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    Username : professor-polymerase
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    Gender : male
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    Bachelor Degree in Biology
    Master Degree in Biological Sciences
    PhD in Funkology

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    Location : Cliffs of Dover


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    Various research and teaching positions at well-known institutions
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    Hello, everyone!

    I am a science nerd to the core. I am well read in all areas dealing with the human body. I specialize in molecular biology, biotechnology, neuroscience, biochemistry, general physiology (in the cellular and systematic levels) and various cutting-edge research techniques. I am also well versed in many other academic areas from Aardvarks to Zoology (kidding, of course, just have a wide breadth of knowledge)!

    In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working on the computer, acting as an editor for various academic journals, and listening to music. If you have a specific question, please ask!

    *My minimum bid is $25/double-spaced page. Any bid over the minimum is a reflection of the amount of work necessary to complete the project with a grade of 'A'. Factors contributing to a bid over the minimum are the complexity of the project, the number of resources incorporated, the number of revisions required, etc. Abstracts are typically 250 words. This is one page! If your paper asks for an abstract + 8 pages, my bid will be for 9 pages.

    **I am not in your class. If you do not provide clear instructions, there is no way that one could understand what the document requires. Please provide clear instructions to avoid confusion and the need for unnecessary revisions!

    ***I have an ETS account. If you want a plagiarism r
    eport, just ask.

    ****Please include all of your deliverables on the original project description page. My time is very limited and I am forced to carefully plan my week in advance to ensure that everything I am given is completed on time. If you do not include all of your project's requirements in the original description, I am not obligated to add them after the project has been finished. My time is valuable, as is yours.