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A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO COPYWRITING is a high-end academic ghostwriting and copywriting company that blows away the competition by only hiring current and former college and university professors with graduate level credentials.

COPYWRITING BY UNEMPLOYED PROFESSORS is a high-end academic ghostwriting and copywriting company that blows away the competition by only hiring current and former college and university professors with graduate level credentials.

Unemployed Professors are all native speakers of English. With Unemployed Professors making use of strict internal controls to prevent plagiarism, we can guarantee that none of our papers contain any plagiarized material. Unemployed Professors has not had a documented case of internal plagiarism in over eleven years. With these quality controls and safeguards in place, Unemployed Professors is your best choice for ordering a custom essay, custom research paper, custom dissertation or custom copywriting.

Read on below to learn more about custom copywriting and how Unemployed Professors can help write your copywriting.


Fundamentally, copywriting is writing that is oriented towards marketing and promotional purposes. Copywriting is the text, promotional in nature, that is associated with the advertising of a product or service. In this respect, custom copywriting involves hiring a professional, like those employed by Unemployed Professors to write compelling custom copy that will ensure that the sales of your good or product take off. Custom copywriting is the key to success in any market because of how effective sales are always based on differentiation. Custom copywriting is thus custom marketing oriented writing that has the goal of promoting a good or service in the context of this differentiation and an organization’s broader business goals.

With this in mind, copywriting is simultaneously a creative activity and a structured one. On the one hand, good custom copywriters must know how to best seller your brand, service or product. This means that they must use their imagination and creativity to write custom copy that is compelling, and which ties in with the demographic and psychographic characteristics that the company is intended for. On the other hand, brand messaging via copywriting needs to be consistent in nature. This means that custom copywriting must be consistent in terms of the structure that is uses and the way by which it integrates with the psychographic and demographic goals of the marketing effort.

When engaging in copywriting, understanding the business that one is writing for is absolutely critical. Good custom copywriting not only depends on an understanding of the product or service but being marketed but also requires understanding the company putting the good or service forward. Understanding the organization is crucial because it allows for the custom copywriting to reflect the values of the brand and the goals which the brand is associating with the good or product that it is bringing to market.

Ultimately, copywriting is what businesses use to differentiate their products and services from those offered by the competition. This means that effective custom copywriting also requires a near complete understanding of the business environment in which the good or service is being marketed. In other words, custom copywriting absolutely necessitates that the writer understands the competition which the business they are working with is facing. By understanding the competition, effective custom copywriting can help sustain the differentiation that is built into the good or service itself. It is a tool of persuasion that holds immense value in terms of helping a firm reach its objectives and as it pertains to linking consumers to products or services that could be of great use to them.


When you are first engaging in copywriting, you need to understand the brand, product and/or service you will be writing in relation to. The first step for effective custom copywriting is to understand the good or product that you will be writing about as well as the company that is bringing it to market. Understanding the product is first important because the custom copywriting will be directly associated with promoting this product. In turn, effective understanding of the company is required for custom copywriting because of how the company will wants its values and broader identity reflected in its marketing mix. There is a need, in all custom copywriting, for the author to synthesize the relationship between the firm and the product so as to bring out both the identity of the product and the identity of the brand.

Copywriting also requires that you fully understand the competitive environment that the business you are writing for finds itself in. For example, a start-up in the financial services sector will not require the same type of copywriting as a bicycle shop targeting a local market of cycling enthusiasts. Understanding the market is critical for custom copywriting because of how it allows the copywriter to situate the product in the environment. Moreover, it allows for the custom copyright to better reflect how the firm the copywriter is working for is different from the competition. Because all different firms have different internal cultures, excellent custom copywriting will allow for the culture and values of the firm to be at the center of the marketing mix.

When you are copywriting, you must consistently take into account the relationship between the brand, their market orientation, and their marketing mix. In this respect, custom copywriting is fundamentally oriented towards ensuring that the copy is commensurate with the rest of the marketing activities undertaken by the firm. When producing custom copywriting, it is thus imperative that the copywriter understand how to integrate the copy that they are writing into the broader structures of marketing which the firm is undertaking so as to most effectively promote their goods or products.

In the end and with copywriting being a long-term process that seeks to reinforce desirable consumer behaviors, it can be a long-term process. As a firm grows and gains success, it will want to maintain differentiation from its competitors. Effective custom copywriting is a great way to do this inasmuch as it can adapt to growing consumer knowledge of the good or product being marketed. Building a long-time relationship with a high quality custom copywriter is a great step for a firm that wants to maintain high levels of client engagement over the long term. Because excellent custom copywriting sustains positive relationships with clients and turns them into allies of the brand, it is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of maintaining outreach and communication with clients.


There is no set format for copywriting. Typically, the nature of copywriting will depend on the platform or purpose that it is being written for. Given that custom copywriting can be as short as a tagline and as long as a full-page advertisement, different types of advertising require different types of copywriting. Effective custom copywriting recognizes this difference. A good custom copywriter will be able to adjust the format of the copywriting to reflect the nature of the publishing structure that it is being disseminated through. In so doing, custom copywriting should be formatted in a manner which makes the most of the medium that is being used for advertising.

Moreover, the formatting of custom copywriting must also take into account the graphics or videos which are being associated with the copy. For copy to be effective, it must be connected with mixed forms of media. This is especially important in the digital age because of how companies are increasingly used mixed forms of marketing which vary in their formats and media far more than at any time in history. In other words, effective custom copywriting must be formatted in a manner that reflects the graphics and other marketing tools which the firm is using to promote the product. If this is not done, the custom copywriting will not be in line with the actual marketing mix and will be ineffective in nature.


The main difference between copywriting and academic writing is that copywriting is directly oriented towards marketing a brand, product or service. Most academic writing is not oriented towards promoting a good or service but instead is oriented towards supporting a thesis. In this respect, the two differ in their core purpose. At the same time however, custom copywriting bears some similarities to academic writing because both are fundamentally persuasive in their orientation. This said, academic writing tends to make use of a formal approach to discourse while copywriting is often informal in nature. Writ-large, this brings about a situation in which the principles of academic writing can be applied to custom copywriting as long as the author is cognizant of the differences in tone and form which are associated with copywriting and marketing more generally speaking.