The Birth of Unemployed Professors

You may be wondering how we came about?

One day, an unemployed professor got together with a former classmate of his. She had found a job; he hadn’t. She was a rising academic rock star (but nobody cares about that); he was a talented, yet pathetic academic has-been (but nobody cares about that either). He cursed the academic job market while she cursed her students.

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The Unemployed Professor thought. He had enjoyed teaching. He had wanted to help his students. He had also liked being able to buy food and books and to pay rent. He thought some more, since this was his specialty. Could he use his education to help students? He could!

And thus, UNEMPLOYED PROFESSORS was born...

The Sequel

The academic proceeded to bring others to the suit: the tenured professor with the gambling problem; the advanced grad student who could no longer get student loans and needed to pay for the expenses associated with a newborn; the young professor just out of grad school who kept getting offered mere one year contracts when all she sought was the tenure track; and many more. All of these academics, spit out or spit on by the system, have become virtual mercenaries - Unemployed Professors everywhere have united to rid you of the tedium that unnecessarily drags down your dreams and ambitions. Let's face it - academia is a machine that thrives only on what it incestuously produces. The people writing for you here are those who've been sucked in and spit out by this machine. Why are we here? In short, our job is to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to you.