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Unemployed Professors is a world leader in custom essays and custom research papers.

Throughout our history, academic and professional clients have approached us to write resumes and cover letter. Some of these are new clients who simply want their resume and cover letter professionalized while others are clients who have graduated for school and want a custom resume and custom cover letter to effectively enter the job market. Providing custom essays, custom resumes and custom cover letters to clients around the globe since 2011, Unemployed Professors has unmatched experience and expertise in the custom cover letter and custom resume industries.

With Unemployed Professors thoroughly rejecting the essay mill model, all of its custom essay, custom cover letter and custom resume writers are based in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. As Unemployed Professors only hires native speakers of English to write custom resumes, custom cover letters and custom essays, it can guarantee you a level of quality and professionalism that no other online purveyor of custom resumes, custom essays and custom cover letters can guarantee.

Read the guide below so as to receive expert Unemployed Professors guidance as it pertains to writing a cover letter and designing a resume. If you require assistance with a custom essay, custom book report, custom thesis or any other type of custom academic report, Unemployed Professors is the solution that you require. Go ahead and post it on our free online bidding platform so that our various qualified professors can examine your project and place affordable bids for custom essays and custom cover letters. There is no time like the present to make use of Unemployed Professors to get you the job of your dreams by having us write you a custom cover letter and custom resume.


A resume, also known as a curriculum vitae, is the most common structure by which a candidate for a job will present their credentials to their employer. Typically, a resume will list a job seeker’s qualifications, goals, educational background and work history. The purpose of a resume is to show a potential employer that you are a good fit for the job that they are offering. When we prepare a custom resume for a client, we make sure that we align the elements of the client’s background which are most suitable for the job being offered with the characteristics which are noted within the job posting or offering.

In turn, a cover letter represents the front matter that one will send along with their custom resume when applying for a job. Given that a custom resume will not tell an employer what the applicant will bring to their company, a cover letter represents a document, typically less than a page, whereby the job seeker will explain why they are interested in the job, and why they are qualified to get it. Writing an effective custom cover letter allows us to present you to your potential employer in the best possible light by ensuring that we link your custom resume and your custom cover letter in line with the requirements of the job.

In writing a resume and cover letter, you will need to tailor what you are writing to the specific nature of the job you are applying to. When we write custom resumes and custom cover letters, we always research the employer and the organizational culture that they are trying to maintain. In so doing, we are capable of writing custom cover letters which show how our client aligns with the organizational culture of the employer they are seeking a job with. As your custom cover letter is the most important tool that you have for getting an interview, we work to do all that we can to make sure that we align your custom resume and custom cover letter with that which your dream job requires.

Ultimately, writing a resume and cover letter is of critical importance because it is what will allow you to get the job of your dreams. When our ghostwriters produce custom resumes and custom cover letters, they take into account your qualifications, your job preferences as well as the specifics of the employer that you are making an application to. We do not write bulk custom essays and custom cover letters Rather, we tailor each custom resume and custom cover letter that we write to the needs of our client, and the preferences of their preferred employer.


The first step in writing a cover letter and preparing a resume is to understand the nature of the job or position you are applying to. For both your cover letter and your resume, you must highlight your skills and characteristics which align with the demands of the position as well as the culture of the organization you are applying to. When you write a resume, you must thus focus on emphasizing your qualifications and experiences which are in line with the job posting that you are responding to or the research conducted about the employer you want to work for, and their organizational culture.

In writing a resume, you will want to emphasize your strengths, and how they make you a good fit for the job you are applying to. When you write a resume, you will list your education, your previous job experience as well as other pertinent information about yourself in reverse chronological order. In other words, writing a resume means listing your educational and work qualifications from the latest to the older. While you should never lie when you write a resume, you should do all that you can to emphasize the positives and minimize the significance of any negatives that might appear. With employers increasingly using algorithms to filter incoming resumes, the pros here at Unemployed Professors know which keywords to include so that your resume is not automatically rejected but that it is instead seen by an actual human being in your targeted company’s recruitment team.

Finally, remember that writing a cover letter is how you will introduce yourself to your potential employer. The cover letter provides context for your resume and tells your potential employer why you are qualified to work for them, and enthusiastic in your application. When we write a customer cover letter, we will work with you to understand why you want the job, embellish your reasons so they are congruent with what your employer is looking for, and help you land that job of your dreams.


Unlike academic custom essays and research projects, there is no single way to format a resume or a cover letter. With regards to a resume, conventions varies by industry. For many jobs, anything longer than a single page of bullet points might get ignored. In other industries, your resume may be a dozen pages of long and include all of your publications, committee memberships and other characteristics. At Unemployed Professors, we know how to write a custom resume that will align with the specific industry you are looking for a job in because we have researched almost all of them already.

In turn, writing cover letters involves far more significant convention with regards to how it should be written. It should make use of single or 1.5 lined spacing, use a formal salutation, contain a main body made up of two to three paragraphs, and conclude with a formal salutation including your contact information. A cover letter should rarely be more than a page long except in industries where you are asked to go in depth about your past experiences. Some organizations may ask you to respond to a questionnaire, rather than writing a cover letter, as this is more compatible with their human resources needs.


The main difference between a resume and a cover letter is that a resume will include an objective list of your qualifications while a cover letter will present you to a potential employer. While a resume is just a list of data, a cover letter is what allows you to be you when you are seeking a job. When we write custom cover letters for our clients, we ensure that our clients are able to put their own voice forward in terms of ensuring that they are well represented by their Unemploye4d Professor. Ultimately, think of your custom resume as a listing or your qualification and your custom cover letter as you pitching yourself to your employer the same way that a commercial for a product would serve to market this type of product.