Date Comment Rating
08/16/2017 Fantastic paper - completed on time! Would definitely use again!
08/12/2017 AWESOME JOB! I love this writer's work and will keep coming back!
08/09/2017 Received 78%. Delivered well within time range, though.
08/09/2017 This professor did an unbelievable job. Im in the math field with little paper writing experience, the professor took a complex topic and created a work of art. If the opertunity presents itself, I would 100% use this professor. Short notice and little to work with I am more than pleased with the results. Worth every penny.
08/08/2017 As always, Deluzienne has exceeded expectations in writing style, thought provoking analysis, and creative content. Will use again!
08/04/2017 AMAZING!! Truly above and beyond, couldnt of been better. Thank you!
08/04/2017 Excellent job by Deleuzienne. Delivered a great paper on time.
08/03/2017 Amazing job! Exceeded all expectations and recieved the work early! Will definitely use this professor again!
08/02/2017 On time and very thorough.  Impressive work!
08/02/2017 I got a 100 on this assignment. He did amazing. 
08/01/2017 AWESOME WORK! 
08/01/2017 Nicely written history paper for my class. Give him enough time to complete your assignments and he will produce a masterpiece.
07/28/2017 Wrote a paper for my web analytics class. it was fairly priced and I got 100% on it. Would love to use him again.
07/28/2017 Thank you for all your help. Everything was on time. Much appreciapted.
07/26/2017 EXCELLENT!
07/24/2017 100% recommend - did great job
07/24/2017 100% recommend
07/24/2017 Great
07/24/2017 Outstanding communicator.
07/23/2017 Second time project with deluze and he did excellent as usual!

100% recommend this professor for any project, particularly if you're looking for a well formatted, well cited, and well written essay.
07/23/2017 Went above and beyond for this assignment, thank you!!
07/23/2017 Great work, very helpful.  Answers all questions and concerns quickly.  Would definitely work with again.
07/23/2017 Thank you so much for the essay. I got 90 in total.
07/22/2017 Wrote exactly what I expected. Gave him detailed instructions about the project and he executed it perfectly. This Professor will undoubtly give you the best chance at receving that A paper!
07/21/2017 The paper was absolutely amazing!! This was my first experience using UP, and I'm very happy with it!! Well worth it! Deleuzienne followed the prompt perfectly, wrote a beautiful paper, and communucated very well with any and all questions and concerns I had. The paper was turned in sooner than the deadline, but there was nothing to edit! I slapped my name on it, and went on with my evening. I will definitely be using UP again, and will only be requesting Deleuienne when I do!!
07/21/2017 Delivered on time and followed directions!
07/18/2017 Outstanding service rendered. Kept me in the loop and delivered on time. 
07/16/2017 Good writer, unlike some others, quality paper. Will minor adjustments to better fit my prompt, but besides that, can't complain about anything. Would recommend.
07/15/2017 It is amazing, don't freak if you don't hear from him because he only contacts you if he has question. I have used him several times and never got anything less than an A. Highly recommend!
07/13/2017 Extremely well done. Delievered in a timely mannered and considered all the possibilities I had communicated to deliver a strong final product. Also added a strong critique for my own consideration in further projects.Thank you again. 
07/12/2017 As last time, excellent quality and on time!
07/11/2017 Great writing ability; analysis was thorough, organized, and well conveyed. Did have a couple minor delays but still delivered the overall paper on time which was quickly resolved.

Great Professor whose products are completely original and worthy of publishing.

Will absolutely request this professor on any future paper.
07/10/2017 Great work in a very tight deadline. So grateful for your ESL experience!
07/10/2017 AWESOME WORK, DONE QUICKLY AND PROFESSIONALLY. This is your guy don't bother looking around. Recived a 92% on paper and it was done early. THANK YOU!

07/10/2017 Deleuzienne is awesome! Recieved a 100% on my paper. accept his bids you won't be dissapointed. Clarify your time zone with him and he will deliver on time. Don't worry if he doesn't check in often as he states that " no news is good news" Give him any necessary materials and directions for your project and he has you covered. Will defitneley try to use Deleuzienne again. Worth the money!  
07/08/2017 ok
07/05/2017 Did an awesome job
07/05/2017 Professor never addressed the subjects with any substantial content. Professor not knowledgeable about doctoral level reserch theory. 
07/04/2017 Timely and Professional, had quick solutions to this problem paper.
07/04/2017 Timely and professional, would buy from again.
07/04/2017 Great work and on time, found my go to!
5 star quality of work is always expected from Deleuzienne... I look forward to working with him again in the future!!!
I highly recommend Deleuzienne.. always delivers very impressive work!!!
07/03/2017 Excellent work as usual
This is the second time Deleuzienne has delivered excellent work on time. This time he had to do 4 different case studies in a short amount of time and he exceded expectations
07/02/2017 Overall great to work with and was very flexible with the deadline. 
06/30/2017 well written response!
06/30/2017 Good work, very responsive to msgs. 
06/30/2017 First time asking for Deleuzienne's expertise on an essay and not disappointed. Very professional and highly recommended! 
06/26/2017 Very good communication and outstanding result (at least in my opinion), would definitely recommend!
06/20/2017 An excellent turnaround in a short period.  I was multitasked at work and tagged with this assignment online.  Deleuzienne was a huge help when I needed a product quickly.  Thanks for the great write-up.  
06/20/2017 Incredible work and before the deadline. Not my first project completed by Deleuzienne and likely not the last. Thanks!!
06/20/2017      Its a good start off for a paper. It's a little light on detail for my tastes but I'm not the best writer and I have other classes. I definietely can reword it and add a few more details in time though. But for a 500 word minimum paper its definetely good one and has ideas that I wouldn't havethought of.  
Thank you Deleuzienne for the work!
06/19/2017 Probably the best paper I've received back for a posted assignment on UnemployedProfessors. Deleuzienne was able to turn around the assignment very quickly and wrote more than was expected! Great analysis in the paper. Deleuzienne was super easy to get in touch with and very understanding. I will definitely use Deleuzienne again!
06/13/2017 Got a B+, extremely satisfied. Thanks again, would like to work more with you in the future.
Professor Deleuzienne provided me with outstanding work. He was also prompt in his delivery. I would highly recommend him.
06/10/2017 Very detailed work! Deleuzienne delivered an A+ quality assignment before the expected due date/time. Thank you!
06/06/2017 Good job. Adequately responded to the needed questions. Little late (an hour or so), but very professional. 
06/05/2017 My project had a choice of 4 books to pick from.  We agreed on one, which I told my professor, then when I received the paper it was from a different book on the list.  I then had to have an awkward conversation with my professor as to why I "suddenly" changed my book at the last second.  I also explicitly stated that I needed two outside academic resources, none of which were provided in the paper.  It met the page requirement and I ended up getting a B- on the paper itself.  Which is a huge bummer for $250.  I got docked points almost entirely because this guy didn't follow the instructions for the assignment.  
06/04/2017 Honest and thorough. Very pleased with the level of professionalism, academic intelligence and effort that goes into his writing. 
I'll definitely be a returning student.

Thank you Deleuzienne! 
06/04/2017 Nearly perfect 4 page paper. Minor mistakes. Would recommend. Would work with again. Done well ahead of time limit.
06/04/2017 Good content. Completed 5 hours ahead of the due date. 
05/25/2017 I received a 100% on this project.  
05/21/2017 100 point on my discussion !!!!! Best professor ever, he also works with you 
05/21/2017 He's very swift! 
05/21/2017 He completed my paper early and it looked great. I will definetely use his service again!
05/18/2017 Well written paper, got an A- for it.
05/17/2017 I rated the professor a 7 for two different reasons. I posted the project and accepted his bid 20 days before my requested deadline, and on the deadline date the professor asked for two extra days (but only after I  sent a messaged on the deadline date to ask if the paper would be done on time). Luckily, I made my deadline an entire week before the actual due date. So I took off a star for each day the professor needed past the deadline date. I also took off 1 star because there were a decent amount of corrections I need to make to the paper, which were mainly just run-on sentences and unnecessary inflated sentences. Other than that, he met all the requirements and followed the instructions just as I had hoped, and I received an A on the paper. Would I use this professor again? Yes, but not if I'm running tight on time.
05/17/2017 great!!!!
05/16/2017 Had a small problem about the prompt, but he delievered. Amazing prof!
05/16/2017 The paper was written incredibly well and the professor understood the assignment. I ended up needing a rough draft suddenly and he was able to meet my request in short notice. Highly recommend Deleuzienne. Couldn't be happier!
05/12/2017 I received a 92.  Overall great job on the project.
05/10/2017 Always does great work!
05/09/2017 Mr. Deleuzienne has done a superb job on my entrance letter to graduate school and in only two weeks I got accepted into a masters degree to a top tier univeristy. Thank you!!
05/09/2017 Mr. Deleuzienn is an incredible writer, I go to him with all of my essays. He is very knowledgable and all of my papers has gotten me an A. Thanks!
05/09/2017 The philosophy paper that I had requested was of excellent quality and was delivered on time. Would recommend!
05/07/2017 The best professor on here
05/06/2017 A++ Always delivers a perfect paper!  Highly recommended!
05/04/2017 I try to always leave this professor a tip since the work is on-time, quality, and worth the bid amount.
Thanks Prof!
05/03/2017 Deleuzienne comes through again! Another A for the books....definitely will use again in the future.
05/03/2017 Was on time and I got an A. 
05/02/2017 Deleuzienne wrote a fantastic paper for me. Followed instructions to a tee. Excellent vocabulary range that helped it flow. 10/10 would work with again.
05/01/2017 Highly recommend! 
05/01/2017 AWESOME!! THANK U!!
05/01/2017 Very good. Made minor tweaks, more so to fit my personal preference/writing style, but overall it was very well done. 
05/01/2017 I got a 30% on this essay i should have saved myself the money and done it myself could of done better seeing I gave a month to do it. these were my professors remarks:


Capitalization in the title is wrong for many words. ?????????i am a bit confused by your thesis--asking people to consider something isn't a strong argument. In any case, I don't see any case you are making for that.????? This is more a paper that says something "is" worthy of consideration rather than people should act a certain way.

The Works Cited page needs to be a separate page. Also, never bold twords Works Cited..


04/30/2017 They sent the paper a day late, it is poorly written and a full page less than requested. The product was very disappointig.
04/30/2017 Amazing job. 
04/30/2017 You won't regret choosing Deleuzienne
04/29/2017 Thank you, everything was done correctly and in a timely manner.
04/28/2017 Fantastic, easy to work with and ethusiastic 
04/27/2017 Always there to save the day!
04/27/2017 Awesome!!
04/27/2017 As advertised and on time!
04/27/2017 I spent $200 for a paper that did not correctly follow the given instrucitons. 
04/27/2017 thanks so much for the great work!
04/27/2017 Great prof!
04/27/2017 Great work!
04/27/2017 He's ABSOULTLY number one. always available to do your hard work. Fast and great communication. I was stuck because another professor was being difficult with me but with Prof. Deleuzienne, you order will be done fast and smooth. Thanks, prof.
04/26/2017 Good job 
04/25/2017 Thanks a lot man.  You are a life saver! 
04/24/2017 Completed on time with requirements, only needed slight editing and I got a good grade. Probably could have gotten a perfect but that's on me for not being specific as I should have been.
04/24/2017 Tenth time reaching out to this prof!
THANK YOU for never letting me down.
04/24/2017 Very cooperative. 10/10 Highly recommended!
04/21/2017 Looking foward to working with Deleuzienne very soon
04/21/2017 Had some issues with the due date, but in the end, it was money well spent.  Thank you for the help and I look forward to working with you again!
04/20/2017 Got an 89... Very happy!
04/19/2017 Really good work, a bit late in the hand in however it was worth it.
04/19/2017 Very well done!
Thank you!
04/18/2017 Thanks!
04/17/2017 Did exatly what I asked for.
04/15/2017 ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!  Worth every penny! Could not have asked for more!  
04/15/2017 Very well written and met the paper requirements!! Definitely will be using Deleuzienne again in the future for any other papers I may need written. A+ would recommend!!
04/15/2017 4th time working with Deleuzienne, and this professor never ceases to amaze me. Simply knows an array of topics that can cover almost anything. Always done in a timely manner. Always follows the letter of what the rules are for the paper. I would highly recommend, and I almost don't trust anyone else except this professor.
04/15/2017 Very well written essay.
04/14/2017 Grammar was a bit iffy, but the professor was easy to work with.
04/10/2017 This professor consistently fails to deliver quality papers in a timely manner. Always seems rushed, never answers messages, tries to extend the deadline, essays are mediocre at best and never follows instructions. DO NOT ACCEPT BID! 
04/08/2017 excellent
04/06/2017 One star rating-enough said!
04/06/2017 This professor is extraordinary. He's extremely analytic, well-read, and makes his best effort to complete work on time. When I identified a mistake, he quickly undertook the process of correcting it, always striving to present a product of high quality. 

Would highly recommend for literature assignments with a few days of buffer to produce his optimal work. 
04/06/2017 Big, lengthy, & quality work.  This Prof is better than a parent making sure your homework gets done right and for good grade.
04/05/2017 Deleuzienne is the best thus far! Highly competent and proficient. Completely satisfied!!
04/04/2017 Timely and well written work.
04/03/2017 AWESOME WORK!!!  He went above my expectations as I have never used this site before so I was a little nervous.  But I received an A on the paper.   I just started my senior seminar and have already sent him all of my projects for this class.  I highly recommend him.
04/03/2017 I love that you managed to remake the first paragraph of the first essay into a positive tone rather than a negative one.

This also includes the deontological ethics! I like the connection to the greater theme. Something I learned quite a while ago but didn't come to mind when I was writing this.
04/02/2017 Great paper!
04/02/2017 This was a fantastic paper, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get an almost perfect paper completed in any given time. He followed the information exactly and even finished the project earlier than requested because of a time difference in our locations. Thanks again!
04/02/2017 Got an A on the paper! Reasonably priced, well-written, perfect use of sources. Thanks!
03/31/2017 Very good writer and always delivers on time
03/31/2017 Highly recommended professor
03/31/2017 Perfect work! thank you
03/30/2017 Always amazing!!! Highly recommend!
03/30/2017 The work was okay but everything was what I needed.
Got it on time.
03/30/2017 Always there to help out!
03/30/2017 This professor hit it right on the nail with the essay needed. 
03/27/2017 Timely in his work and provided excellent customer service by keeping his end of the bargain and delivered a completed paper, at the requested deadline and utilized the required/requested resources in the discussed paper! If the need arises in the future I will surely look to this professor for assistance with balancing work, school, and family in a class that means nothing to my actual degree. Deleuzienne realizes that all too often,  these assignments are nothing more than a mandated hoop to jump through to satisfy some auditors check box for a degree rather than allowing students to focus on their primary studies instead of regurgitating forced feed information! Thank you again for taking the time to assist in the separation of education and bureaucracy!
03/26/2017 The paper was very well written and met the original requirements. 10/10 would ask to write my papers again!
03/24/2017 The solution matched my style of writing and the answers were satisfactory. I am a satisfied customer.
03/24/2017 Excellent paper, on time and exactly what I needed.
03/24/2017 Excellent paper delivered within the deadline. All instructions followed closely and communication was top notch. Will not hesitate to work with this professor again.
03/24/2017 Very well researched and written essay, delivered right on time. Would reccommend and will definitley use again
03/21/2017 Fantasitic job!!

03/19/2017 Great paper. Completed on time
03/19/2017 Great paper. Completed on time
03/18/2017 True professional.
03/18/2017 Exceeds Expactations. True master of his craft. 
03/18/2017 This guy is writes GREAT papers! Give him good instructions and he will write EXACTLY what you need, even difficult assignments.  

Fantastic Job Deleuzienne!
03/18/2017 This guy is great! He gave me an A on my final.... 
03/18/2017 Responds fast to messages and bends over backwards to cater to your needs, I messaged the professor saying he had 15 hours to complete a project when I mistakenly informed him that he had 3 days left, he told me not to worry and had it to me well and truely in time to be submitted, didn't ask for a single cent more for the rush. Absolute legend of a bloke, 10/10 will give my homework to again!
03/15/2017 6th or 7th time using this skillful Professor.
I had a project and 2 literature review essays from text and school library.
Without access to either (that I am aware) of, this Prof is a ROCK STAR
03/14/2017 Great paper, fulfilled all the requirements which entailed a film analysis coupled with supporting texts from the class. Missed deadline by a few hours, but was fine since I set the deadline for much in advance. Saved me a lot of time and stress!
03/14/2017 Paper and content were both fine, but missed the deadline by a few hours. If you're choosing this prof, make sure to set your deadline earlier than your actual deadline! 
03/13/2017 very timely, willing to communicate about any uncertainties i had. speedy and well done
03/11/2017 Great work.
03/08/2017 Awesome and great price! Thanks again!!
03/08/2017 Work was good but was past due having the project finished. 
03/07/2017 I've been working with Deleuzienne for two semesters now and used him for three courses. I havent received below an A- on a single thing. He did my online course discussion questions, essays, and a bit of course work. All of which were completed on time-if not before my due date. I can always count on him! 11 stars from me!
03/05/2017 The paper was very well written, and met the requirements set forth in the post. It did come back a bit high on the plagiarism report but this was due to directly quoted and cited material. Easily remedied by paraphrasing a few direct quotes and obviously not a major issue. Overall, very satisfied and would use again.
03/04/2017 Near perfect paper. Highly recommending using this professor. Have worked with twice now and doesn't upset. Paper is delivered on time and does talk via the inbox menu.
03/04/2017 I received assignment ahead of schedule. Thank you!!
03/03/2017 I really appreciate the work done. I really just wish it were easier to communicate with the professor, being in different time zones really screwed me up. But either way I appreciate the services, seeing as how I reached out on such short notice. Maybe now that I have a better understanding of how this works, I could be more prepared to set correct due dates and times. Overall I think the work is written well. 
03/03/2017 The professor requested additional time to make a stronger paper. However, instead of the ~3 hours I allotted him, I did not receive the final paper until 9 hours after the agreed upon deadline (2 hours after the actual assignment was due). I would have nothing to turn in if I had solely relied upon this professor; luckily, I had a backup solution and was able to make some contribution to the overall project. In retrospect, I should have set the due date a day earlier, but I was under the (false) impression that the writers here were miracle workers and I only have myself to blame fore that. The paper itself was a little too good, and I would have had to do some minor if I were to convince my instructor that it was my own work.
03/03/2017 I have used a couple of paper writing services, and they always let me down.  Delueuzienne, though, has always come through with a top-notch paper. Thank you for such a great paper and for the quick responses to any questions or concerns that arose. 

I will continue to use UnemployedProfessors for all future papers.
03/03/2017 You did an amazing job! Thank you so much. After reading it through a few times I don't see any points for revision. The textual and historical content you used is divine and since I believe the project is complete, I have released the $85 to you. 
03/02/2017 Got a 90% on my assingment. Professor met the criteria of my assingment and provided a well researched paper with supporting examples. Well done. Completed the assignment on time! Thank you
03/02/2017 If I could give more stars I would. Rock star stellar professor! Used multiple times and hasn't disappointed.
03/02/2017 Deleuzienne did a fantastic job on my proejct for my Insects & Society class. highly recommend this professor...Will definitely use him again.  
03/01/2017 This professor has completed several projects for me, to include 8 week online courses in their entirety. Always professional, on time with quality work, response time always on point. Highly highly suggest using his services!! 
02/28/2017 I chose Deleuzienne due to web articles, and his responses in an AMA he was active in. First off, he took my project which consisted of two required admission essays with a 5 day deadline. While he overshot the deadline, I only gave him a few days to complete them, and he was only late by a few hours. on top of that, after I accepted the work and submitted the payment, he realized he missed the personal information I had submitted to him earlier on. He proceeded to pump out another superb essay in a mere few hours. after the project was completed out. That's not only good service, but highly considerate as I am really banking on his work to make it past the horrible uni acceptance stage. Will defintely work with him as much as I can in the future, and you should too! 

**will update on addmission dicision! 
02/28/2017 Deleuzienne did a great job and saved me in a moment where it was much needed.
02/27/2017 Good work, A paper.
02/27/2017 Very good professor! Does not provide status updates during the project, but his final product was exactly as expected and I would definitely work with him again.  
02/26/2017      Fantastic communication, turnaround time, and work! Execute exactly as the instructions stated. 
02/26/2017 Worthy of praise, have used for several essays of varying subjects. Very high quality, highly recommended. 
02/23/2017 Great piece of work, written in accordance to instructions and delivered 2 days earlier. Will use again.
02/23/2017 Excellent work!
02/22/2017 Deleuzienne made sure my paper was in perfect condition before submitting to me rather than rushing. Since I had a bit more time to be flexible with this was fine with me. He made sure to check in and inform me that it would be a bit past my deadline to ensure he did his best work and was quick with communication when needed. I would definetly use again!!
02/20/2017 Got project done early and was willing to revise. Very compromising and easy to work with. Thank you!
02/19/2017 Deleuzienne is the best professor by far that I have used from this site. I am a frequent client due to the results that I've gotten time after time from this proven scholar. I trust ahead of time that the work coming from this professor will be of high caliber. The assignments are always completed on time, and with focused attention to detail of the instructions. The professor is proficient enough to handle topics from a variety of subjects and produces original work which is entirely void of plagiarism. If you want your assignments completed from a genuinely high level intellectual and not some fake, then I highly recommend this professor.
02/17/2017 Yes, great work as always. Thanks! Tip for viewers: Communicate with the professor all the time regarding your essay/project. Do not expect a perfect score from the professor. You need to put in the work in communicate in order to get a great work. 
Excellent work!!
02/16/2017 understanding
02/15/2017 Did an awesome job!
02/14/2017 Always get the job done!
02/12/2017 As always, Deleuziennne completely the project quickly and thoroughly. Will definitely be using him again.
02/10/2017 Very sufficient and work was completed in a very well manor.
02/10/2017 Love the work done
02/10/2017 I was very pleased with work done.
02/10/2017 Work was late but still rec'd an high grade. Will use again
02/10/2017 Great work
Excellent work!
02/08/2017 Perfect!  Awesome!  Hire this one!  Worth every penny - I promise!  
02/08/2017 Consistently provides an A+ paper!  Thank you so much!
02/08/2017 Thanks professor!!!
Another timely, professional A paper!
02/08/2017 Amazing.  got 100% on last 2 assignments!
This is the 6th or 7th time with the Prof always meeting deadline and tasks.

02/05/2017 Excellent work and delivered on time. Deleuzienne delivered a paper that read as if it was written by a sophmore in college and not a PhD candidate.
Hard to do but Dz delivered. 
I highly recommend Dz for any future assignments you may have.
Exceptional! Good product, could work on timeliness, but communicated thoroughly.
02/04/2017 Great guy! Got me an A. Professional. Tries to reply as quickly as he can. 
02/04/2017 Great work!
02/02/2017 On time, on point, affordable, worth every penny.  
Got a high B on 1st assignement (1000 word essay), requested a minor tweak and got a 100% on 2nd assignment  (1000 word annotated bib / essay)}
02/02/2017 Amazing Quality Papers 
02/01/2017 The work was well written and delivered before due date.
01/31/2017 Great work!
01/30/2017 does very good and effective work
01/30/2017 Excellent job on my philosophy online course discussion board!! He has also written a philosophy & theology paper for me in the past, both of which I recieved A's on. Always delivers my work to me before deadline. Thank you Deleuzienne!!
01/29/2017 I have worked with this Professor many times.
Very happy with quality and content and I always get a high B or A.
01/29/2017 One of the Best Professors on this site.
Timely, Quality, Exactly what I was looking for and on time. 
01/29/2017 Professor Deleuzienne was very prompt with my paper and did not mind clarifying questions I asked.  I was very pleased with the quality of his work and would use his services again.
01/25/2017 Awesome prof! All the instructions were followed to the letter. I highly recommend!
01/21/2017 I receive a low grade. When I receive the paper I had to work on my paper for about 3hrs before turning it in.
01/21/2017 An "A" paper as usual
01/19/2017 Did not finish assignment. Paid full price, but had to complete assignment with only hours to spare.
01/17/2017 Thank you so much!  Received and A+++ and it was featured on the school "sticky" (front page)! 
01/16/2017 This professor was amazing. I asked for a marketing plan and to have it in week. I was communicated with several times and the professor really took the time to read the requirments for the assignment and provided an excell paper. Will not think twice to select this professor in the future!
01/14/2017 Great job
01/07/2017 Excellent and on time, exactly what I needed! Thank you!
01/04/2017  This paper was extremely well written and I received beyond the suggested requirment. I would recommend this writter and most definitely this site. 
01/03/2017 It was incomplete , I had a very bad grade.
12/27/2016 completed an 8 week math course for me - amazing work! great professor
12/20/2016 One of my favorite Professors to work with! Papers are always outstanding! I would definately recommend using Deleuzienne. You wont be dissapointed!
12/18/2016 Thank you so much for your great work.
12/15/2016 Thanks, this paper was very well written.
12/15/2016 Thanks, well done.
12/15/2016 Great job
12/13/2016 Great job! Above & beyond expected!
12/13/2016 The paper requried minor revising regarding word choice and structure. But overall it was decent. 
**Note** Be sure to empasize margin settings. Mine were not in compliance with APA requirements (1" margins), as I requested, and after chainging them I lost a page of content.
12/12/2016 Nice job and I like that you don't mind working with your customer to satisfied their needs.
12/09/2016 I didn't give full stars because it was handed in past the deadline otherwise the work was well done I only had to make minor changes 
12/08/2016 thank you! 2nd time getting a paper from this professor, highly recommend. 
12/06/2016 Great work in a timely manner.. Highly recommend this professor
12/05/2016 Solid paper, solid grade
12/05/2016 got me a 98
12/05/2016 Great work
12/04/2016 Awesome professor, I made a 96 on the paper!
12/02/2016 Professor was completely unresponsive to all messages I sent, there was not any kind of communication. Then, I received a 'C' on this paper. Professor completely left out a large portion of the paper. 

VERY unhappy with the amount of money I spent on this. I would have chosen someone else who could've gotten me an 'A' 
12/02/2016 I believe the product was excellent, very timely and left one star blank because i haven't received a grade yet! 
12/01/2016 Deleuzienne wrote a linguistics article review for me.  It was very well done and I ended up recieving a 92!
11/30/2016 It was very well written and he did s good example of writing it in the way that I would write it.  The essay was what was asked for by my prof and it seems to be a good representation of me.  
11/26/2016 Good essay and timely delivery! Recommend ++
11/25/2016 Pretty solid writing, good communication skills. Defiantly would use again. Thanks 
11/25/2016 very well done, thank you 
11/24/2016 I got an A on my discussion post.
11/24/2016 He kind of a last minute worker! The projects looks rushed, but he's good!
11/22/2016 Been using this prof's service for years. Always gets the job done!
11/19/2016 Thank you for an awesome job!
11/19/2016 Thank you for an awesome job!
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11/12/2016 I received an 80% on this project and although it was last minute it was finished early!
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11/06/2016 He knows what he is doing which is why I always work with him
I have use him before and will continued...... Need I say more? Thank you.
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11/04/2016 Perfect! Followed outline and citing specifics exactly as the directions stated.  
11/04/2016 Amazing, high quality work. Would definitely recommend 
11/04/2016 Charged $150 to do the easiest assignment wrong. After giving him the class prompt, he still answered all ten bullet point questions briefly instead of answering three of them in detail. I had already done half of the assignment expecting he would proofread for errors, especially considering the price, but I was wrong. Waste of money. 
Great Work!
Great Work!

11/04/2016 Excellent work everytime!
11/04/2016 Had less than 15 hours to write a 10 page paper... This guy is THE MAN. 
11/04/2016 Completed assignment exactly on time. Didn't need instructions and did a fantastic job as always! Thank you Prof Deleuzienne!! Great work! I always look forward to working with this professor! 
11/02/2016 Though, one day late. It has came out perfeclty. This is my secone essay with Mister Deleuzinne and through the odds he was facing, he was still able to give me a banging ass paper. Thank you sir.
10/30/2016 As usual, good job.
10/29/2016 This is not the first time that I've had Professor Deleuzienne for an assignment.  He does GREAT WORK and is never a let down.  Fast project delivery as well. 
10/29/2016 project came in early as asked for. Very pleased with the outcome. Thanks Professor
10/27/2016 Got a 98%
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10/23/2016 "A" grade as usual....undeniably one of the best around! thanks!
10/23/2016 A litte late, about 30 mins, totally ok though. 1 or 2 things I had to fix that no longer then 5 minutes. Would recommend. Overall excellent work and messages back often to make contact.
Would work with again.
10/22/2016 Good thing I read it before handing it in.  
There were a couple things that looked to be typographical errors or changes that spell-check made that were not intended.  

Otherwise, the paper was well prepared and all that I could have asked for.
10/22/2016 Thank you Deleuzienne! Thank you for the quick turnaround on the revisions and got an A on the paper!
10/21/2016 Great! 
10/21/2016 There were a few technical errors that needed correcting but other than that the quality was exceptional, especially with the limited time frame they had to work with. I highly recommend. 
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10/20/2016 Copied right from the teacher's edition and submitted to me but I caught it in time. I'd rate no stars if it was possible. 0/10 would not recommend.
10/18/2016 Used this prof more than once. He is very thorough and always on time. Never disappoint!!
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Amazing work! Very good Prof. Would definately recommend. I have used for many assignments and always recieved an A.
10/10/2016 I got an 8 out of 8 on my discussion post.
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great work
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09/14/2016 Outstanding, the essay you wrote was amazing and well-written.
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09/09/2016 Thank you very much for responding and editing as fast as you did!
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09/04/2016 Formulated a stance/response based on my university’s Jesuit Values. Beautifully done. Thank you!
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07/31/2016 By far the best unemployed professor that I have worked with. I came to D, tail between my legs with an assignment that had guidelines that made no sence. He got the paper to me 2 hours before my alotted time which was awesome. OH! And did I mention he accepted the assignment last night? (7/30) I received the paper around 1pm today 7/31. 

Deleuzienne is both a really nice guy and badass who will work with you and has a unique wiriting style that I quite enjoy. 
07/31/2016 Project was listed as 3-5 pages in the description and he only did 2 1/4 pages. Not at all the quality of work that I am used to getting from this site. 
07/30/2016 Paper was early and well written.  Great job
07/26/2016 My go to guy, always gets me an A and always has the project downloaded on time with no excuses
07/26/2016 Another A from Prof. D
07/26/2016 Top notch, hands down the best.  Thank you for all the projects you have helped me with
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07/22/2016 Project was delivered on time. Received a 76 on this paper. This is my first time using this service. Not impressed at all
07/21/2016 Well written, and turned in prior to deadline! Thanks! 
I paid for a project which was not fully completed by the due date. Giving over a aweek's time frame, more than ample time to answer any questions or complete any revisions and/or answer any questions the proffesor chose to wait till the due date to do any of these things. I could, and ultimately chose to, do it myself, however the reason i chose to pay for the service was because i set my expectations at a high level of quality output. Due to the lack of quality product and loss of time, this has put my career search on pause as this resume was THE key component for me to progress. Highly dissatisfied that I chose to pay someone else to do something for me.
07/20/2016 Perfect as always!!
07/18/2016 Excellent!!!!
07/17/2016 Wrote a essay completely unrelated to what I told him to write about.
07/16/2016 Thanks so much. Awesome paper. 
07/15/2016 Really good job, and very well written. Thank you so much!
07/07/2016 Great job!
07/05/2016 I used Deleuzienne for my paper, I have not recieved the grade yeat, but he/she handed it in ahead of schedule, It was very well written and the flow and structure was very good and I feel that he tried to write in my style.  I enjoyed working with this professor and hopefully it will turn out well for me. Some of the words that he/she chose were a little bit out of my vocbukary, so I edited accordingly.
07/04/2016 Received an 87.5% on the paper, very happy with the result! Good communication from the prof too. Would use Deleuzienne again for sure!
07/01/2016 Second paper is awesome highly recommend
07/01/2016 Great Job overall will !
Received a 98% on the paper :) Thanks for your help! :)
06/27/2016 I received a 95 on this paper and I am very pleased with that because it allowed me to cram for the comprehensive final in a subject that is far from my best.
The instructor said, “The paper was relevant, appropriate and well-argued, but not original, creative and exceptionally clear.”
There is not a lot of room for creativity when you have to pick one of three possible paper topics.
06/26/2016 WOW!!  
My UP writer got this done ahead of my deadline.
This 8 page "solution" was clear, well written without "fluff" and BS.
The sources were great!
I only got a 23% similarity report (Turn it in, Safe Assign) due to references basically, not paper content.
06/26/2016 Another great paper!
06/26/2016 Another A! Thanks so much!
06/23/2016 Deleuzienne wrote an impeccable 7 page essay for me. 10/10 would recommend.
great work!
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