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Visual Analysis Essay Writing Service

A visual analysis essay requires you to study visual and design elements of a piece of artwork. When writing the essay, you need to create an engaging description of these elements in order for your readers to mentally picture what you are analyzing. These essays are common in History, Art History, and English courses. Before you write, however, you need to understand art, the background of the art under review, and other details about the type of art you are analyzing.

How Long Should a Visual Analysis Essay Be?

The visual analysis essay is not any different from a rhetorical analysis essay when it comes to length. The essay should have an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. Unless the instructor specifies otherwise, you should not have more than five paragraphs.

What Should a Visual Analysis Essay Include?

A visual analysis essay should have a vivid description of the visual elements of an artwork. Some of the elements include color, line, texture, form, shape, size, value, and symbolic elements. Artists use different design elements. Some of the design principles that need to feature in your essay include:

Visual Analysis Essay Writing Preparations

Preparation involves reading, from outside sources, about the piece of artwork you or your professor chose for you to analyze. As you study the artwork, you need to review several aspects that make up the artwork, prepare your ideas, and consider the goals of the artwork. During this stage, your aim is to develop the frame of mind that helps you create the other stages of the essay.

Write the Essay

When you take the preparations seriously, your essay will have all the components, including a thesis statement, citations, the right formatting, and it will not have errors and mistakes. A visual analysis essay consists of these four layout elements:

Once you have the ideas and the outline, start writing the essay. Start with your draft and then transfer the logical ideas in the final copy. With the draft, you can make mistakes and then correct the mistakes. The draft offers you a good way to organize your thoughts before you develop a thesis.

Proofreading and Revising

Wrapping up is the final stage in writing an essay. Here, you need to identify the weak points and mistakes in your essay to make it high quality. You need to remove all spelling and grammatical errors and correct missing punctuations. Ensure the arguments are not inconsistent or illogical. For students, your essay must meet all the academic requirements as set by your professor.

The formatting and transitions of the essay should create a natural flow and not hinder it. Remove all the inconsistencies and use phrases such as therefore, hence, to help your readers keep a decent pace. Follow the appropriate format for your essays, such as Harvard, Chicago, APA 7, and MLA 8 as requested in the essay instructions provided by your professor. Ensure there are headings and subheadings to make your work easy to read.

After the initial assessment, let your essay go through peer review. This is where you give your friends the essay to read and help you make any corrections you may have missed. Make the necessary adjustments after the peer review and then proceed to create the final copy.

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