! 
05/02/2015 The paper you completed for me was far above what I had expected.  It was done early and all instructions were followed. T hanks Professor-Rogue

05/02/2015 He was very responsive to feedback and completed the paper on time with the exact instructions i provided. The paper was well worded and i expect to get nothing less than an A!

Thank you so much!
04/28/2015 paper came out great !!! so happy with it !!!
04/28/2015 paper came out great !!! so happy with it !!!
04/22/2015 Project was completed with time to spare and was written well! 
04/16/2015 Excellent
04/14/2015 Quick, reasonable rate, and quality content. Assignment was a roughly one page discussion board response regarding an ethics topic in current news. Deliverable was received within 3 days of posting the project. Thank you!
04/12/2015 Due to an illness that left me unable to stay up with my coursework and a professor who refused to allow me an extension to complete my work I turned to Unemployed Professors to help save me and get my project completed on time.

I submitted my proposal and began receiving bids within a matter of minutes. After reading several reviews I chose Professor Rogue to complete my project. I had high hopes based on the reviews I had read and he did not let me down.

The paper was completed on time and is outstanding. Frankly the quality of the work exceeded my expectations and should I find myself in a similar circumstance in the future I will not hesitate to use this professor again. 
04/10/2015 Great work! Looking forward to the next one. Thanks again, Rogue.

- Kyle

04/06/2015 high quality work and very happy with it, good communication about the task, i highly recommend Professor-Rogue!
03/31/2015 GOOD PAPER
03/23/2015 Fastest person to write on my topic, very cordial and willing to help you. Professor rogue for president! 
03/23/2015 The best person to hire. My go to person, thank you professor rogue. Cheers Theo
03/21/2015 Very Well done!  There was only on question from the professor and i fixed it.  Thanks!
03/13/2015 Great writing skills.  Also very patient when it comes to last minute freak outs because the professor changed the assignment last minute.  Would use again.
03/11/2015 Top Notch as always. Best professor here, hands down. Scored 96% on the RESEARCH paper!!
03/11/2015 Top Notch as always. Best professor here, hands down. Scored 96% on the RESEARCH paper!!
03/09/2015 Came through ! got an A
03/08/2015 Finished very fast and was really well done! Thanks!
03/04/2015 Outstanding work. Professor-Rogue is pleasant to work beside, and his results are excellent.
02/26/2015 if I could add a 5th star I would. I had to hire this professor to fix some crap work from one of the other professors. When this professor says he will be available for revisions he sticks by his word. this professor has gone above and behind working with me on getting the paper in. Once the teacher send back the paper with what revisions needed to be done, this guy was on it ! I will definetly use this professor on future projects. 

If he says he can complete the work, I have no doubt he will. He was a great communictor and completed everything he stated he would, plus revisions

I have used a few different professors on this site and he is by far the best. He gave a great paper. And also even though the site had difficulty uploading, professor kept me in the loop and re uploaded even after the site gave him money. I will be using him again. THANK YOU PROFESSOR-ROGUE
Got an A!
02/12/2015 An amazing person to work with. Thank you so much!
02/10/2015 Perfect
02/04/2015 One of my go to writers that is worth the money because your teacher will think you printed your paper on golden paper and it's gonna end up being an A paper. 
02/01/2015 Outstanding serivce. Fast turnaroud as well.
02/01/2015 Well written. I got an A. Thank you  so much.
01/30/2015 PR has never let me down (or gotten me anything less than an A!)! Thank you!
01/29/2015 For what I was asking for which was just help with a revision that needed fixed. this prof put all his engery into trying to fix this mess of a paper I had. 
In the end it needed a re-write but it was not this prof fault. We ended up working together on another project to get it re-written

over all this prof is fair in price and great communicator and is up front of what he thinks the success fo what he is working on will be. In this case he was working with a paper he didn't write and was helping with revisions. 

out standing work ! will use again
01/21/2015 Awesome! Thank you.
01/20/2015 A true professional at his craft, Professor-Rogue annihilated the fuck out of my gender studies requirement.
01/17/2015 Awesome job! Got an A on this paper.
01/06/2015 I got B on my paper
01/06/2015 I got C on my termpaper
01/01/2015 Pretty good paper.  I had to go in and make revisions and additions to make it in my voice but it helped me overcome this crazy semester.  I'd recommend this if you're having "writer's block" or just need some direction where you want to take a paper.  Professor-Rogue met all the requirements fo rmy paper.  Very scholarly tone to the material.  Some phrases and words were redundant.  I will definitely use again.
12/31/2014 Good communication, well-written, edits upon request...Overall amazing writer. Would recommend.
12/29/2014 First time satisfied. Used again. Always good work.
12/29/2014 Great paper, scored well. Will definitely use again
12/18/2014 The project was done early and a correctly!! Great Job!! Thank you for your help!
12/17/2014 I couldn't be more pleased. The project was completed on time, as requested, and there was excellent communication from start to finish w/ Professor-Rogue. I actually had to dumb-down the language a little bit to match my own :) I am seriously impressed with how easy the process was and how much time it saved me. I received my grade today & got a 100%. Thanks again!
12/16/2014 Amazing work and extremely well to work with. Would recommend this person anytime you need great work done. Communication was very quick and promptly.
12/16/2014 I'll get A+ through this Final Essay. Thanks!
12/16/2014 I got A. Thank you so much
12/16/2014 Very academic tone. Thorough with research and analysis. Some miscommunication on chosen topic, so be clear about what you want this professor to write about. Very pleased with result.
12/06/2014 Professor-Rogue's work on my project was exceptional. It is well-written and perfectly sourced and cited throughout. Furthermore, he delivered in less time than expected. Thanks again!
12/04/2014 Thank you so much!
I will get A again!!
12/02/2014 Another outstanding paper!
I am going to have to come up with more positive adjectives to describe your work, outstanding and excellent just doesn't do it anymore. 

How about:  "stellar", "exceptional" and "eminent"?
12/02/2014 Another outstanding paper!
I am going to have to come up with more positive adjectives to describe your work, outstanding and excellent just doesn't do it anymore. 

How about:  "stellar", "exceptional" and "eminent"?
11/19/2014 Used Professor-Rogue a few times in the past with great resuts. This time, however, P-R did not really follow the outline that was posted. Ended up with C on a term paper.
11/19/2014 That's awesome! I got A!!
11/19/2014 Amazing job on the paper, it really saved me. If there's any criticism to be made it's that it sounds too intelligent (which i'm 100% ok with) I'm going to go through it and dumb it down a tad to avoid any suspiscion. Again, thank you!
11/17/2014 Professor Rogue writes the assignments genuingly as if they were his own.
He follows directions precisely and he is committed to his writing.
11/16/2014 The Best professor EVER! Seriously alwas answered my questions within 10 min of me messaging him. He went above and beyond and always got my work back to me before the due date. He writes amazing papers not to mention he is professional. I would highly reccomend him. Some professors on this site do not communicate back with you and can be late with work at times. i am so pleased with Rouge and will always use him when I need a paper. 
11/06/2014 Wow!!!!!!!! I like you so so so so very very much!!!
I want be with you always!! 
11/06/2014 perfection
11/06/2014 perfect thanks
11/05/2014 It's really awesome !!
I want to do with this professor everytime!
11/05/2014 A+ quality within a short period of time. Did not have to make any adjustments to the finished work except add my personal information.
11/05/2014 I do not know where to begin. This was a last minute project. That did not deter PR at all! He was able to squeeze in the time to write an original A+ within a few hours. And, he finished it 36 hours before the deadline. The only corrections that I had to make were to my name, course information, and the school name. I reviewed everything else and it was absolutely perfect! The weirdest part was that I completely agreed with the perspective of the paper. Thank you PR! Again, I will be back in the future!
11/02/2014 This project had 2 parts to it and both parts were completed without ANY delay by Professor Rogue. I will DEFINITELY continue to use his services. His work is always A+ quality.
11/01/2014 Top Fucking Tier. You are the man Rouge.
10/19/2014 Received my assignment back in record time! A+ quality as usual. Stick with Professor Rogue. You will NEVER be disappointed.
10/12/2014 Very easy to work with, and delvers on time! 
10/11/2014 20/20 I needed to tweek this paper just a bit.  You pretty much were right on track with my life experiences. That geno map really tells alot about a person.  If you know how to interpret it.
10/11/2014 20/20 perfect paper
10/11/2014 20/20 perfect paper
10/11/2014 18/20 still got an A.  The professor wanted me to include more literature in this paper.  But still  all my other assignments for this class were all 10/10 or 25/25.  Thanks for your help.  Its hard to work and go to school 8 hours per day on the weekends.
10/11/2014 perfect paper again 20/20
10/11/2014 Got a 20/20 perfect paper thanks.
10/10/2014 My assignment was completed ahead of schedule and there was always an open line of communication with Professor Rogue. I would recommend him over and over again!
10/06/2014 Professor Rogue was flawless during this exam. He was ready to go on time and completed the exam in record time. I am very confident that my grade will be an A+. He does nothing below that! (Not that I would ask him to!)
09/28/2014 I received my completed project back within a few hours of PR accepting it. It was completely original (as usual), A+ quality, and needed no corrections. I have been a repeat customer of PR and will continue to be!
09/27/2014 Posted this project and needed it within 48 hours. PR offered a bid amount that was the same price with a 2-3 week notice of time AND only charged the minimum for the work needed done. I am a repeat customer and a HUGE fan. I appreciate the hard work PR. I received my assignment back early and was A+ quality. PR is very attentive and makes sure to pay attention to detail. Thank you!
09/16/2014 This was the second time that I hired PR for an assignment of mine. I was equally impressed this time around. The most (and least) surprising part of it is that each assignment was for 2 completely different subjects and for higher level courses. I received my finished product within record time and there were no changes that needed to be made except putting my name on the front!
09/16/2014 This assignment was the first one that I have have Professor-Rogue do. I am very pleased with the outcome and the short turnaround time. PR did an excellent work and I will be using them in the future! 
09/08/2014 Fast, awesome work
09/08/2014 Did a great job, Much thanks!, will do business with again
09/06/2014 Professor-Rogue is the man! Thank you so much again for this beautiful paper. On time and top notch as always.
09/06/2014 Excellent! He always responded in a timely manor and writes wonderfully. I will definitely be coming back for all of my essays that I'm struggling with.
09/04/2014 Got an A
09/04/2014 Great Job
09/03/2014 Always delivers top notch papers! Super fast response time! Very reliable indeed!
08/17/2014 Thank you for the fast reply and quality work! :)
08/08/2014 A very professional paper.  The writer is obviously talented.  I will need to dumb it down a bit as my intended recipients are not that scholarly. 
08/07/2014 Great job! 
08/05/2014 Once again, you have outdone yourself. I recieved 2 A's on my previous papers, thank you again. I could not have made it through all this course work without your help.
07/30/2014 Brilliant!! You have done it once again Professor-Rogue. I could not have made it through this full schedule of classes without your help.
07/26/2014 Great communication! Finished assignment on-time. Great work! Will definitely contact for future assignments!
07/20/2014 Perfect!!! Thank you for the fast turn around time. I will have another project for you (if you would like?) from the next 3 chapters by next weekend.

Thank you again

06/28/2014 Professor-Rogue,

Excellent!!! I'm very satisfied
06/27/2014 impeccible service through and through! was willing to rewrite a large part of the first draft upon request.
06/27/2014 this guy's a pro! he was friendly, has a high correspondence rate, was willing to edit the product as requested, and of coz, wrote beautifully. though ive been a customer of this website for quite a while, it's the first time ive tried prof rogue's service. i can say with certainty that he tops all other profs - no wonder he's so highly sought after! will definitely ask for his service again, and i strongly recommend him to all of you!
06/24/2014 Same as always PERFECT! 
06/24/2014 This guy is top notch and it clearly shows he has taken his time to understand the task at had, love working with this guy.
06/21/2014 Absolutely incredible. I now see why Prof Rogue is #1 on the site. 48 hour turnaround on a ~5 page philosophy paper. Content is perfect, passes my univerity's content filter, and I will be surprised if it receive anything besides an A+. Amazing value as well; PR was the lowest priced of any offers(most of which required twice as much time for completion). My first time using PR and I must say I've found my new favorite professor =) Thanks again.
06/20/2014 Theo provided an excellent product as always. Theo is my go to guy and you should never feel apprehensive about using his services!
06/15/2014 Excellent!  Thanks!
06/15/2014 Terrific...Thanks so much.
06/10/2014 Excellent performance with the value of deadline !!
06/10/2014 Great paper. Got an A.
06/10/2014 Rogue is the reason I am addicted to this service... 
06/07/2014 Theo kills it as usual. He is my go to guy for papers on pretty much any topic. 
06/05/2014 This guy is a pro! Would definitley recommend. Great communication and was just a good bloke in general, not to mention the quality piece! 5/5
05/27/2014 I got an A on the paper. Amazing!
05/21/2014 I got a B on the paper
05/16/2014 The Best there is!
05/13/2014 Thank you so much, i will use you often!
05/10/2014 Wonderful job, a lot higher quality than I orgininally expected. First time user of this 
05/08/2014 SUPER!
05/08/2014 All specs met, great with making requested adjustments
05/06/2014 Thanks for working with me, and for helping me iron out the transaction kinks that I ran into!
05/06/2014 Thanks! Professor completed the assignment exactly when he said he was, and it was on point!
04/27/2014 Perfect Literature Review! A!
04/27/2014 B- on the paper
04/21/2014 Great job
04/20/2014 Great communication and fast replies! On-time delivery and great personality!
04/20/2014 Amazing paper! It was right on time. I had some personal issues with it at first, but he quickly revised it for me free of charge. It was to good of a paper and I knew my teacher wouldn't believe that I was that intelligent since he has seen other papers of mine. LOL So, I asked him to make it a little less complex. (dumb it down) Makes me look stupid, but oh well! :) Anyway, A++ I highly recommend Professor Rogue for anyone's work and will be using him again in the future.
04/17/2014 Professor-Rogue did a great job on the assignment. Used a diverse vocabulary to get his point across. Followed all instructions. Best part was that the assignment was completed a day early! A+++++
04/14/2014 Professor-Rougue's methodology is simply:  Top quality work = 5 star ratings = new comers/previous users accepting bid = $$.  He has a flawless rating for a reason.  This was my first time using this site and I went with him despite having cheaper offers.  Any doubts should be dismissed immediately.  He is worth every penny.  Period.

Intelligent, funny, witty, and extremely easy to communicate with.
04/12/2014 A+++ work.

Have used Theo multiple times now, and he never disappoints.  Highly recommend.
04/10/2014 Quick correspondence, followed instructions (as well as asking if I had any other requests, which was great!), and completed five days before the deadline. [THUMBS UP]
04/05/2014 Prof. Rogue Is Simply The Best!
04/05/2014 Amazing as usual! Got an A as usual!
04/04/2014 THE BEST!
04/04/2014 AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!
03/28/2014 Professor Rogue is Excellent. Fantastic work and very easy to communicate with. 
03/28/2014 Professor Rogue is Excellent. Fantastic work and very easy to communicate with. 
03/19/2014 Excellent Research Skills.
03/17/2014 Great communication, even added another half page at the end when requested....cant go wrong with this one
03/13/2014 Great work as always. Rogue is my #1 choice. Outstanding work and great communication! 
03/13/2014 Done well ahead of schedule. Thanks!
03/09/2014 Had a paper with alot of details and he did Exactly what I asked for, was even done on time!
03/08/2014 Because of professor Rogue, I was able to pass my Advanced Composition class with an A!!!
03/08/2014 As usual a very well done piece of work.

03/08/2014 Professor Rogue  exceeded my expectations!
03/07/2014 got it done before deadline and was written to my expactions. 
03/07/2014 My movie review is well on point..didnt disappoint as usually.outstanding work prof. Rogue..thanku!
03/06/2014 Very good and delievered on time. Plus he helped me after payment!  Would recommend
03/06/2014 A++++
03/05/2014 Rogue was super professional and very personable through the whole process. The paper is impeccably written with attention to all the proper details. I will be contacting him again no doubt.
03/04/2014 Theo did an amazing job, and finished my assignment early!  He volunteered himself for any edits, but after having looked at his work, none were needed.

Top of the mark!
03/03/2014 Great writing skills and very professional. 
03/01/2014 The Best Ever! Great Concise work. Follows all outlines to the smallest detail! Always on Time!
03/01/2014 The Best of the Best! He Will not disappoint!!
03/01/2014 It took me a long time to post feedback, sorry. Was a great paper. A.
02/26/2014 Fantastic!!!  Would definitely recommend!!
02/25/2014 Great work. Thank you. 
02/24/2014 Very high quality work and it was sent to me 3 days ahead of schedule.

02/15/2014 First time using this professor, but he did a great job and completed the work before the deadline!
02/15/2014 Total life saver, great work
02/15/2014 Awesome papers!
02/15/2014 Very professional, and always on time!
02/14/2014 Thank you for this! It's perfect!
02/13/2014 Awesome Work!
02/13/2014 Once again, Outstanding Work. 

Professor Rogue's writing is clear, precise, informative and something everyone can relate to.
02/12/2014 Did a great job. Exactly what I needed. Great stuff
02/10/2014 great paper..professor Rogue is the man!
02/09/2014 A+++
02/09/2014 Great quality work, this is my 5th time doing bussiness with Professor Rogue. Has always delivered my papers before the due date and is very communicative. 100% WILL USE AGAIN!!!
02/08/2014 AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!
02/07/2014 Professor Rogue's writings make me smarter every time I read them!
Fantastic, precise quick turn-around work. 
Puts my mind at ease in knowing I have back-up with my full-time workload!
02/06/2014 Rogue was GREAT! All of the information was there, it was transitioned nicely too. He was also really great with communicating with me, which is why I will be using him again. I used Rogue for a political science paper in a 300 level class at a university and got a solid A. Also, he was affordable and the paper was not only on time but early.
02/05/2014 Thanks for the amazing work! 
02/04/2014 Great writer, very detailed and listens to instructions very well.
02/04/2014 A+++
02/04/2014 Like always.... on-time, excellant work, and professional!
01/31/2014  Assignment was short notice but this Professor was up to the task.. (Grade was a 96) Great Work Professor!  Cant thank you enough.
01/31/2014  Perfect work!  Professor communicated throughout the assignment.. Highly recommended!   thank you
01/30/2014 SUPER AWESOME!!!!
01/26/2014 This was great, thank you! 
01/22/2014 Professor Rogue is very professional , communicates well. He finished my papers before the due date. Got 100% on my papers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
01/18/2014 Everything turned out great. Really helped me out when I am in a bind. I will be back for sure when I get in another bind. Thanks.
01/05/2014 The essay paper was done well. The last minute assistance to correct or rephrased and change the content, was done during the final touches. Theo was very good in making sure I got my work completed with the specifications already given. He conducted a review when I let him know that something was missing. He read the initial job request and realized an adjustment was in order and needed. Therefore, he did it instantly. Theo showed Great compassion for my job and for me as his client. He seems to have a great personality and attitude. Love him for that.
01/03/2014 Great Professor!
12/21/2013 Great Work! Did a fantastic job polishing my personal statement!
12/20/2013 I scored 91% with Professor-Rogue. Impeccable work as always, he is highly reliable and works WITH YOU to ensure the highest quality! HE IS THE BEST!
12/17/2013 Philosophy can be a bit tricky, but Rogue really was up to the task.   He provided a very close reading of the text, posited some great philosophical arguments, and his structure was iron-clad.   Very impressive.
12/17/2013 Rogue is a Boss.  That pretty much sums it up. 
12/13/2013 Extremely good writer. Prof. Rogue exceeded my expectations and he delivered my paper on time.
12/13/2013 All I can say it wow. What a great writer, I would recommend Prof. Rogue to anyone looking for a quality essay. He was professional and on time just like promissed.
12/11/2013 Great Paper. Thank you and have a good one.
12/09/2013 On time and on point. Great use of resources!
12/03/2013 Great paper, with great insight into the subject and a great communicator of ideas as well. Communication with Prof. Rogue was A. Highly Recommended!
12/03/2013 Phenomenal writing skills and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend and would definitely work with him again. Thank you!
12/03/2013 Awesome and true life saver! I highly recommend and would definitely work with him again. Thank you!
11/30/2013 Terrific, a life saver
11/24/2013 Great professor, truely went above and beyond for me. First time using this site and you can be rest assured Rogue will get your work done on time (early in my case) and do an outstanding job! His writing style is very professional and the flow is amazing. 

5 stars. 
11/18/2013 Thank you so much. Way better than the other site I was using before !
11/14/2013 Did a great job, fast response too!
11/13/2013 Great and easy A will be doing this again soon
11/11/2013 Didn't answer all my questions on the assignment... didn't use examples from the book itself. decent paper but had to do a lot of editing. 
11/06/2013 Thank you so much!
11/04/2013 As always The Professor comes through. His work is outstanding.
11/03/2013 Awesome.
11/02/2013 I had Professor-Rogue review and edit a paper for me, and I got an A on it.  He was very communicative and delivered it on time (little bit early actually).  Definitely be using this service again :)
10/31/2013 Thank you...
10/28/2013 rogue is the best simply said.
10/23/2013 Thank you for your help. I am reading over it now and it looks great. Outstanding rating from me.
10/20/2013 Outstanding Masters-standard product, delivered on time with frequent, friendly and helpful communication. The five-star reviews are well-deserved. 
10/18/2013 Thank you!
10/18/2013 I am so lucky to have found this "professor" :)
10/18/2013 Beautiful paper!
10/18/2013 Awesome thanks!
10/18/2013 Amazing thank you!
10/17/2013 Prof. Rogue completly hit the nail on the head with my assignment!

Got everything perfect - there is literally nothing to complain about! He got it done on a perfect time scale as well!

A true testiment to him and this amazing service!!

10/17/2013 This guy can show the best he can!
10/14/2013 Professor rogue delivers very beautifully written essays. Great communication during the project. I highly recommend!
10/13/2013 Always shows the great effort !
10/12/2013 Always show the best quality of project! This guy is awesome!
10/11/2013 Tremendous graduate level work. Geting ready to use for two more projects.
10/10/2013 Awesome! Rapid Comment, always trying to listen what student saying. I recommend him!
10/06/2013 Terrific job, completed in a timely manner
10/06/2013 Outstanding
10/06/2013 Terrific job
10/05/2013 Awesome as always!!
10/05/2013 Professor-Rogue is a consummate writing and organizational professional who consistently completes assignments in a very methodical manner.  He oulines all the relevant issues and offers highly reasoned analysis/conclusions which make you "shine" with your professors.  Thanks Professor-Rogue!!! 
09/28/2013 5 Stars, 2 thumbs up :)
09/28/2013 5 Stars, 2 thumbs up :)
09/23/2013 Professor Rogue,

Outstanding. Thank you!!
09/23/2013 Awesome!!!
09/15/2013 Amazing job. Thank you!
09/15/2013 Outstanding. So helpful, correct, and a pleasure to work with.
09/06/2013 Professor-Rogue,

Thank you. I am truly grateful.

09/03/2013 Professor-Rogue completed an outstanding and comprehensive Business Evaluation paper which covered all the relevant topic --- plus it was completed before the due date!!!
09/02/2013 This is an amazing service to struggling college students like myself working full-time and having circumstances arise that make it impossible to stay on top of timely school work. This essay was wonderfully written and followed all of my criteria. I'm impressed to say the least and will be returning again! THANK YOU!
09/02/2013 Beautifully written essay, completely followed my guidelines, and clearly answered the questions asked. Went over and above the call of duty and saved me from more late points. Definitely will use again!! THANK YOU!
08/31/2013 Completed project in a very short time frame! AWESOME turnaround!
08/31/2013 This is my first time working with Professor Rogue. Finished early and project turned out great.
08/31/2013 Have used Professor-Rogue a few times- Good communication and good work.
08/29/2013 Passed the Turnitin with only two percent similarity, and that is from the reference source.
08/27/2013 Like Tony the Tiger Said....GRRRRRREEEAAT!
08/25/2013 Always great work from Professor-Rogue!
08/22/2013 The flow and content is of his work is excellent and the professor is very respectful of your topic and will adhere to the set guidelines as best as possible. He will even suggest potential paths to take to complete the paper to get your desired result.
And best of all it was done ON TIME!!!!
08/21/2013 Professor Rogue is excellent!
08/17/2013 Outstanding!