PROFESSOR REVIEWS FOR: professor-polymerase

Date Comment Rating
04/24/2017 Dr. Rock Star Prof.
Always the best.
04/23/2017 was very helpful, did exactly as asked and answered all my questions. Would recommend. However, I deducted 2 stars, as I received a 143/150 on my paper.
04/22/2017 Professor-Polymerase is AMAZING!!!!!!  I highly recommend that you use this Professor!!!!!!  The work done is incredible!!!!!  I am so fortunate to have found Professor-Polymerase!!!!
04/22/2017 perfectly done and on-time...
04/22/2017 completed before deadline...very detailed and followed instructions..
04/21/2017 Great to work with, communication was excellent.  Went above and beyond and gave a well written paper in a very tight window.  Highly recommend, professor-polymerase is my #1 go to for any writings.  You wil lnot be disappointed.
04/19/2017 One of the best, if not the best on this site!
04/19/2017 Thank you! I got a A+ on the paper best paper ever. 
Great work.  Very timely.  Received an A.  Definitely recommends this professor for HR coursework.
04/17/2017 Solid work.
04/17/2017 amazing and on time
04/17/2017 Pofessor delivered an on-time and very high-quality paper.  Excellent content and met every requirement to a "T".  I would not hesitate to utilize this professor (polymerase)  again in the furture.  

The "bidding" process itself was a bit dfifferent than I had expected, as there was no bidding.  One prof submitted a bid, and that was it, so I was relegated to the price they quoted.  Not sure what happened there.

That being said, the paper is fantastic.

04/16/2017 Hire this professor if you are lucky enough to get a bid.
On-time, on-point, right value.  
On time and great paper.  Will use again

04/16/2017 Submitted before deadlne and as requested. Extremely quick turn-around. Thank you!
Will use AGAIN.
04/11/2017 Professor-Polymerase provided what I needed for my paper. Thanks 
04/11/2017 amazing work and finishes way before deadline!!! definitely recommend 
04/09/2017 I'm not sure, but I think I have used this Prof about 1 dozen times.
I will graduate in 5 weeks thanks to you.
04/09/2017 Always goes above and beyond my expectations!  I use Professor-Polymerase for pretty much everything pertaining to Math and Science.
04/09/2017 The work I receive is always on time. This professor has excellent work and I have never received a grade less then an A..
04/09/2017 Uses the rubric and hits all pertinent points every time!
04/08/2017 Perfect, On-time, Great Work, Quality, Right Price.
04/06/2017 Super Professor. 
Thanks again.
04/02/2017 Amazing style of writing!  Have used professor-polymerase multiple times and always comes through with a beautiful paper.
03/30/2017 Finished right at the closing bell of the due date. Well written.
03/30/2017 Terrible! Will NEVER use this professor again! He does not listen and just takes your money without lettting you review the work! Either way, I got a 50% on the assignment he had done for me! I specifically told him to use the textbook reference but he used something else, WITH WRONG ANSWERS!!! NEVER AGAIN. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!
03/30/2017 Another Homerun. Thanks from repeat student.
This Prof goes beyond the call of duty.
A and A+ work ALL the time.
If you get less of a grade, your teacher should retire or change professions!!!
03/29/2017 Project was not completed according to the requirements. There were multiple issues including but not limited to formatting, grammatical errors, incorrect calculations, inaccurate reperesentation of the data in the text. Assignment had to be completely redone. Professor was rude and unhelpful.
03/27/2017 Very thorough and well written. Worth the extra cost compared to some of the other professors who provide mediocre work. 
03/27/2017 Excellent quality of work and def worth every dollar spent 
03/26/2017 very helpful, delivered paper on time! awesome
03/25/2017 Very well written and delivered on time. Great professor to work with!
03/25/2017 Has an execellent syle of writing that flows naturally.  Will continue to use for ALL of my future projects.  Works in a timely manner and submits projects back to you before agreed upon times.
03/24/2017 Awesome paper...will definitely use again...thank you...was a grreat to work with
03/24/2017 Best of the Best!
Each and every time!
03/23/2017 I got an "A". Thank you Professor-Polymerase. 
03/23/2017 Another great paper from prof polymerase. This is my 2nd time using her/him and would definitely do it again! Thanks so much!!
03/21/2017 Great paper in a short amount of time. Would recommend and use again.
03/21/2017 Excellent Job

03/20/2017 Got a 100 and it was done in such little time 
03/19/2017 Very well written
03/16/2017 Was on-time, responsive and scored a perfect mark.
03/15/2017 timely, professional, on-point, relevant, affodable!
03/12/2017 Very thorough, well written, and writer was in constant communication with me regarding the assignment requirements and expectations. Highly recommended!
03/11/2017 Professor-Polymerase provided me with every details needed to receive an "A" and this has been the hardest paper yet!! Thank you, I highly recommend Polymerase, they take pride in providing you with the best outcome. :-)
03/10/2017 The paper was short notice, and professor-polymerase delivered well before the specified time.  I got a solid A, and would definitely use this professor again if I needed to.
03/09/2017 Will definitely use the professor for all of my future projects.  Hits every point according to rubric and is well written and flows naturally from one point to the next.  
03/09/2017 Paper was written and formatted beautifully. Thank you!
03/08/2017 Life saver, worth the cost for profession, educated, perfect paper.
Let's hope my real professor feels the same (perfect paper).
I will be back for more help.  Thank you for the 5th time.
03/07/2017 Great help in tough times !
03/03/2017 Never a dissapoitment with this professor 
03/03/2017 Full of information!
03/01/2017 After being out of college for roughly 16 years, your work gave me a nice solid foundation to work off of.  Thank you!!
02/28/2017 Did a good job on half of the project. The other half was done poorly. When I asked for improvement they were super defensive, and condescending in tone, if that is possible to decipher from text. Will not be selecting for a project again. 
02/26/2017 well written and delivered on time.
02/26/2017 Well written and met assignment expectations.
02/25/2017 Excellent, organized & early!  Professor-Polymerase is beyone wonderful on all my projects.  Thank you!
02/25/2017 Awesome paper and always on time. Recommended 
02/24/2017 you da man
02/22/2017 Great!! Right on time and a well done paper.
02/21/2017 Will be using again for sure! Great work! I got an A for the assignment. Everything was completed on time and he followed the instrustions perfectly.
02/21/2017 Will be using again! Got an A on my assisngment and it was competed a little before time! Great prices too! 
02/17/2017 Professor P did an amazing job with my PowerPoint presentation! He's amazing!!!!!
02/16/2017 Great work as always!  Passed on the first version and completed on time!
02/14/2017 Paper written very well, followed all the paper intructions to a T. Would definitely recommend! Thank you. 
02/13/2017 Paper was very well written and thorough. Only reason for 9 stars instead of 10 was because it was delivered one day after the deadline. The writer was in constant communication and apologized for the delay which is understandable in this line of work. I will definitely be using again for future assignments.
02/12/2017 Followed directions and finished before the deadline. Quality work. 
02/12/2017 Excellent work as always.
02/11/2017 Delivered on time and well written in regards to format and grammar. Highly recommended.
02/11/2017 Excellent! Polymerase always delivers as promised.
02/10/2017 Professor "P" is a real pro. I use them for all subjects. Nothing be A's and happiness. You will not be disappointed.
02/09/2017 FANTASTIC job! I needed help writing a paper about something I know a lot about - but didn't have time to do it. Prof wrote about it as if it were something he/she knows all about and it was a great paper. Would def recommend!
02/08/2017 Some minor spelling errors. Followed directions and responded to messages in reasonable time. Completed the project in less than 24 hours. Overall good job.
02/08/2017 Great work as always while meeting the time lines given.  Easy to work with and great about revisions.
02/06/2017 Another great paper from prof-polymerase
02/06/2017 Solid Paper
02/05/2017 Please use this professor. Professor "P" has completed work for  me in all subjects and I've always received an "A". He's very knowledgable and you will not be disappointed!
02/05/2017 Fantastic. This professor doesn't know what hit him. 
02/04/2017 Delivered on-time and followed the rubric.
02/03/2017 Excellent work! Have used this professor a few times and great work every assignment. 
02/02/2017 Great work.
01/31/2017 Amazing quality.
01/30/2017 I received an A on my research paper thanks to Professor-Polymerase. Professor Polymerase was great, my deadline for my paper changed and Professor Polymerase was able to meet the new deadline with no issues. I highly recommended!!!! 
01/29/2017 Nice Job
01/29/2017 Great work
01/28/2017 Great paper, exactly what I  needed. Added a few details, I received an "A". I will hire professors again, and they will be tipped! Thank you!! :-)
01/25/2017 Professor P is a Rosk Star.  If you choose him for your coursework, you will not be disappointed!!! He has completed all subjects for me and I have received A's on everything he has done! Thanks Professor P!
01/21/2017 AWESOME paper!!! professor-polymerase was definietly not the cheapest solution, but after a so-so paper from the last UP I accepted, I wondered if an extra $75 would be worth the investment to get an A vs. the B- I received from the last paper. Well written, and follows the rubic. I doubt I could have written it better had I spent the actual 6 weeks doing it myself. Highly recommend!!!!
01/19/2017 Professor P was a great professor to have on this project! He did an excellent job!
01/05/2017 Professor really worked with me to write the perfect resume, and it turned out great. Would recommend.
12/24/2016 I chose this professor because I needed "A" quality work, and that was exactly what I got for my Physio Final. I'm honestly concerned my professor will know that it wasn't my work because it was so thorough lol. Thank you professor-polymerase. Worth every penny.
12/24/2016 Great job! I got an A+
12/18/2016 Great to work with and great work.

Corrections made in a timely matter.
12/18/2016 Great to work with and great work.
12/18/2016 Grade A+  work!!!!!! Never a disappointment on my assignments!
12/13/2016 The paper was turned in on time and I received an "A". Thank you!! I will use Professor-Polymerase again!
12/12/2016 Once again... Job well done!  Thanks
12/11/2016 Got a 100 on my case study assignment!  I always get great grades with professor-polymerase!
12/11/2016 Overall very satisfied with my paper. Got an A- (80%) and gave very short notice (under 3 days) thank you so much!
12/10/2016 amazing work. extremely reliable.  
12/04/2016 I received an "A", I did make a few changes. Overall, I am pleased! ;-)
12/04/2016 Professor Polymerase is simply excellent!  He delivers exactly what you need.  Thank you!
12/01/2016 Well put together
11/29/2016 Professor-polymerase really does an amazing job at completing exactly what is asked. Makes sure that everything you ask for is completed the way you expect. Stays in touch frequently(major plus) and addresses any concerns. Thank you!
11/28/2016 Pricy but worth it! Great work! Got full credit!
11/28/2016 Very good paper and right on time!  Would highly recommend!
11/27/2016 A true lifesaver! The best of the best!!
On time and always does a great job!! Professer-Polymerase it the best!!
11/24/2016 My assignment was a day late, but I always post my due dates at least a week before the assignment is actually so I can make edits, I got a good grade 5 out of 5 on a paper.
11/23/2016 Awesome!!!!! Very thorough and detail-oriented.  
11/19/2016 Thank you for an awesome job!
11/19/2016 Thank you for an awesome job!

Delivered me and "A" paper once again, this guy is great. 
11/19/2016 O-H-I-O      Go Buckeyes! ........ thanks for the "A" 
11/19/2016 Thanks for the "A"
11/19/2016 As a hard working full time RN I've got little time .... I've been working with professor polymerase for over 2 years. I'm about to graduate finally with my BSN. Thanks for Another "A" my friend.
11/18/2016 Bc of Professor Polymerase I can now say I am one class away from graduating with my BSN in nursing next month. He wrote every paper and discussion post. The amount of money requested was totally worth it! I was able to work extra hours at work while Professor-polymerase did my school work for me. Very porfessional and he's very efficient on time and completling a exceptional project/ paper. Thanks again poly. You literally saved my job with my hospital now requiring BSN for all RN's.
11/15/2016 i wasnt sure what to expect when i gave this unemployed professors shot but im glad i did! professor polymerase works quick and did just as i requested and then some! he took the assignment the same day it was due he completed the assignment quick without sacrificing  quality. i do recommend professor polymerase and will request him time after time. thank you agian Professor Polymerase! you're unemployemt is the best thing thats ever happpend to me haha. 
11/15/2016 great guy, better writer and experienced proffesional...well done
11/14/2016 Excellent job as always.
11/14/2016 Excellent job as always
11/12/2016 Professor polymerase completely understood the direction I wanted to go with this paper. A paper and she delivered ahead of schedule under a very tight deadline. Thank you!!
11/08/2016 A lifesaver!! Simply the best of the best!!
Incredible work and very helpful. I hope the professor knows how much I am actually learning from the help I  am getting... More than my own professor since I can see the work! :) 
This professor is awsome!!
11/06/2016 Great job!!
11/06/2016 As always, the best!!
Did a good job. I did just a few alterations before I turned in the paper but other than that it was a good casestudy paper.
10/29/2016 Always a job well done
10/25/2016 Excellent job as always plan on using again and again.
10/24/2016 Amazing!
10/23/2016 Superb!
10/22/2016 Highly recommend!
10/22/2016 Good thing I read it before handing it in.
There were a couple things that looked to be typographical errors or changes that spell-check made that were not intended.

Otherwise, the paper was well prepared and all that I could have asked for.
10/22/2016 Great work as always!
10/22/2016 Grade A paper!
10/21/2016 Great fast service. Highly recommended.
10/16/2016 Very detailed in completing my assignments!!!!! 
10/15/2016 Excellent work!
10/06/2016 Professor came through again with an awesome grade. Thanks
10/06/2016 A++ polymerase got it done last minute with no issues.
10/06/2016 Completed on-time and as discussed.
thanks so much!
10/01/2016 Thanks!
10/01/2016 awesome as always!
10/01/2016 Great work and got it to me early! Thanks
Great Job!
09/26/2016 Professor-polymerase is always available to help me out of a jam. I can speak highly enough to use him or her.
09/24/2016 Amazing work with short notice!
Thank you. 
09/20/2016 Assignment was completed, will use again! Thanks Prof Polymerase
great work!  thank you for your professionalism.
09/16/2016 dank
09/14/2016 GREAT WORK!
09/13/2016 With 5 UPs bidding on my small 2 page assigment, I went with this professor (wasn't the cheapest), but as a repeat customer I knew I could count on a job well done.
09/13/2016 Got the job done exactly as requested.
Needed a 2 pager 1.5 lined discussion post.
This UP Dr. got it done, done right, and right on time.
09/12/2016 Solid work.  <1hr turnaround.
09/07/2016 Awesome as always! 
09/05/2016 This paper exceeded my expectations. Im sure this paper will receive all points due rom this paper.
09/04/2016 Super happy with this project.  Professor-polumerase is always helpful and effecient providing great work.  Even on this project where I made a mistake in the description prof-polymerase was helpful and adapted quickly, getting my project finished before it was due.  Awesome as always!
09/03/2016 Great work and exaclty what I asked for. Highly recommended. 
09/02/2016 Great work! Had an issue with a physics problem. He helped me out on that.
09/01/2016 I have yet to get a grade back on the paper, but it turned out great. I am expecting it score. Thanks!
Thank you for your consistent professionalism, and great work.
08/20/2016 Professor Polymerase is unbeatable!  I've overextended myself twice now and he's saved my grade both times.  He writes "A" papers.
08/15/2016 I needed a pre approved topic for my upcoming final class towards my bachelors degree, and this guy delivered! My TA's are brutal with grading and they rejected my first topic but professor polymerase was able to deliver a A+ topic on time. He deserves the credit, thanks again. 
08/14/2016 Freaking Awesome!
Great Job!!! A+ work
08/11/2016 You've never let me down. 
08/10/2016 Truly fantastic work.
08/09/2016 Great
08/08/2016 This is the second time professor-polymerase does my paper and once again I am exteremly satisfied with his work! I recived a perfect score of a 100 the last time!
08/08/2016 Great Job!
08/07/2016 Very helpful ! Responds quickly to messages.
08/07/2016 Prof. Polymerase totally rocks and super reasonable!! awesome all the way!
08/07/2016 Ok paper and  when I asked him to do revisions he did not really  do them 
08/05/2016 Excellent work! I am more than satisfied with my project and I received it a day early! I'm looking forward to working with this professor again!
Great Work!
08/02/2016 2 more classes left and poly will be the reason for me obtaining a bachlors degree..... You are the man professor polymerase! 
07/29/2016 very well written. Thank you.
07/29/2016 Thank you
07/28/2016 I barely submitted my paper but just by reading the paper on my own, it was well worth the price.  I was very satisfied with the outcome!
07/26/2016 Solid project
07/23/2016 Excellent paper, was completed before deadline. Thank you.
Great Work!!
07/19/2016 :)
07/19/2016 I have been doing all my projects with this professor for two semesters.  I very happy with my grades, strongly recommended
07/18/2016 Thanks a million, Impressive work again.
07/17/2016 10 stars as always! My assignments always get great feedback from my college professors!
Great job!
07/15/2016 All of my assisgnments have  been beyond my expectations and are completed before the deadline. My discussion questions have been very detailed!
07/14/2016 As always, thank you for an excellent paper. 
Great Work!! thank you so much.
07/07/2016 Professor-Polymerase is a great professor who has been extremely patient with the projects I have needed for my classes.  He will always be my first choice!
06/30/2016 Professor-polymerase was incredibly quick to turn-around my assignment. I greatly appreciate it!
The best!
Great as always!!
06/29/2016 Did a super job!!  Thank you!!
06/29/2016 Did a great job - received an A

Thank you!
06/23/2016 Unbelieveable! I got a 94% on my paper - highest in the class by far because our professor was insane. Would work with again!
06/20/2016 Professor-polymerase has always met or exceeded my expectations for work. Thank you so much for your assistance!
06/19/2016 97% on my sociology final. I actually managed the 'A' you promised! I'm sorry that I forgot to add all the documents ahead of time. I am adding a tip to this message. Thanks for being able to accomodate my additional requests. Screw the haters and thank you!!
06/19/2016 Wow. My professor gave me a 101/110. This was the hardest nursing paper that I have ever had to complete. I will be seeing you in the future.
06/19/2016 excellant work. completed the paper way before it was due. ended up getting a 92%. proffessor asked if he could use it as a guide next semester. thanks.
06/19/2016 Saved my butt big time! Thanks again for all your hard work!! 96/100 on my 15-page political science final paper!!!!!!!!!!
06/19/2016 Usually does great work however this time you just threw a bunch of slides together. The APA format is way off. If I had morre time I would have saved myself the money and did the assignment myself but instead I'm wasting time redoing 70% of it
06/18/2016 He is really bad.
06/18/2016 Solid work, not the best at communication but decent nonetheless.
06/09/2016 Great job!
06/08/2016 very quick and efficient.  easy to work with, did exactly what i needed for a fair price.
06/08/2016 Wonderful!
06/08/2016 The best! 
06/07/2016 The best! Always does great work :)
06/06/2016 Awesome!!!!!
06/05/2016 The paper was great but it was 3 days late. 
06/03/2016 Stellar work, as usual. Received full credit!
Awesome, as usual!
05/31/2016 Vry pleased with work. 
05/30/2016 Excellent writer and fast turn around time!  Unfortunately I had to give less than 24 hours notice, but he/she was able to turn it out without a hitch.  Well worth the money!  My paper was on a healthcare subject and was literally flawless.  The language is comprehensive, not pretentious and thoughtful.  I would use this professor again without a second thought.
05/30/2016 Excellent work.  Very pleased with completed project.  Will definitely work with Prof Polymerase again. A+++
Thank you Prof.
05/27/2016 Pheonominal, as usual. Super fast and detail oriented writer. If you want an expertly crafted essay, look no further than Prof-Polymerase!
Great work!!
The best, as always!!
05/25/2016 Excellent!
05/23/2016 Awesome response. Professor-Polymerase always exceed my expectations
Thank you for the hard work once again! True professional. Paper is great! A+ followed the criteria to the tee.

05/18/2016 The essay was perfect!!! Thank you very much, i've already introduced this to my friend and he is already using your services so i'm sure he'll be extremely happy with the results!
05/18/2016 Full credit on yet another accounting paper!
05/16/2016 The greatest!! Always does a wonderful job!!
05/12/2016 Project was completed to specifications perfectly.
05/11/2016 Well written, very pleased with the final document.
05/11/2016 The paper is exactly what I needed.  The reason for 2 less stars is that I did not have it on the due date stated, but it is a very good paper.  thank you so much!
05/10/2016 Received As on everything!
05/10/2016 In my opinon, the best professor on this site!
05/10/2016 He helped me so much and turned everything in on time!
05/10/2016 Amazing!
05/09/2016 Top-notch work, as always
05/08/2016 thank you did you recieve my payment

05/08/2016 Great essay, easy to communicate with and gets the job done!
05/07/2016 Once again, this service is worth its weight in GOLD!! I don't know how I would hold a fulltime job and fulltime school without it. Thanks for the great work!!! Always worth every penny. 
05/06/2016 Perfect score
05/06/2016 A+!
05/06/2016 Awesome work every time! Made a 100!
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
05/05/2016 Fantastic!
Excellent writing!

Thanks Professor! This is exactly what they were looking for. Cheers!?

05/03/2016 great
05/02/2016 good quality
05/02/2016 Well written paper and i got a great grade! thank you!!!
05/02/2016 This Case Study was above and beyond my expectations! GREAT assignment and very detailed!
05/01/2016 Project well done and on time.
04/29/2016 Exceptional. His linguistic ability is so outstanding that I haven't found any other professor who can meet such a standard.
Probably the best professor on this platform. I gave him a complex project and was impressed by the high quality.
04/28/2016 Amazing job!! Couldn't have done a better paper myself with such short notice! 
04/28/2016 He's great and has helped me out a lot this semester. He completed a last minute assignment I asked him to do without a problem, and gave me a well written, good quality paper. Thanks for saving my grades, again. 
04/28/2016 This professor knows how to write a A+ paper he understands any topic and writes it with perfection. I would def recommend this professor.  By the way thanks for another A professor polymerase. 
04/28/2016 Another A- :) ...... This professor is so professional I have been with him since the beginning of my bachelor program I am in. I am almost finish, thank you Polymerase your amazing.
04/28/2016 I received a poor grade on this assignment. There wasn’t enough supporting evidence and a lot of grammar errors.
04/28/2016 professor-polymerase is a life saver!
04/28/2016 Never disappointed!
Once again you came through with a great paper. Im amazed by your detail and great commitment to the assignment.
Thank you!
04/27/2016 Complicated assignment that was answered perfectly!  Thanks!
04/27/2016 Fantastic!!! And most of all DEPENDABLE!!!! Never let me down once, I can't thank you enough Polymerase. Absolutley recommend 
04/27/2016 Prof-Poly completed a 55 single-spaced page M.S. thesis for me and I recieved a 93%. Not only did he save me more than $15,000 for repeating my final year, but he saved me thousands of hours of stress that would have been soul crushing. I thought that the death of my mother would stop me from completing my M.S., but now I can progress to the next stage of my life happier than ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
04/27/2016 best paper out of all the ones i recived. excellent communication. followed all instructions and great formatting. 10/10 
04/27/2016 Professor- polymerase delivers great work. The work was completed before the deadline and he is open to making any changes you ask for. He also gives great advice, and responds to messages in a timely matter. Will definately work with this professor again. 
04/26/2016 Really great work!
04/25/2016 Paper was well written and met all requirements and deadline. I would certainly use professor-polymerase again!
04/22/2016 Great work, as always!
04/20/2016 2 A's again!!!! Thank you. Could not have done this wtihout your help!!
04/19/2016 Very good, very organized :)
This professor will go above and beyond to ensure the customer gets exacly what he wants.
04/18/2016 100%
04/18/2016 Great job
04/18/2016 Great job
04/18/2016 Good job
04/18/2016 another amazing job, lengthy, detailed, and on time... definitely reccomend!!!
04/17/2016 thank you! It looks good, just waiting on the grade now so hopefully that will go over well! 
04/16/2016 Great 
04/16/2016 This professor is outstanding and goes out of his way to make sure everything is perfect and he always submits on time! 
04/15/2016 I am very happy with the results of the written paper.  I highly recommend Professor Polymerase.  
04/15/2016 did everything exactly how i needed it, got it on time, and even a little extra help for a presentation
04/14/2016 Have used this professor-polymerase a few times and always does excellant work! Will revise anything you ask and works very quickly and efficiently. 
04/14/2016 Literally the greatest paper I have ever read. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it from the amount of perfection coming from it!
04/13/2016 Full credit again. Thanks!
04/13/2016 Excellent work, as always.
04/13/2016 Got the work done on time and was very well written.
04/12/2016 Thorough work, completed the assignment early. Would highly recommend.
04/12/2016 Great working with this professor.  Quality work delivered on time. 
04/11/2016 professor-polymerase is nothing if not consistent. They are always the first to bid on my projects, are great at keeping an open line of communication, and their work -whether it is in accounting or project management- has yet to return anything less than an A. 
04/11/2016 Great work, as always. A few minor errors, but still produced a 90%. Thanks!
04/10/2016 Really good research regarding material! 
04/10/2016 Great paper in a very quick time frame! 
Outstanding essay. Favorite professor and will definitely use again!
04/10/2016 Grest paper! Made an almost perfect score!
04/08/2016 Awesome! Fast! Quality work! Apleasure to work with.
04/08/2016 Great Transaction! Even helped me out when it was my fault. Would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Professor-Polymerase continued to uphold the reputation and expectation of Unemployed Professors.  He made sure he understood the assignment, got it back to me quickly and I got an A in the class. 
04/08/2016 Awesome job and I always get perfect grades and good feedback with this professor :)
04/06/2016 Another outstanding project, thank you.
great work!
04/05/2016 Professor polymerase delivered an exceptional essay and I look forward to using his services again!
I can't say enough good things about this professor. Always puts out an outstanding product that is on or ahead of time and has always gotten me an A+! Highly recommend this professor!
04/04/2016 Full credit again!
04/03/2016 Delivered as promised in a timely manner. Followed the rubic and the paper came out flawless!

Thank you!!
04/03/2016 The best professor in all of the land!!
04/01/2016 Love this professor!
04/01/2016 Excellent!!!!
04/01/2016 Another project well done, will use again. Thank you
03/28/2016 Great write-up and of course had it completed way before the deadline.
03/28/2016 A++, needed this done and professor-polymerase had it done within hours!!

03/28/2016 Thank you so much !!
03/28/2016 Great work!
03/28/2016 Fantastic. Worked extremely quickly, even given that it was a holiday weekend! Thank you!!! 
03/26/2016 This professor has saved my butt on a holiday weekend no less! I appreciate him so much and any negative reviews on here are totally bogus!! He's done so much for me :)
03/25/2016 great thanks a lot!
03/24/2016 Thank you for your hard work.
03/23/2016 Fantastic work!!! thanks so much for another A
03/22/2016 This essay was amazing. Thank you. Will definitely be keeping in touch for future works.
03/22/2016 Great working with this individual. Very professional and completed paper on time.  
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02/14/2016 he was ontime and he did what he was asked for , but when u get ur essay make sure u read over it , ull find many grammer mistakes and typos and also when he was asked to change some parts he asked for more money , but on the bright side he finished the assignment  in 24 hours and i got a 70 % so 3/5 should be fair
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I received a 12/25 on the last assignment.  I wanted to upload the instructor notes so that you may view it, but failed to find a platform to upload on the comment section.

01/06/2016 I need the citations for the articles in APA format so I can add them to the end of the paper, just noticed they werent there, other than that thanks and I will be using you again very soon.
01/05/2016 It was a great paper. I got an A- Thank you.
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01/05/2016 well done!!
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Thank you for all of your help. it was about 4 days late but I know that things get hectic with the holiday weekend so it's okay although I wish i'd had more time to thoughtfully add my notes from the textbook.

Regardless, I appreciate this service and i really needed the help (completing work as a full time student is extremely difficult when i'm also a full time employee working 55 hours minimum per week)

Thanks so much!
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It was a pleasure! 
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11/22/2015 Greatest ever! Thank you
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That said, the work was top-notch (at least it looks that way to me) and he was a pleasure to deal with. Outstanding Professor indeed!
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10/29/2015 The Prof has done a few quizzes and problems for me. Everything was delivered as I asked for it, and depending on his schedule, he delivered some of it several days early so I had plenty of time to transcribe it as needed. 
10/26/2015 Great work. finished within a couple of hours. answers all your questions and will do everything until you're satisfied.
10/25/2015 The document lays out a clear and well-supported argument and is satisfactory. However, there were a number of typos that I had to change. For instance, you referred to the author as Sparks rather than Spark throughout and also alternated between calling the protagonist Jean and Brodie rather using one throughout. This leads to me believe you did not really take much time to familiarize yourself with the material. That being said, the paper was fine and you delivered it on time and the assignment was quite open-ended.
10/25/2015 Thanks so much Professor Polymerase!  you are a life saver, you have did a great job in such a short period of time.  5 star rating, excellent work, and very thorough.  I recommend you every time!
thanx professor-polymerase, as usual on time and on point......
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10/16/2015 Didn't do too well. Was not available to fix it up. 
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Thank You
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10/08/2015 Great work! hope to have him work on another project for me again
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10/05/2015 he did an ok job. if i hadnt had such a tight deadline i would not have accepted this work for how much i paid for it. the paper had basic grammar and spelling errors. overall it was fine considering i didnt have to write a paper myself
10/05/2015 Perfect! Could not be happier with his work. Thanks! 
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08/25/2015 AMAZING WORK!
08/25/2015 AMAZING WORK
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