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Resumes & Cover Letter Writing

resumes and cover letters

Resumes & Cover Letter Writing

When you can’t get the job through pure nepotism or wanton sexual favors, you need a great resume. Let us help you. Little-known fact: We have completed thousands of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional documents over the years. We stay on top of trends in resume design and keywords so we can provide you with a document that helps you shine on the job market. If you think your mom has got some nice things to say about you, wait ‘til you hear what we can say about you (and, for the record, last night your mom said you were an impressive professional).

resume design

Resume Design

We can assist with both resume design as well as content, and we can create differentiated versions of your resume that would be ideal to use in hard copy for interviews, digitally as a downloadable on your personal site, and / or submitting to automated systems. Naturally, we can also help you tweak a cover letter so it is tailored to a particular job posting or postings.

We’ve helped a wide variety of folks with resumes since 2011, people from every walk of life and in every stage of life: From high schoolers looking for part-time gigs to new graduates to mid-career professionals to career changers to parents going back to work after we helped their kids with school. And more. We’ve helped people in a vast array of industries and professions with their resumes and cover letters, from IT pros to teachers to nurses to business administrators to public servants to creatives. We can help you find ways to reframe your experiences and qualifications in ways that help you shine in a hyper-competitive job market. We want to help you tell your professional story. Give us a try and post your project now!

We know for a fact there are still things to write about Shakespeare, and we’re living proof.
Try us. You won’t be disappointed.