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Dissertation paper writing services By Unemployed Professors


If you’re looking at this page, you’re fully aware that a dissertation is the epitome of excellence in academia. If you’re looking for best custom dissertation service on the World Wide Web, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for assistance with a single chapter, or you’re looking for a professor to write your entire dissertation to your specifications, Unemployed Professors can be of assistance. The site has produced 208 full dissertations since its opening in 2011. All of these custom dissertations have ended up being approved by the committees which our previous clients were beholden to. In fact, a large number of our custom dissertation clients have written us thank you e-mails because of their ability to obtain prestigious post-doctoral positions as well as tenure-track employment at Tier 1 American and British research universities.

What is the Unemployed Professors difference when it comes to writing custom dissertations? The answer for that is three-fold. First, all of our professors are native speakers, with over 90% of them having completed a dissertation of their own, and over 75% of them published in peer reviewed journals within their area of academic expertise. Given that we independently verify all of our professor’s credentials, you’re thus guaranteed that the individual working on your custom dissertation has credentials that you can trust. Second, and given the degree to which a custom dissertation is personal and self-directed, our 24/7 professor-client conference rooms ensure that you can contact your professor at any moment regarding ideas or updates relevant to your custom dissertation. Third, all of the writers at Unemployed Professors are experienced in a wide bevy of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Given that all dissertations require high-end original research, this last element of the Unemployed Professors advantage is absolutely crucial to ensuring that your custom dissertation will allow you to excel in your chosen field.


A dissertation is fundamentally a long-form essay, often of book length, designed to make an original contribution to the literature in the discipline it is being obtained in. Associated with master’s degrees, doctoral Degrees and some professional degrees, dissertations are the apex of academic achievement and the most complex forms of academic writing. What is unique about the dissertation is that its thesis and its findings must simultaneously be grounded in the extant literature but must make a novel contribution to the literature. In this respect, the first and most important step that someone writing a dissertation must take is, in consultation with their supervisor and supervisory committee, settle on a topic and then a thesis. The greatest challenge that emerges from this initial process is to then ensure that no one has worked on this topic before. If someone has already written on your topic using the same angle, you may have written your dissertation for nothing.

Choosing a topic in collaboration with an Unemployed Professor can ensure that you are not repeating work that someone else has already conducted. Given the proliferation of online programs requiring that students write dissertations, more students are asking how to write a dissertation? This is a complex question that is heavily dependent on the institution that one is attending, the program they are enrolled in as well as the dominant theoretical approach that is prevailing in this department. Dissertation lengths vary across the hard sciences and the social sciences. Given the greater degree of statistical and laboratory analysis that takes place in the hard sciences, writing a dissertation in these disciplines can involve less than a hundred pages but hundreds of hours of research in the laboratory. In contrast, writing a dissertation in the social sciences or humanities normally involves hundreds of pages of writing and hundreds of hours of original research. No two dissertations are alike and our unemployed professors recognize this when they write a dissertation.


Writing a dissertation is a lifetime’s achievement. After you have chosen your topic and ensured that no one else has previously researched your topic and thesis, the first step that you should take is to engage in a literature review. The literature review will typically represent the first chapter of the dissertation and is likely to inform both what you will study and how you will study it. Once your literature review is partially complete, it will be time to choose your methodology. Whether you are making use of a quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods design, the methods section will typically be the second chapter of your dissertation and will focus on your research question and the way you will go about answering it through original scholarly research.

The remaining chapters of your dissertation, prior to your conclusion, will make up the main body of your dissertation. Writing these chapters of your dissertation will be the most complex element of your task as these will encompass the original research that you are producing in writing your dissertation. This is the point at which all dissertations begin to differ. While some will be focused on heavily parsimonious mathematical equations or laboratory experiments in math and physics, others will be premised on large scale interviews or ethnographies in disciplines like psychology and anthropology. As you write your body chapters, you will likely make changes to your literature review, and maybe even to your thesis, as your original research yields new insights.

This is why it is critically important to be highly adaptive when you are writing a dissertation. Because a dissertation is made up of original and novel research that will make a contribution to the literature on your topic, you must absolutely be open to modifying your thesis as you progress with your research. Given that your results might modify or even contradict your original thesis, there is a risk that you will have to change or completely modify your thesis. Keep in mind that, when writing a dissertation, this is not a failure. This is simply a result of the fact that you are writing a novel and unprecedented piece of scholarship, and that it is impossible to know what you will discover before you conduct your dissertation research. The conclusion of the dissertation should typically be written last and must not include new information. Rather, it should reflect on your findings, discuss the limitations of your work, highlight its relevance to your discipline, and discuss potential avenues for future research on the subject that you or another scholar might undertake.


Unlike essays or smaller-scale theses, dissertations must be written on the basis of the style guides provided by your institution. Given that universities maintain databases of dissertations created within their walls indefinitely, they insist on specific page formatting requirements, referencing systems and other elements which are specific to the institution. As a first step in formatting your dissertation, you must absolutely discover what your university’s dissertation format style is. Most universities will make such a style guide available online or through their office for graduate studies. If you do not comply with the requirements of your university’s dissertation formatting guide, your university may reject your dissertation and delay the obtention of your degree even if you pass your dissertation oral defense. It is thus imperative that you ensure you are respecting your institution’s dissertation formatting guidelines as you are writing and editing your dissertation.


The two primary differences between dissertations and research papers pertain to length and originally. With regards to length, dissertations typically have several hundreds of pages, and are thus much longer than research papers. In turn, dissertations differ from research papers as they must make an original contribution to knowledge and thus cannot be derived solely from research of the extant literature on a topic. While these differences are significant, the same principles that you use when writing a research paper are applicable when you are writing a dissertation. You must use evidence to support the thesis that is being advanced by your dissertation. In so doing, following the principles of essay and research paper writing are very valuable when writing a dissertation.

This said, dissertations resemble research papers in that they are, for all intents and purposes, very long essays. Like a research paper, a dissertation supports a thesis through a list of arguments in favor of it. As such, every dissertation is an essay and research paper. At the same time, most essays and research papers are not dissertations. Given that writing a dissertation involves a lengthy project making a novel contribution to the scientific literature, it is a very specific type of essay and research paper. As you write your dissertation, keep in mind that you are writing what is essentially an essay. Think of your chapters as being analogous to the headings that you would use in an essay or research paper. Writing a dissertation is thus simply a longer, original and novel manifestation of the research paper which is itself an essay.