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07/23/2017 Thank you so much Humanities-Portent! With only a few short days to write my philosophical issues paper with very loose prompt Humanities-Portent delievered a beautiful crafted paper. There were a few grammartical errors, but nothing a quick read through could not fix! The jargon was perfectly on point and the sources were well used. I will definitely be using Humanities-Portent again for future projects!
07/22/2017 DId not follow the directions and paper was not what I requested. I now have to write the paper myself.
Another great paper! This professor is amazing and I will definitely use again. Thank you for another wonderful paper.
07/15/2017 Great essay with detailed explanation!
Thank you
07/11/2017 Used this prof for many assignments and have nothing bad to say.  Great work and always on time!
07/11/2017 This is the second paper HP has done for me and they have both been outstanding. Will definitely use in the future. Thanks again for another awesome paper.
06/30/2017 Proofread with amendments delivered at short notice. 
06/12/2017 Proofread, edited and improved my essay in a smart and timely manner. Highly recommended! 
05/31/2017 No fuss; just extremely professional with an excellent product. Highly recommended. 
05/24/2017 Absolutely outstanding experience. Humanitties-Portent produced a beautifully crafted paper that perfectly addressed every requirement. He/She (Alien? Supreme Being?) was attentive, thorough, and asked all the right questions. The paper was delivered on time and properly formatted.

One point of advice for anyone requesting papers. No matter how good your writer is, the success of your paper is highly dependent on how well you write your requirements document. The information and instruction you provide is crucial to allowing the writer to adequetely assess, plan, and execute your paper. Without establishing clear expectations, you will not receive what you expect to receive. Spend at least 15 minutes really writing the requirements doc. This will enable the writer to do the best possible job for you.
05/13/2017 This dude is awesome.
05/07/2017 I haven't had my prof look over the paper yet, but even just reading it over, I can tell that this paper is leagues ahead of any other paper that I received from this website.
If there are any issues/edits to be made, he is more than willing to work with you until you are satisfied with the product!
05/04/2017 Got me an A on my course highly recommend and will look for again
05/04/2017 It was everything that was required and more than expected. I am so impressed with everything and how the paper turned out. Next assignment, I will most definitely keep this professor in mind. He is more than qualified!
05/03/2017 Above and beyond.  Highly recommend
05/02/2017 Got a B on my paper, a few corrections, otherwise satisfactory.
05/02/2017 On February 15th, I chose Humanities-Portent to write the most important research paper for the semester & he was given until April 01st to complete it. I gave CLEAR details of exact requirements for doing so.

I got a C- on my paper! Comments that were left by my professor stated it was not organized, jumps from topic to topic, there were SEVERAL corrections as far as wording, & the works cited isn't in MLA format (which was one of the requirements I also made perfectly clear) 

I paid $175.00 for a C-
Disappointed to say the least.

05/01/2017 Really well done and completed on time.  Exactly what I asked for.
05/01/2017 English Lit 101 - Paper 

Communication 10 /10
Writing Quality    10/10
Errorfree             10/10

His bid was higher than other profs, but I didn't want to risk it on a  3 page paper that was due within 3 days. Unfortunately, he became ill, but worked with me to ensure that I was satsfied. I would highly recommend working with him because he takes pride in his penship. Overall I received 86/100, which was lower than what he expected. I ended up with an A.  

Thanks HP!
04/28/2017 Excellent once again. Swift, professional + understanding in dealing with all criteria that are posed to him. I would 100% recommend anyone using this service for the 1st or 100th time to use HP for their assignments.
04/26/2017 Great Job
04/25/2017 This paper was very poorly written, not something that should have been paid for. The professor asked for more time as well, and the result did not refelct that any extra time was put into it. The paper was written in Cambria, not times new roman, making the paper page length a whole page less when converted to the approrpiate font. USE ANOTHER PROFESSOR.
04/25/2017 Well written essay but my professor said that the content didn't align with the assignment he gave us so I got a 72%.... I could've gotten a better grade if I did it myself. 
04/23/2017 Received a 91 overall on my final paper. Professor was in contact within due time and delivered decent work. Would possibly consider again for future projects.
04/23/2017 I got a B the profs work was well done. It was for a law class so it's hard to get more than that without actually going to the classes and understanding what the prof really wants. Overall I'd pick him over the other profs I've used and is the only one that has got a B or above.
04/22/2017 well done. fast turnaround. Humanities-Portent is the only prof I trust. 
04/21/2017 He exceeded my expectations, kept in contact with me the whole time he was writing my essay, asked me to provide him with the notes and sources I wanted him to use and drivered a beautifully written piece of work. Thank you so much
04/19/2017 Very good service highly satisfactory 
04/18/2017 Thanks!
04/16/2017 Excellent work
04/12/2017 good work
04/11/2017 My new favorite professor! I just got 100% on my most recent paper; it was completed on time and was perfectly written and met every requirement I had asked for. Thank you!
04/10/2017 Brilliant work as always!! Super helpful and reliable. I didn't give clear instructions, and when I asked for a revision to the essay, he instantly solved my problem and was very efficient in providing me with an essay that I wanted.

Thank you Humanities-Portent
04/10/2017 Got me an A, and did many revisions with tips from my prof. The only person i trust to buy essays from. no other prof on this site is as good. 
04/06/2017 Exelent Paper! Easy to work with, followed all instructions, dilivered on time,will work with again!
04/06/2017 Incerdible professor. Incredible communication. Incredible paper. Highly recommend!!! Thank you so much!
04/06/2017 Fantastic writing, great attitude and professionalism. Will definitely recommend and work with again!
04/04/2017 See earlier review - 3 assignments broken up into 2 projects, only 1 was a passing grade I am left making revisions to the others and out the $.  Professor did make several revisions to the projects but unfortunately just was not enough.
04/04/2017 Had 3 small projects total to be done, had a few misunderstandings and professor asked for additional project to be made due to length of projects.  Professor did make several revisions to the projects - unfortunately, was not enough and I was left paying $400 for 1 complete project and 2 incomplete projects.   3 stars because of effort on making revisions but in the end only 33% complete for $400.
04/03/2017 Made an A on my paper! Definitely would recommend!
04/01/2017 Great writer! 
03/31/2017 Used this prof for many papers and have always been satisfied. Great work!
03/30/2017 my guy right here
03/30/2017 This professor was very helpful, and communicative. Worked with me rather than for me, and delivered the final project a day early. 
03/30/2017 Great prof to work with, excellent communication. Thank you!
Great work and a great grade.....
03/23/2017 Great as always
03/23/2017 Great as always
03/20/2017 Very easy and plesant to work with. Followed all of the assignment guidlines. Got an A on the paper! Will definitly work with again.
03/19/2017 Great as always
03/15/2017 well done and reasonably priced
03/09/2017 My paper was written perfectly, exactly to my specifications. I couldn't have asked for a better paper. HP was great, on time and a great listener. I'd def use HP again!
03/07/2017 Overall great writer. Paper was on time and to the specifications requested. I will work with again in the future.
03/03/2017 Always exceeding my expectations! Thanks again!
03/03/2017 What a fantastic experience, Humanities-Portent did a wonderful job on my project. The paper was delivered on time and very well done. Communication was great as well. A+++, will use again! 
Highly recommend this professor, timely great communication and always delivers A+ papers.  My professor of choice!

03/02/2017 Professional and ontime once again, matching all of my requirements in a highly effective manner. Thanks again HP! 
03/02/2017 THE BEST
03/01/2017 TRANSFORMATIONAL!!!! I go to a top tier school with grade deflation, and he made my paper go from a low B to a high A+! (It was very directive editing, not total writing though). He was also very helpful integrating feedback and stuff. 
03/01/2017 Very good work and also very good communication. Will be using Humanities-Portent again in the future . 10/10
03/01/2017 Humanities-Portent always delivers...he does awesome work...will definitely use this professor again...highly recommend
02/28/2017 The paper this professor produced vastly surpassed my expectations. He wrote more than was necessary and very closely followed the guidelines provided. My greatest concern was being caught handing in a paper that vastly differed from my own draft (which my school professor had a copy of), so I requested that he attempt to write a paper following a similar format to my draft. He did this exceptionally. Will be working with him again when the time comes!
02/28/2017 excellent job sir
02/26/2017 The work is great. Quick response to messages.
02/24/2017 Great job.
Always excellent work and on -time.  My professor of choice!  Highly recommended.

02/23/2017 Fast response time, gave me exactly what I asked for. Definitely recommended!
02/23/2017 The paper I received was excellent! I waited until the last minute to submit my project, but Humanities-Portent wrote me a great 10 page paper in under 2 days.  I would definitely use Humanities-Portent again for future projects!
02/22/2017 Finished my paper extremely fast and it was very well written.
02/22/2017 All of the stars for this person. This paper is fantastic. I couldn't devote the time that I normally would because my father is hospitalized so things are pretty crazy right now; it is such a relief to know that this personal strife will not have a negative impact on my academic progress. Thank you!
02/22/2017 great thanks
02/22/2017 Would choose this professor again!
02/22/2017 Incredibly professional and personable! I am very happy I chose this professor. It was on time, communication was prompt, and I GOT AN A! Yay! 
02/22/2017 Extremely competent and highly professional. Although we had a slight misunderstanding over the completion time, he worked around it in order to make sure I received my assignment before the hand-in time. I would definitely recommend to anyone doing a History degree like myself + I look forward to using Humanities-Portent in the future!

- AdmiralP
02/18/2017 You are wonderful! Thank you for your help, I will definitely be back and request you specifially! 
02/17/2017 Pleasure
02/15/2017 paper was delivered in a timely manner. it was well written. will definitely use Humanities-portent again
02/14/2017 received mid 50s (C) not that happy tbh was expecting more I think I paid a fair price. The Major error is he used a few 250-word+ quotes when the writer should have weaved the quotes into the paper. 
I needed so much help on this one.  HP took the little idea I had and ran with it giving me a wonderful paper and power point presentation.  Use HP if you want superior work! 
Once again, another wonderful experience and amazing work done by HP!  I will continue to use him and urge those who want spectacular work, use HP!! 
02/12/2017 PART 2 (Using the feedback option from another assignment to fit all of my review.)

  • You get what you pay for…but the most expensive bidder is not always the best option either.  I have used the cheapest at times, and the most expensive at times, and have had mixed results.  Take the time to read reviews, and if your project is at all complicated, do not hesitate to communicate with the bidding professors before accepting them to do your work.
    • Humanities-Portent has very fair pricing, especially given the quality of his work.  He could’ve very easily have charged me a lot more for what he did, including revisions that needed to be done after his original work, that were NOT his fault. HP has repeatedly done work for several students, which for me was a strong indicator of his performance.  This is the main reason why I selected him.  I now know why the other reviewers repeatedly use him.
  • You cannot put a price on a professor that can clearly and politely communicate with you…and they do it in a timely manner.  I have learned from using several professors; that they are not all the same when it comes to communication.  Some take days or weeks to get back with you.  Some need you to hold their hand through the entire process, which virtually makes using them a waste of your time.
    • Humanities-Portent will respond to you within minutes, hours, and at most, a day.  He will not give you one-sentence answers that are so non-descript that you have to write a paragraph asking them to explain themselves.
  • Timeliness – Many professors will charge you more to expedite your paper.  I think this is fair and a reasonable request on their part.  However, while it is not required and I do not think it should

If you are new to this website/experience, take your time to do your research, and carefully read reviews of the professors who bid on your projects.

  • For reference, I am not your typical college student.  I have a full-time career, am a mother of three small children, have a spouse, carry a full coursework load each semester, and am paying for my own education without going into debt.  Therefore, my time and discretionary income is beyond valuable, and I cannot emphasize enough, the value in using a professor that does not waste your time or money.  Furthermore, as an accounting student, I find assignments that require extensive amounts of writing to be very painful, to say the least.  Using U. Prof’s is a resource that has saved me more than once. 
  • The need for me to even use this professor came after spending an egregious amount of money on a very basic assignment with a DIFFERENT professor.  At this point in time, I am almost $1000 into this 3-part project, the bulk of which was paid to the professor that originally worked on it.  I paid Humanities-Portent (HP) pennies in comparison, to fix the nightmare that the other professor created.   Because I had already submitted the previous professors work, unfortunately HP had to work with what was already turned-in, making his revisions, much more difficult, as it would’ve been virtually impossible to re-structure the paper without tipping my hand that I had used this site.  The final product that HP delivered was excellent, especially given what he had to work with.  Professors know to look for changes is writing style, and HP did a great job blending the writing style of the previous professor, and it went undetected.
02/02/2017 Great job as always! Professional and takes his time to ensure that you have a great paper! Thank you Humanities-Portent!
01/01/2017 BEST PERSON ON HERE. Did a wonderful job and met every requirement needed on time with no troubles. He genuinely cares about the essay at hand and will go out of his way for the research and dedication that it requires. Always replies quickly and will guarantee you a well-crafted and amazing essay. HP never disappoints!!
HP is a lifesaver every time!  Even with a difficult Professor on my end, he still was able to take his "nit picking" and enhance my "rough draft" to a great paper!  This particular semester with this Prof was difficult at best, so I was thrilled to get an 88!  There were no As given, so I'll take 2 points from one!  I couldn't ask for anyone better to help me out when my life gets in the way :)  Thanks HP and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
12/24/2016 I got an A+ 128 out of 128 on my research paper!
12/23/2016 Excellent work once again!
What can I say about HP?  He is consistent, he never misses a deadline, he will reach out and ask questions, he makes sure he has a clear understanding and is just amazing at what he does.  I could not be more thankful for him!
HP blows my mind how he can be so much help to me just taking something off my plate.  I burn the candle at both ends and he always makes sure I meet my deadline.
HP is a lifesaver!  His work is consistent and always on time.
HP is amazing and has never let me down.  He communicates well and will ask questions to make sure the assignment is correct.
12/16/2016 English Lit 101 - 1000 word essay -Pride and Prejudice 
Grade received: A

Extremely thorough and follows directions precisely. I had my paper that he worked on proofread and he went back and happily made changes. Extremely professional, intelligent, and HP cares about his authorship. Highly recommended, I will absolutely be contacting this user again in the future. 

12/13/2016 The paper 100% exceeded my expectations.  I thought I would have to go through and make major corrections, as I am in an upper level University course but it was perfect! I wish I had known about this earlier on... I would recommend this Prof to anyone.  FYI my paper was for a Humanities course, and is extremely strict about the formatting/citations etc & everything was great.  I even received it earlier than I expected.  I am extremely pleased!   
12/12/2016 I would highly recommend HP to anyone!  He is always in touch and communicates about your project which is so important rather than just assuming.  He has never let me down!  Thanks HP!
HP provides perfection again!  He always comes through when I need him the most especially through this busy holiday season! 
12/11/2016 First, i want to say I'm a real person. This is not a randomly generated comment. I was very satisfied with the service provided. HP turned in the essay a few hours before the deadline I provided. The essay was very well written and met my teacher's instructions and my suggestions. I received a 97 on my paper. Everything was authentic and well sourced. My teacher called it " a thoughtful comparison"  that "shows a real command of imagery and theme." 
12/09/2016 Great original work!
12/09/2016 Very professional and quick replies. 
Got a 95!!! Thank you thank you!

12/05/2016 Humanities-Portent never disappoints! He has put in a tremendous amount of effort for my paper and I couldn't be happier with his work ethic. 

Thank You Humanities-Portent!
12/02/2016 Great paper and powerpoint presentation! Originality report shows 2% similarity to other papers which is excellent! Very original and well articulated. Very easy to work with and quick turn around.
11/30/2016 Excellent work! Very professional. Took his time to conduct a formal paper with excellent references. I highly recommend Humanities-Portent for his level of efficiency in completing papers.

Thank You Humanities-Portent! 
11/30/2016 Good stuff
11/24/2016 Wrote me a fantastic essay. Everything was exactly how I had asked for. If you are hesitant about using this service or this professor, don't be!!! Worth EVERY penny for the time it saved me. 
11/22/2016 Excellent work as always! My favourite prof. Work is always completed in an efficient and timely manner. No complaints! :) Thank You Humanities-Portent!
11/21/2016 Thanks for the editing received A+ on paper!  Thanks a bunch, will use this professor again!
11/17/2016 This is the second paper HP has written for me and again I am not disappointed whatsoever! I will continue to use him in the future, always an amazing job.
11/14/2016 Very nice, pacient, skilled writer. Got a solid A. Definitely come back again! 
11/12/2016 Great paper!  Met timelines.
11/11/2016 Quick and communicative, the work looks great would mark higher but the work hasn't been marked yet
11/11/2016 Excellent work and like the topic
11/11/2016 Provided me with a fine, general essay. However, he failed to specifically answer my actual prompt with details from the film and references to my critical required text. He also didn't extrapolate on his findings, rather he provided an outine on which I had to fill in and comprehensively edit. His conclusion was also just a repeat of main points that he already stated throughout the paper.
11/09/2016 Great essay and right on time. I will definitely use HP in the future. Thank you so much.
11/05/2016 Very well thought out paper.  Made it easy for me to convey and understand with my presentation.  I will definitely be reaching back out to you again! 

Thanks for making my life a little less stress! ;-)
HP once again was amazing getting this research paper to me on time and did an excellent job!  Thank you so much!  You are consistently so helpful!
10/28/2016 Great detailed essay completed! thx
10/25/2016 Humanities-Portent is an absolute professional. I have immense trust in his writing capabilities. He responds immediately and is very concise in his work. He takes the time to make sure that you are happy with the end results, and pays attention to the minute details. Thank you so much Humanities-Portent!! 
I cannot express in enough words how much I appreciate HP for all his hard work and dedication to helping because I have such a hectic work/family life.  I don't know what I would do without him!  He never misses a deadline and will reach out with questions if needed and if I have a question, he is always very quick to get back with me.
10/23/2016 This professor has exceeded my expectations! He followed my provided criteria to a t . I highly recommend!!
10/23/2016 Went way above what I expected! It was also finished a week early. LOVE IT!!!! Would highly recommend. 
10/22/2016 He did a great job and it was done before the acual date that I needed it. He got me a 35 out of 40 on the essay, I believed it should have been 40 out of 40 but my professor is a horrible professor and don't care about their students.
10/16/2016 Perfect!  Exactly what I needed, very very well written, got an A.
10/13/2016 This paper was beyond my expectations. I defintiley recommend HP and will use this again!
10/12/2016 Used my first time on this site and it was a great decison. Stellar writer, works quickly, produces A work.
10/12/2016 Loved the paper!!! Great work and I'd definitely use your service again!
10/11/2016 I've used this particular professor twice now and I am beyond impressed with the work completed.  We are on the same wavelength and that makes all the difference.  Highly recommend.
10/09/2016 Great writing and the paper was returned to me on time with only a few very minor edits on my part.  Great experience w this professor.
09/27/2016 Great paper - got an A, thank you so much!
09/05/2016 Eng Lit - Discussion Post/Critique 

The work was done in a matter of hours with high proficiency and professionalism (and he was even open to make revisions). Great work. Recommended for Eng. Lit. 
08/28/2016 A perfect assignment that was handed in weeks before the deadline. Attention to detail is VERY commendable. Pleasure doing business as always, I look forward to much more in the nearest future!
08/26/2016 PAY ATTENTION HERE ---> Hands down THE BEST prof on this site!! I literally posted this English assignment just a couple of days ago, and he finished it and gave back A+ work today. He also went through the extra effort to make adjustments to 3 of my essays when my school prof decided to add pages worth of ridiculous last-minute rules to class assignments. All of the assignments just mentioned was given back to me within the SAME week. Superhuman powers at its best. He's done what feels like a dozen assignments for me before, all of which were A-grade quality papers. If you're going to pick a prof, pick this one because you really won't be disappointed. As selfish as I would like to be by having him do all my school work, I guess I will have to share his time with all of you. So lucky to have found him to do my papers!!!
08/20/2016 Excellent essay. Clear, coherent, well sourced, and within the word count. Highly recommended A+++ professor!!!
08/13/2016 A very clear, well constructed, thoroughly done essay. Excellent as always!!!
08/10/2016 It was what i asked for the teacher gave me a B- deffinetly better than doing the project myself I will probably use the service again.
08/05/2016 My essay was excellently done and was received on time. Thank you!!
06/24/2016 Amazing work, delivered on time. got an A
06/24/2016 Amazing work delivered on time. Got an A
06/24/2016 Amazing work, delivered on time. Got an A
06/10/2016 Never using this professor again, he is terrible at replying, he does not follow any given guidelines and he charges more than every other professor on this site. I only picked him because his profile gaurentees good work. I had to edit grammatical errors,
very subpar writing
06/08/2016 A very reliable writer with significant talent in research and analysis!
06/01/2016 GREAT WORK, BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS AND ON TIME.  HP worked on my term paper that was due in 24 hours and did an amazing job even though the assignment was huge.  would recomd this professor and will use him again soon.
05/30/2016 Reliable, high quality work. I've used HP multiple times and have not been disappointed.
05/26/2016 A+ Recommended.
05/17/2016 I always use Humanties as my professor, he has always been on time, follows the directions and is always available to fix anything. Thanks again! 
05/11/2016 Good Paper Good Grade
05/05/2016 Timely and well written!
05/02/2016 I got a 95 and could not be happier!!! thank you so much!
HP has truly been a lifesaver for me!  He has remained consistent in his work and professionalism.  His communication was very clear and he made sure I was kept in the loop while he was working on my various projects.  I can say I would have flatly failed this semester without him.  English Lit is not a forte of mine, so I am very grateful HP was available to help.
04/29/2016 Truly an excellent professor. I'm satisfied as always with the work recieved.
04/27/2016 Another great job HP, thanks again for all your help
04/26/2016 100% ty
04/23/2016 Paper received a B+. My professor is grading really hard right now, so it was the highest grade received in the class. Fantastic work. Always comes through when I need the help, especially on short notice.
04/23/2016 The paper has required some serious editing still, but it at least got me something to work with. Was not the best paper I have received from this professor, but it was more than the 12 pages I asked for, so I at least had a base paper before I had to turn it in. Still very grateful for this professor. Always come through in a pinch.
04/23/2016 Not bad. Paper got me a B+, which was far better than the F I was looking at.
04/23/2016 Got a 75 
04/21/2016 Excellent work! HP delivered exactly what I needed in a timely fashion, maintained good communication, and was polite throughout! Received an 'A' for the project, will definitely use again! Thanks!
04/20/2016 I don't like to rate anyone based on other professors but in my experience he is the best professor I have ever worked with on this website. Not only does he want to help you do well in your classes but he also enjoys what he does and you can tell by the work. I recommend him above all other professors on here. I got an A on my most important paper for the class so far. 
Great communication and would defintely recommend!!
04/17/2016 Got a perfect score! Well written and well sourced. 
04/15/2016 Awesome job! 
04/10/2016 Great paper, I will definitely use again in the future!
04/08/2016 There just isn't enough I can say about HP in order to get across how happy I have been with his work.  The words don't exist.  HP is very quick to give me a reasonable estimate and truly provides spectacular work.  I'm a wife and mom, not a crazy college kid, and I do lean heavily on you guys when I get overwhelmed.  HP is always quick to respond to questions and asks good questions to fully understand the assignment.
04/03/2016 A talented writer! produces high quality work that is very well researched.
03/29/2016 Humanities-Portent is great. Always making sure that you're satisfaction has been met and will make any changes upon request. 
03/25/2016 Humanities-Portent saved my Spring Break which, I desperatly needed.  I'm a math major so a big writing project was going to be painful to say the least.  Humanities-Portent delivered an amazing paper and...right on time too.  This professor was quick to respond and communicated along the way too.  I would give this professor 5 Stars or an A++++  Life-Saver!!!

03/23/2016 Outstanding!
03/21/2016 Another fabulous essay by HP! Ill continue to use him for the rest of my essays this semester!
I have to say how impressed I am with HP!  He communicated with me to get a clear understanding of my paper.  HP also did an outstanding job on my paper and I was confident presenting it!  He got it to me before my deadline so I could proofread it and fill in the sections that I needed to complete.  The whole process was not stressful at all!  I definitely look forward to working with HP in the future!
03/19/2016 Excellent work as always from Professor Humanities-Portent.

Each time I have selected this professor to work on a project for me it has been completed on high quality.

I have used this professor for multiple projects and I would recommend him with any kind of projects.

03/18/2016 Outstanding work, prompt and precise communication - HP is a great and likeable professor you can trust!
03/18/2016 Outstanding work, prompt and precise communication - HP is a great and likeable professor you can trust!
03/18/2016 This is the second time that Humanities-Portent has written for me and, as before, the work is outstanding. Would definitely use H-P again, and so should you!
03/16/2016 Got a 96% on a critical paper. Will use again. 
03/14/2016 Never fails to impress me with his work. 
03/09/2016 Awesome to work with! Even with a notoriously neurotic,and difficult English professor(example: he marks down for things he thinks you should have brought up in your essay, will mark down if the title of essay doesn't "match" the topic well enough, or he can think of a better title), HP was able to take the scatterbrained guidelines and restrictions of the assignment and create a well written essay. I ended up with a 97%, with minimal corrections. He was very attentive, asked questions and really tried to tailor the essay to what we thought the professor might want! I'll definitely be using him again for essays in this class! 
03/01/2016 AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY BRILLIANT!!!!!
02/26/2016 Was very happy with the service, when I asked to make slight alterations they were done immediatly.
A 5 star essay
02/25/2016 Great paper, plus Humanities-Portent was great in making sure it was just what I needed.
02/21/2016 Another A+ job from this guy! The best!
02/20/2016 I needed help on a paper due to a family emergency.  This professor was very professional and took the worry of this off my shoulders.  The paper is well-written and formatted exactly how I needed it.  I am so appreciative.  I would definitely use him to write your paper if the need arises!
02/17/2016 Great paper. Prompt delivery. Always a pleasure to work with sane-psychologist. Highly recommended.
02/11/2016 Fantastic work, prompt communication, and very helpful. Will use again!
02/10/2016 Humanities-Portent delivered a thoughtful essay that met all of my requirements.  I actually had to tweek sections that were a little too verbose, but it's much easier it to work with good material than bad.  Highly recommended.
Professor Humanities-Portent completely hit the nail on the head with my assignment!
Got everything perfect and the communication was great. Highly recommended!
02/07/2016 This is an outstanding teacher 
he writes amazing and ive always gotten A's in all of my essays because of him 
Pick him he's really the best 
02/07/2016 This is an outstanding teacher 
he writes amazing and ive always gotten A's in all of my essays because of him 
Pick him he's really the best 
02/05/2016 Very well written. This is why I have hired this professor many times. Outstanding communication!
02/01/2016 I worked several times with Humanities-Portent. Do not think twice, invite him to your project then pick him if he bids!
01/29/2016 Thanks again, another great work. Highly recommended.
01/15/2016 Fourth time I have used HP. He has never dissapointed. Five Stars.
01/10/2016 I have used HP several times before and I have no complaints at all.  HP's work is truly outstanding! He's very fair with his pricing and it's well worth the expense! I gave him my History final and not only did he finish early, but the essay was written beyond my expectations! Hp even offered to revise the draft using different sources if that was prefered by my prof.  He is extremely easy to work with and is very through in his reserach, no problems whatsoever and I will defenitely use request him again in the near future!
12/23/2015 Both essays were sufficiently good in both breadth and depth in dicussing the related reading in regards to the topic questions. I understand that the chosen essay titles were very specific, but though the essays answered the chosen essay questions principally, I feel as though referring to the question title specifically throughout the essay would reinforce and clarify arguments, such as the Machiviavelli question specifically raising the notion of 'ought'. The Machiavelli essay also seemed to have some flow issues with paragraphs being mixed around? 

The content itself is very good and my issues raised above are just minor gripes I can iron out. Thank you for your service and happy holidays.

Kind regards,
12/23/2015 Both essays were sufficiently good in both breadth and depth in dicussing the related reading in regards to the topic questions. I understand that the chosen essay titles were very specific, but though the essays answered the chosen essay questions principally, I feel as though referring to the question title specifically throughout the essay would reinforce and clarify arguments, such as the Machiviavelli question specifically raising the notion of 'ought'. The Machiavelli essay also seemed to have some flow issues with paragraphs being mixed around? 

The content itself is very good and my issues raised above are just minor gripes I can iron out. Thank you for your service and happy holidays.

Kind regards,
12/22/2015 Absolutely stunning! HP's work is without a doubt professional in all manners.
12/19/2015 Good turnaround time. Finished before the deadline. I'm looking forward to seeing what grade I will receive for this project.
12/18/2015 Great work, very professional, and on time work!!  Excelent!!
12/11/2015 Amazing work! Couldn't be happier!
12/09/2015 Humanities-Portent should feel ashamed after writing my 6 page paper over the easy topic of the american dream. I recieved a 72 percent on the paper... Thats right a 72 percent. 
the assignment was accepted by HP 3 weeks before the due date, so ample time was allowed and I was contcted a few days before with questions on the paper.. REALLY? Also, HP said  he had trouble finding the book? It is not hard to find any book take your lame excuses somewhere else. I feel like a portion of the 165$ I paid for a D on that paper should be re-funded immediately. To make this situation right this is the only solution. If need be I will post the entire paper and show every mistake and final grade. I am dissapointed and will never reccommend this site to anybody unless it is handled accordingly. 
12/09/2015 Humanities-Portent did an excellent job on my paper. i had not been doing well in the class and really needed the last paper to boost my grade. It was well-written and even fun to read!! I don't know my grade yet, but in my opinion, it is an A+ paper. I would definitely reccommend Humanities-Portent. He's super nice, his prices are fair and he finishes the work early.

Will provide an update once I get my grade 
12/09/2015 Once again, excelent job!  On Time; Exceeded expectations!  Should be your Go-To if you have anything in HP's area of expertiese!!
12/08/2015 Again; HP comes through in the clutch.  on time. on budget, and makes the changes needed with quality work and rapid resposnse.  Great professional to work with!
12/08/2015 Great to work with!!  Rapid, on-target work, and very comunicatative with edits and changes!   A real professional, and a pleasure to work with.  1st rate product output!  Will CERTIANLY be using them again!
12/07/2015 Amazing work!!!  Humaities-Portent is without a doubt the best writer on the site!!! I have had many many papers written for me on a wide range of subjects, HP is versital in his writting on subjects from Religion to History. Great papers always an A++
12/06/2015 Awesome work as always! Thanks HP!
12/06/2015 Awesome work as always! Thanks HP!
12/06/2015 One of the best!
12/06/2015 Always the best! ;) Never hesitate to choose HP when looking for a well written first-class paper. Simply outstanding concerning communication, thoughtfulness, style and academic quality. You won't be disappointed, HP is trustworthy, reliable and delivers on time - highly recommended!
12/03/2015 One of the best!
12/02/2015 The project was completed even better than I could have ever expected! Thanks HP!
11/29/2015 Got me an A as usual. Thanks HP!
11/29/2015 Got me an A as usual. Thanks HP!
11/29/2015 Got me an A as usual. Thanks HP!
11/25/2015 The professor read the course material provided and wrote a great paper. Thank you. 
11/25/2015 Great

11/25/2015 Very thorough and all instructions were properly followed. All that was missing was the cover page but that was no big deal. Outstanding work. 
11/19/2015 The paper was very well written. The only problem I had was I had to dumb it down a notch. The prof's too god damn smart but if you want a paper that looks like you're a philosopher then it'd be perfect.  It wasn't terribly difficult to change a bit. Thanks prof.
11/16/2015 Recieved an A on my paper. Highly recommended, did a great job.
11/14/2015 amazing papers! this is my second time using this professor and will defintely use him again for my future essays.
11/11/2015 HP was very professional, had my project ready for me in perfect time, answered all my questions, and walked me through the whole process. He was very patient with me and in the end resulted with some of the best work in my english class!! I highly suggest that if he bids on your assignment, that you choose him!! You wont regret it! He completed all of the requirements for my paper perfectly and payed very close attention to what i was asking for and needed. If anything, he saved my academic ass lol. I will definitely contact him again for future papers. Thank you HP!
11/04/2015 Excellent work as always. Thank you again!
10/29/2015 Great job as usual, thank you very much!
10/27/2015 Humanities-Portent is a great writer that is very reliable in getting things done well. Highly recommended!
10/26/2015 Great work as always, will use HP's services again!
10/26/2015 Great work as always, will use HP's services again!
10/26/2015 Great work as always, will use HP's services again!
10/26/2015 Great work as always, will use HP's services again!
10/19/2015 Nice concise argument paper, presenting both sides eloquently.
10/18/2015 Very courteous, maintain communication, highly recommended.
10/05/2015 Amazing paper! Delivered above what I had expected.
10/05/2015 Great writing skills and was very patient with my MANY questions. Highly recommended.
10/04/2015 Great, thank you for this.
10/03/2015 Fantastic humanities essays every single time!
09/29/2015 great
09/18/2015 HP, again, delivered.
Choose him for assignments in the humanities. He is very good and can tackle almost any topic.
Communication also quick and efficient.
Highly recommended.
09/15/2015 Excellent communication + well-written + edits upon request = Overall amazing writer. Highly recommended!
09/10/2015 Thank you Humanities-Portent. Amazing work and extremely well to work with you. I would recommend you anytime for the great works that you have done.

P.S. communication was excellent.

09/02/2015 This professory did a great job.  Communicated well.  Got the project completed by the timeline and followed the instructions.  Will be using this professor again.  A++++++
08/28/2015 you will never go wrong by picking him
08/19/2015 Amazing!! This professor is amazing. Followed the instructions given and fixed the little issue I had quickly. Professor even kept in touch. The finished project was great. Got an A from a hard grader. Thank you
I am a new user and am extremely pleased with the quality of work.  The essay captures the essence of what I wanted to convey (without eating into my vacation time) I am a hard-working professional who is looking to move ahead in the corporate world by obtaining a master's degree.  This service allows me to focus on obtaining the knowledge I need without the burden of writing academic essays-a skill which I have never used in my day-to-day life.

Thanks again!  Plenty more to come...
08/15/2015 Thank you HP perfect work as usual
08/12/2015 he does awesome work!
08/09/2015 great work! highly recommended 
08/09/2015 great work! highly recommended 
08/08/2015 The work will get done on time all the time. I have done 2 assignments done by this person. I RECOMMEND THIS PERSON.
My comments from my philosophy professor was "Very well done"! I was very pleased. Make the right choice and choose HP.
08/07/2015 Awesome work by this fellow. Produced a top notch quality paper, delivered on time. Can't really ask for much more than that. 
08/06/2015 Did an outstanding job! you need to pick this professor. I received an A! The assignment will be turned in on time as well.
08/06/2015 I didn't just receive an A but it was a 100 on my paper! I recommend he/she 100% because he/she will turn it in on time and do an exceptional job; also responds to your messages quickly.
08/05/2015 A great report.  Thanks so much!
08/04/2015 Eloquent, prompt, and polite.
This prof is awesome.
Excellent work! Got a 100% on my paper, could not be more satisfied. I highly recommend! Thanks, dude. :)
07/29/2015 Couldn't be happier! I'm a repeat user and HP never disappoints. Will use again and recommend.
07/29/2015 Couldn't be happier! HP never disappoints. Will use again and recommend.
07/20/2015 This professor is very thorough and followed my instructions exactly. He had no problem with going back to make some changes for me after submitting the solution. I highly recommend this professor.
07/15/2015 Thank you Humanities-Protent great job!
07/08/2015 Awesome job!
07/08/2015 Good write up! Thanks!
i needed the paper a little earlier than expected this professor was more than will to help me out with the updated timeline. all and all excellent paper.
07/02/2015 A very nice professor to work with. He was a patient with my many questions. Thank you HP!
06/15/2015 Amazing as always!
05/29/2015 I was extremely happy with the finished product!

There were no problems with the finished project, it exceeded my expectations along with the expetations of the project.

I would highly recomend using this professor!
05/10/2015 Project was completed on time. Received a 95/100. Thank you again.
05/09/2015 WORTH EVERY CENT!  My paper was:

*  On Time
*  Completely understood and delivered the precise instructions of the assignment
*  Impeccable
*  Professional
*  Truly a work of art

Don't waste your time searching, choose this Professor to do your paper today!  It is absolutely worth every penny knowing that I was going to get an "A++++++!"

05/08/2015 Professor Humanities-Portent did an amazing job with my paper, I am so happy with the grade that I got on it. I really appreciate all of the edits that he did for me and for helping me meet all of my deadlines. 
05/07/2015 My paper was completed on time and written well. 10/10, would hire again.
05/06/2015 CAME OUT AMAZING!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

Gianna Caporusso
05/06/2015 Professor HP did a phenomenal job with my paper!  I had a one week deadline and Prof HP was able to finish a 14 page (only requested 11) paper with plenty of time for review and any needed corrections. Prof HP also followed all the guidelines that I stated on the project to a "T". I'm very happy with it and I believe my History professor will be pleased with it as well. So if you want a very professional and well thought out paper, Professor Humanities-Portent is the ONE to go to! I definitely will use again if needed! Thanks Prof HP!
05/02/2015 Humanities-Portent is perhaps the best writer on the site. The intellect and detail he brings to each paper is outstanding. Very prompt with responses too. Will definitly hire again!
05/01/2015 Outstanding job, definitely recommend this professor to anyone that needs a history paper done! He knows his material well and explains it thoroughly with proper grammar. Thanks!
04/28/2015 thank you so much !! paper came out great !!!
04/22/2015 HP is my professor of choice! Third time I've asked him for help, and he's 3-3 in terms of following directions and meeting deadlines. Thank you!
04/21/2015 Humanities-Portent was easy to communicate with and a quick worker. When I messed up the due date of my project (by an entire week), he worked with me and for a relatively small charge, finished my paper in five hours, when he thought he had a week left. The project looks great and meets all of the requirement. I would recommend him in the future! 
04/21/2015 Great Job as always! Trustworthy and great Humanities essays!
04/20/2015 Another fantastic essay by Humanities-Portent! This is the second time I have worked with this professor and I recieve nothing but top-quality pappers. I would refer Professor Humanities-Portent to anyone.

Humanities-Portent did an great job with the time crunch that I put him in. I waited last minute, but he was able to come through and get me a well writen 5 page paper in less than 24 hours. I would of had to pay well over what i had to pay anywhere else. Definantly recomend and will definantley use again. Also ran through paper rater had 100% originality and overall score of a 91.Thanks Humanities-Portent.

04/16/2015 Thank you so much! I recieved an A on the paper!

Would you be interested in writing the same style of paper on Sigmund Freud for me?


04/15/2015 Humanities-Portent continues to amaze me with his work. This was my fifth project that HP has completed for me within a year and a half. This was the longest project I've asked to be completed, 25 pages to be exact. HP made sure everything was to my satisfaction and wasn't afraid to ask questions. HP made sure to answer all of my questions in a timely manner and met all of the deadlines that I had set. I received feedback from my professor stating that this project was well written and not much needed to be changed. Let me remind you that was just the draft. The completed version was even better. I highly recommend HP for any project and can assure you that HP will do a great job. Thank you again HP. Nayeli M.

04/15/2015 Well done. Very happy.
04/13/2015 Was outstanding 10/10
04/07/2015 Thank you so much for doing this! You did an amazing job. I have another paper coming up and I would love to work together again. 

Gianna Caporusso
04/05/2015 I could not be happier with HP and the services provided. This was the third time HP has completed an assignment for me, and has not failed to impress in every which way possible. The assignments were done professionally, punctually, and always got me the grade I wanted. I will recommend and utilize HP's services again going forward.
04/04/2015 Wonderfully written essay. Second time using HP and will ask for his help with any other assignment. Thank you!
04/03/2015 Exactly what I asked for and promptly delivered. Very high quality. DEFINITELy recommend. 
03/31/2015 I made a crucial mistake of listing the due date one week later than needed. Humanities-Portent not only submitted the paper on time, but it was incredibly sophisticated and wel written. He listend to all of my notes and I would absolutely recommend him for any work !!! 
03/25/2015 Humanities-Portent is an amazing writer! He followed the instructions to the tee and delivered the project on time! Highly recommended. 
03/22/2015 Great job on my project. Paid more than i wanted to but i will say i got what i paid for.
WOW!!! Amazing work, essay was original and on time. I will deffently be working with Humanities-Portent in the near future.
03/17/2015 Brilliant as always...thanks
03/16/2015 Outstanding!
03/13/2015 Excellent writing!  Wrote an excellent paper in a short time frame, and was constatly in communication.  Would definetely use again.
03/11/2015 Fantastic paper!  Will certainly use again.  Thanks so much!  A certain A+!
03/07/2015 Fantastic paper. Finished on time, with edits. Replied to questions and concerns quickly. Followed all instructions. Will use again, highly recommended! 
03/01/2015 Great work. 5/5
02/25/2015 The absolute best professor on this site, probably of all time. A++++++
02/20/2015 Perfect as usual. Thank you very much.

Great work! Humanities-Portent  is my go to guy

02/15/2015 HP went above and beyond on this project. He made countless revisions to ensure I was happy with the product. 
02/13/2015 Great work, as usual 5+stars
02/13/2015 This was an urgent project and HP did an excellent work and the project was ready on time!
02/13/2015 Professor Humanities-Portent is really a good writer and a good guy to work with. Thank you very much.
02/13/2015 Very good communication, well-written, edits upon request. Thank you HP
02/12/2015 Was really great at making any changes I needed to the draft. Would recommend!
02/03/2015 Great
02/01/2015 Great work again! Excellent communication & finished the project a few days early! Thank you!!
02/01/2015 Definitely recommend. Had a very specific topic, and he was able to do exactly what I needed.
01/30/2015 HP always delivers A+ material and on time, if not earlier! If you are not sure whose bid to choose, rest assured that HP will never overbid and produce quality that is worth more than your money!
01/28/2015 Excellent work again, fInished project earlier than requested.
01/28/2015 Great work
01/20/2015 great as usual! my go to professor!
01/17/2015 great!
01/14/2015 Great work, completed the assignment early.
01/14/2015 Always good with HP! This time I had too many inquiries and he was very patient with me and offered to get back to him If I had more inquiries in the future. Thank you HP
01/07/2015 Below is the response I received from the professor.

Grade 80%


Good work except on the crowding out question.

Crowding out is due to government borrowing which increases interest rates and therefore crowds out private borrowing. -20
Prof. Shaw
01/05/2015 Humanities-Portent has once again exceeded my expectations. This was my fourth paper that HP has completed within the same semester. I finally received the grade back on my final paper and it came back an A just as the three other previous papers did. HP made sure everything was to my satisfaction and wasn't afraid to ask questions. HP made sure to answer all of my questions in a timely manner and met all of my deadlines. I highly recommend HP for any project and can assure you that he will do a great job. Thank you HP. Very respectfully, Nayeli M. 

01/05/2015 Humanities-Portent has once again exceeded my expectations. This was my fourth paper that HP has completed within the same semester. I finally received the grade back on my final paper and it came back an A just as the three other previous papers did. HP made sure everything was to my satisfaction and wasn't afraid to ask questions. HP made sure to answer all of my questions in a timely manner and met all of my deadlines. I highly recommend HP for any project and can assure you that he will do a great job. Thank you HP. Very respectfully, Nayeli M. 

12/21/2014 As usual, HP delivers!!
12/18/2014 Humanities-Portent once again did an excellent job on my paper. This was my third paper that HP has worked on within the same semester. I received all A's on all three of my papers that were plus fifteen pages in length. HP made sure the instructions were clear and wasn't afraid to ask any questions. HP turned everything in on time and responded very quickly to all of my concerns and questions. I am still waiting on the grade for my fourth paper that HP did but can assure everyone it will most likely be an A. I am definitely using HP again and highly recommend this professor. Thank you HP. Very respectfully, Nayeli M.

12/16/2014 Good stuff
12/16/2014 Absolutely amazing work. Priced just right and delivers when promises. I'll be back! Hopefully you bid on my work.
12/14/2014 Outstanding can not begin to decribe the work I recieved. I had a very obsurce subject for my paper, and you came through,again, in an amazing fashsion. I could not believe the research that was completed from my own course text. AMAZING!! I received an A on the paper and overall A in the class thanks to you. I absolutley will use you again very soon.

Thank you again, you are a lifesaver
12/11/2014 Really happy with my essay, it had a cohesive structure and was really well written. I appreciated that it was to the point and not overly sophisticated. All of the sources I listed were used well. I will surely be using Humanities Portent again!

12/11/2014 Very good work
12/11/2014 Very quick and very helpful. Asks questions along the way to make sure the paper is 100% what you want. Also glad that the paper passed the Turn -it-in test, 100% original work from Portent! 
12/11/2014 I got an A on my paper  - Thank you! Will defintly be a returning customer. 
12/11/2014 Quick. Easy. Perfect. 
12/09/2014 OUTSTANDING, one of the best (if not the best) professor here. Never failed to impress me and my professors. Always got me the highest grades. I recommend him to anyone.
12/07/2014 Paper was done on time. Highly recommended
12/05/2014 Humanities-Portent is AMAZING!!!! I got an A on this paper, the only A in the class. He did everything I asked for and more. 
12/03/2014 Finished very quickly before deadline. Responded quickly to concerns/messages. 
12/03/2014 I've had a pleasure having Portent write my last 3 papers for me. The first two got perfect scores. 

Along with the quality work Portent provides, he is willing to make any changes or edits you want to your liking. He did a few quick changes for me in less than an hour
the best i have had the pleasure of working with. defnatly knows what he is doing.
12/01/2014 Humanities-Portent did an excellent job on my first paper which was graded and returned to me with an A average. I decided to use HP for three more papers and received my second one today with no issues and on time. HP made sure the instructions were clear in order to get the job done correctly. HP was not afraid to ask questions and made sure everything was to my liking. HP also made sure that the deadline was followed and responded to any questions I had in a timely manner. I have already had two projects completed by HP within the last month and am very satisfied. Can't wait to read the other two projects HP is currently working on. Very satisfied customer, Nayeli M.
11/30/2014 Amazing work as always! Will recommend and re-use HP's services in the future.
11/30/2014 Another Outstanding Job.
My "go-to" professor
11/29/2014 Humanities-Portent has done all of my projects exactly as specified! H-P produces very high quality work on time.
Highly recommended! Will use again!
11/26/2014 Absolutely Outstanding
Very professional, and very easy to work with.
Was hoping for anything above a 90........He pulled a 100
His bid was competitive, and he easily met the deadline.
Would HIGHLY recommend
11/26/2014 This professor should be a first choice for all. I set a 1 WEEK timeline for a 33 PAGE PAPER!!! Not only was it delivered on time but the content was amazing. As I read through it I was highly impressed with the balance of strong researched material while not too “scholarly.” This paper was truly a life saver. Rates were very fair for the time frame…did I mention 33 pages +references in only one week?
11/26/2014 This marketing paper was just as impressive as the last. Both of the smaller (7 page) projects done by Humanities-Portent were executed quickly and ahead of schedule. Awesome work.  
11/24/2014 Humanities-Portent did an amazing job on my requests within a tight timeline! Communication was very clear and I was able to give any feedback between projects. You will be more than pleased with their work. 
11/23/2014 HP completed a research paper for me and it was flawless. I anticipate a very good grade. Well researched and well written, couldn't have asked for anything better. Definitely recommend. 
11/22/2014 HP, has been a pleasure to work with. I am currently taking Comp. Rhetoric class and all my assignments have received A's. My professor is greatly pleased with my (HP) work and is looking forward to seeing more.
I have several assignments that are in good standing. I so look forward to continuning to work with HP, for his consistency and direction has been an excellent turn out so far.

11/22/2014 HP, has been a great pleasure to work with. My assignments with Comp. Rhetoric is a week class. My professor is very please with the papers turned in. As of to date all 3 essay's and 4 reaction papers have received A's. My professor stated that she has not seen such good work in awhile and for me to keep up the good work.
I look forward to continuining working with HP, in the furture with all my classes. I'm comforatble and confident with his work and his advice and direction has turned out excellent so far.

11/21/2014 Wrote paper on the wrong topic and didn't use the the sources that I needed to be used. Overall very disappointed with my experience, cost me a fortune, and stil received awful grade. Would NOT recommend.
11/20/2014 Great work, on time and excellent communication! Quality each time!
11/20/2014 Excellent work as always. Will recommend and reuse HP's services.
11/20/2014 Excellent work as always. Will recommend and reuse HP's services.
11/19/2014 Paper was well written but was lacking substance.. Ended up with a C on a term paper
11/19/2014 Humanities-Portent always provides quality work - This is my second order from Humanities-Portent and both papers so far were perfect~

thank you very much!
11/18/2014 Life saver! Got 50 out of 50 possible points! Thanks!
11/18/2014 The professor did a great job on the paper.
Eloquent, well researched and presented in an attractive manner.
Despite having a few setbacks in delivering the paper, the professor still got it to me with a few days to spare so I could make some edits.

In the end I made a 99 on the paper.
I am very impressed and will certainly try to work with this professor again in the future!
11/18/2014 Excellent work at a great price! Humanities-Portent followed the assignment instructions exactly as asked!
11/17/2014 great work again!
11/16/2014 Well written paper, the writer showed good knowledge of the topic. I asked for a few changes and acomidations were made in a timely manner. Thanks again!
11/16/2014 The essay was great and HP is very puntual.
11/13/2014 3rd time return customer. As always, BEAUTIFUL work!
11/13/2014 HP was incredibly professional and responsive. He did exactly what I asked. He was pricey, but his turnaround was incredibly fast and his execution accurate and skillful. I would use him again in a second. Worth every penny. 
11/03/2014 This is the first time I used this site.  Humanities-Portent exceeded all expectations. Portent provided constant contact via the chat and was willing to make any tweaks or changes needed with no problem.

Very professional; Best professor on the site

11/03/2014 I didn't get the attachment. It is not showing up for some reason. By the way, thank you for everything! Enjoy your family and we will get back to business after.
11/02/2014 HP did a 30 slide powerpoint for me.  Did it inside of a week and did an exceptional job.  The absolute best.
10/30/2014 Outstanding paper. Received an A+.
10/30/2014 HP did an AMAZING job on my essay.  Needed no revisions or changes of any sort!
10/30/2014 Did an amazing job!!!!!! I got an A (the only A in the class)
10/29/2014 Humanities-Portent did an excellent job on my paper. Humanities-Portent made sure the instructions were clear in order to get the job done correctly. Humanities-Portent was not afraid to ask questions and made sure everything was to my liking. Humanities-Portent also made sure that the dead line was followed and responded to any questions I had in a timely manner. I will definitely use Humanities-Portent for some of my other assignments. Actually using Humanities-Portent for three of my other assignments and will keep everyone posted when my grades come out to show you how well Humanities-Portent does in completing assignments. Nayeli M.
10/27/2014 HP is simply great. Punctual, honest, very knowledgeble and flexible.
Choose him; you shall not regreat it!!
10/23/2014 Work was satisfactory and on time. Price was reasonable. Thank you.
10/21/2014 Simply Outstanding. Quite possibly the most consistent professor I've worked with.
10/20/2014 Wide Range Of Knowledge... Lightening Fast Turn Around. Great Prices. Elite Quality!!!! 5 Stars.
10/20/2014 I received a perfect score on this research assignment. Wonderful working once again with you!

Thank you!
10/19/2014 just amazing.
10/17/2014 I have choose different uneployed professors to do my paper, and I must say all of them got the job done. But only 2 of them got me a straight A, one being Humanities-Portent. 

Great comunication, complies with requirements. He is a PRO! willing to edit the product, allways gets back to you in good time. Impressive.
If you choose professor H-P, your only concern is that the paper will be to good. 

10/16/2014 Outstanding!!!
10/16/2014 Hands Down The Best On This Site

will be choosing this professor again in the future for my research needs.
10/12/2014 completed early and outstanding
10/10/2014 Thanks HP! On time with top quality work!
10/06/2014 Yet another outstanding essay! 
10/05/2014 Delivered the essay on time, did a great job and was friendly.
10/04/2014 Humanities-Portent does a great job following the prompt and does what you ask. Big plus on punctuality as well. 
10/04/2014 Humanities-Portent did excellent work. I asked him to help with an extensive lit review at PhD level, and he provided me exactly with what I needed. Communication has been outstanding, friendly and quick as well, and I received all work before the deadline. I highly recommend using Humanities-Portent, especially for high quality graduate level writing and research.
10/03/2014 This is an excellent provider!  Hightly recommend this individual as there was constant contact and great interaction regarding requirements and resources.  Delivered on time and exceeded all expectations.  Definitely worth every penny and email!  Will contact again if HP is wiling and able.  
09/30/2014 I recieved a 100 on my assisnment! I would highly recomment HP to help you out! 
09/29/2014 His work is great and very detail-oriented and very pleasant to work with.
Delivers project on time and remind you if the work needs to be edited. :)
I would definitely recommend him to everyone!  
09/29/2014 Couldn't ask for better.
09/28/2014 Great work and on time! 
09/28/2014 Very fast and A+ quality work from HP! My expectations are high from this professor and he/she never lets you down!
09/25/2014 This is the fourth occasion that I have been able to hire HP. If you are hesitant about quality and/or deadline, HP will not leave you wondering or anticipating. He is ALWAYS on time, if not early. Any assignment done is going to be A+ quality.
09/25/2014 Great work will choose again!
09/23/2014 great job
09/23/2014 Got me my paper on time. Stuck to the instructions provided. Great communicator! 
09/23/2014 Amazing work! The professor answers all questions immediately and does a great job on any assignments. I'm really satisfied with the results and recieved an A on the project solution!

09/22/2014 On time. Very thorough job.
09/22/2014 Great paper on time! Way better than I hoped for! I will definately use HP again! Thank you very much!!
09/21/2014 Perfect every time.
09/21/2014 My research paper was submitted well before it's expiration date. Font, formatting, grammar, and APA requirements were all up to par with what was needed for this assignment. As stated in previous, I would definitely hire this professor again as needed for all of my future assignments. 
09/21/2014 I am very pleased with the work done on this project. This professor is thorough, concise, and detail oriented. All requirements needed for this project were met.
09/21/2014 Excellent work!!! This professor was the FIRST to send me a follow-up message on his bid in doing my projects, and even offered to help if I needed guidance in navigating through this site (since I'm a newbie). I instantly knew that he would be dedicated and reliable. His credentials and writing style on his profile was exactly what I was looking for. Timely, efficient, and detailed oriented; I recommend this professor and would definitely hire him again for my projects. I look forward to working with him throughout this lengthy degree program. I really hope that he will be here for a long time.
09/18/2014 Yet another outstanding essay from HP. Nothing more really needs to be said.
09/16/2014 Record turnaround time
A+ quality
Very economic
Very easy to reach...

Those are the top reasons why I prefer doing business with HP. 
09/16/2014 As usual, HP went above and beyond. I was not charged RIDICULOUS sums of money for my smaller assignment. HP only asks for the minimum in page but gives EXCELLENT quality. The best part is that I do not have to change half of the language for it to sound like an actual college student.
09/15/2014 Perfect.
09/13/2014 HP really has great writing skills, delivers always in time, is very communicative and follows all outlines. I highly recommend him and would definitely work with him again! 
09/10/2014 Top rate all the way. Always delivers and always puts critically thinking and energy into each project. Working with him gives me piece of mind which is huge. I don't have to worry about checking up on him because he does what he says and gets it done better, cheaper and faster than anyone else thus far.
09/08/2014 Very good job, very satisfied!
09/07/2014 On time, followed all directions perfectly, easy to communicate with.
08/23/2014 Could not have gone any better. He was ahead of schedule and delivered exactly what I was looking for. The price that he proposed was very reasonable and way cheaper than anyone else and the quality was top notch. Couldn't be more pleased and will use him from now on with confidence.
08/21/2014 following the orders i gave HP i find the work quite satisfying.
08/20/2014 WOW!  In 5 days H-P wrote me a 5 page essay and nailed it.  I couldn't have expected the paper that was written, and actually taught me a thing or two!  He / She came through with flying colours - I would most definitely use H-P again. Thanks for an outstanding A grade paper!   
08/17/2014 Essay was well written and followed all guidelines of the project.  Will do business with again if needed!
08/12/2014 Great work.  Quick to implement suggestions once paper is submitted.  
08/08/2014 amazing!
08/08/2014 Great work!
08/05/2014 HP did an amazing job on my essays! Not only were they top quality, but I received my essays within 24 hours of starting the project on a SUNDAY. 100% recommended for anyone looking for quality essays. 
07/23/2014 If there was a rating for more than outstanding, I would use it. HP took time off his vacation, at the last minute possible to help me out with something that came up. It was completed, with flying colors within the time frame and an unbeatable price!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 
07/21/2014 HP did a wonderful job, and as many have said, the deadline to complete was more realistic than the others. Price was fair too. I was very pleased with the work. Some things came up on HP's end, but he was able to let me know about the unexpected turns and it all worked out in the end. Highly recommended. 
07/19/2014 As stated in many posts before mine, HP delivered a remarkable final project and his/her deadlines were unbeatable. I don't know if all the professors are this efficient but I bow my hat to this one. I was hesitant at first because I had never paid someone to do my work but I needed it with my circumstances. HP came through completely.
07/19/2014 HP was able to deliver an EXCELLENT product within 24 hours. And, he/she kept me updated along the way. I got the final draft hours before I even asked. I would DEFINITELY recommend HP in the future. 
07/18/2014 HP truly is beyond reproach.  He saved me from several jams and I would reccomend him a thousand times over.   He is capapble of writing/editing on all levels, works quickly, and is open to edits without complaint.  I can not state in words how great he is, and I would use him for anything that comes up in the future. 
07/14/2014 This man is great! Constantly stays updated with you and quickly replies to emails. Wrote the paper in a jiffy, no time left wondering if it is being written or not.
07/14/2014 I am very pleased with his work. I waited too long to start this paper and family issues arose and I've been traveling for the past week wondering what I will do about this paper. Humanities-Portent had this finished well before deadline and the work is outstanding. I will definitely consider using his services again. 
07/10/2014 I would highly recommend  Humanities-portent! Excellent work! Thanks
07/07/2014 Professor Humanities-Portent was remarkable, professional, and polite.
He/she gave me timely updates on the progress of the project and did not hesistate to ask for clarifications and great questions in order to produce quality work and meet the expectations. I was quite impressed by how much he/she cared about and worked on my project. The paper was written concise and clear manner but nevertheless answered all the questions asked. In addition, he/she was very willing to make changes when requested.
It was a pleasure to work with Professor Humanities-Portent and I highly recommend him/her.
06/29/2014 If you're looking for a really good quality paper in a short amount of time I can strongly recommend Humanities_Portent! He did a great job on my essay and always replied immediately! In addition he beat my original deadline by nearly 3 weeks and still wrote a perfect paper in a lawless academic style. Take no risks, go with HP and you'll be in good hands - as well as your project! ;)
06/28/2014 HP always does great work. Our second time working together and it was a breeze. Follows instructions perfectly.
06/26/2014 Always prompt, great communication, and consistently delivers outstanding work on time. 
06/25/2014 HP did an outstanding job on a very difficult editing project.  He was timely, thorough and the communcation was great. I give my ultimate reccomendation and would use him again without pause. 
06/25/2014 Very specialized involved graduate level editing project.  HP provided outstanding timely service.  I would reccomend without hesitation and use for any potential projects. 
06/11/2014 HP delivers what he promises. Despite a misunderstanding, he was able to complete a good master-level essay within the agreed upon time-frame and respecting the parameters that I had set.
Not only is he knowledgeable, but he also seems to be very motivated!
This is  a "professor" to go to!!
Highly recommended.
06/10/2014 HP was easy to work with. Followed instructions and asked questions to get everything just right. Paper was top notch, and I hope to work HP in the future.
06/04/2014 Awesome work... Thank you!
06/01/2014 The essay provided by HP was outstanding. He went above and beyond what was required and delivered a simply sublime result. Communication was excellent as well. I hope to work with this professor again.
06/01/2014 You rock, I will work with you soon, but please no twead!
06/01/2014 Brilliant! Finished early and did extra!
06/01/2014 Perfect!! Hope to work with you again!
06/01/2014 Above & beyond my expectations! Highly recommend!
06/01/2014 Thanks, perfectly done as requested!
06/01/2014 Great work! Detailed and listens to instructions. Other should take notice! 

05/30/2014 Humanities Portent gave me such a thorough and well-written essay for my final assignment. I suggest you use him any chance you get! He not only followed all directions but incorporated primary and secondary sources that enhanced the writing immensely. Everything was done on time. Can't thank this unemployed professor enough. 
05/28/2014 So easy to work with and I am thrilled with the attention and service.  I could not be more pleased.
05/28/2014 Terrific communication and a wonderful writer.  Humanities-Portent will be my 'go to' professor.   Thanks so much.
05/26/2014 This was the second time, I worked with HP to improve my essay. I had very tight deadline and needed the work to be done as soon as in 24 hours. HP did again an exceptional job with rewriting my essay so that it is now much much stronger than my original version.

If you are looking for professor who is very committed to his work and try to really help you, HP is the choice! I recommend his after two oustanding projects this month.

Thank you HP! 

05/22/2014 excellent job!!! My first project with HP and I am more than happy. His commitment, experience and professionalism make him great professor to work with. My paper was of exceptional quality - excatly what I needed. HP did also some amendments according to my comments. Great service. Joe :)
thank you Joe

05/22/2014 Excellent work. Great communication. Great care was taken to meet specific criteria, including edits. Went above and beyond to accomodate me. Definitely highly reccomended. 
05/21/2014 Well spoken! Hope he bids on all of my projects!
05/21/2014 Great work! I forgot to include part of an assignment and he was able to do it...If he bids, you should accept!
05/21/2014 Great communication and well written work!
05/17/2014 Read directions and communicated great! Will use again... A++++
05/17/2014 great work! A+++++
05/14/2014 My second time using him and it was just as great of an experience as the first. Highly recommended!
05/14/2014 Excellent and prompt work! Will use again!
05/13/2014 Did an excellent job on a 12-15 page paper and got it back to me in one day. 

Also helped me out and cared about my requests even after the payment.

Extremely Helpful. Will Definitely Do Business With Again.

05/11/2014 Great Work! timely delievery and met all expectations. 

05/07/2014 HP completed the essay in just a couple days as advertised. The writing is excellent, and the references and research used are of a high standard.

HP has a stellar work ethic and a pleasant demeanor. Would definitely hire again.
05/06/2014 I needed a comprehensive literature review with a very short turn-around time. Humanities-Portent is a highly skilled writer, who was able to complete an excellent, thorough, and well-researched paper within that time. Communication was ongoing and any queries were answered quickly. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended!
05/05/2014 Professor Humanities-Portent did an absolutely great job with my descriptive writing essay. It was exactly how I wanted it to be and I'm happy with it. Thank you very much!