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I'm trying to pay but the system is giving me "DO NOT HONOR" error code
Yes, don't panic. This very error code is happening when your own bank flags the transaction due to your own security (happens sometimes). A simple call to them will resolve this. Notify them that you're the one making the transaction and they'll unblock it for you.
How can I contact my prof?
Login to your account, go to MY PROJECTS and click on your project, you'll see a button entitled INBOX, by clicking that you'll be able to chat with your prof through that forum.
I would like to delete my profile from the site.
Sure thing, you can do so by logging in then click ACCOUNT then PROFILE and you'll see a button DELETE, by pressing that your account will be deleted.
My due date just passed and the prof did not upload my project yet.
Firstly, make sure whether you didn't get confused between time zones, if not, no worries, simply contact the prof and once they login they should upload it, if the paper is late more than 3 hours you can proceed with contacting us in order for us to look into it.


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