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  • Whether you’re writing a thesis for an undergraduate degree or a Master’s, we know full well that the expanded scope and original research requirements of a thesis can be daunting. Moreover, considering that you’re expected to produce this thesis on your own, while completing your regular coursework, we are well attuned to the realities underlying why so many students come to Unemployed Professors for custom thesis projects. We know that a thesis is two things. First, it’s a way to culminate your degree program by putting your personal touch on an area of scholarship that’s important to you. Second, we know that it’s also a deeply problematic element, in terms of length and research requirements, for students who are completing this type of assignment for the first time.
  • Thus, whether you’re short on time or in over your head, Unemployed Professors is the web’s best producer of custom theses for three specific sets of reasons. First, all off Unemployed Professors are native English speakers with advanced graduate degrees from top universities. With over 90% of our professors having taught at the college or university level, you’re in good hands because the vast majority of our custom thesis writers have actually supervised the writing of undergraduate or Master’s theses. Second, and considering that a custom thesis is a highly personal project, our professor-student conference rooms ensure that you have 24/7 access to your professor should a change in the direction of your project, or an important piece of feedback from your professor come up. Finally, all of our professors are attuned with regards to the most common quantitative and qualitative methodologies which might be required by your custom thesis. Combining all three of these elements, it’s more than clear that Unemployed Professors is your top choice for you custom thesis project.
    • All of our professors are native speakers of English
    • We do not outsource any of our work to developing countries
    • All of our professors’ credentials have been independently verified
    • Absolutely no plagiarism or recycled material
    • Guaranteed confidentiality
    • Rapid response time
    • A voracious online bidding system
    • Topic specialists from Astronomy to Zoology
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