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Research paper writing services By Unemployed Professors

Custom Research paper writing services is a company that provides high school and college research paper writing serves and offers the best prices on the market. Unlike many other writing services, our writes are real unemployed professors who know how to structure research papers. We can provide you with professional help, whether for admissions essays, case studies, research papers, or just general essays.

At Unemployed Professors , we fully know and understand the difference between a custom essay and a custom research paper – perhaps even better than your own professor does. While a custom essay is largely self-directed writing, based on a customer’s wise instructions, a custom research paper is typically a more complex endeavour. Requiring the collection and analysis of raw data, either qualitative or quantitative, a custom research paper is different than a custom essay because of the need to not only analyze data results, but also produce these results at the same time.

Unlike other essay services providers, we have writers based in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Western Europe; therefore, you're assured of quality analytical essays from writers whose native language is English. We also ensure the research writer's credentials are verified to prove their expertise. We also have a unique way to hire writers where we use a referral from current writers to get qualified writers from their network. UnemployedProfessors hires writers with degrees and PhDs who have worked at the university level to ensure our clients get the best services.

Our professors have all written graduate level research papers, from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives, during their graduate school and teaching careers. Moreover, given that many of our custom essay and custom research paper writers are still active in academia, they are on the cutting edge of the research methodologies which your professor likely expects in assigning you this paper. Additionally, and considering that all of our professors are native English speakers, you can be assured that they are going to be able to blend best practice methodologies with a perfect command of the English language.

When it comes to custom research papers, this is the Unemployed Professors advantage. Going above and beyond the competition with our professors’ advanced methodological proficiencies, along with our online conference rooms which allow you to maintain contact with your professor 24/7; we are the internet’s foremost producer of custom research papers. Capable of making use of any referencing system, due to our internal usage of EndNote referencing software, we offer a comprehensive and efficient service for the completion of even the most difficult of custom research papers. Having produced several thousand custom research papers at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, Unemployed Professors should be your first choice for a high-end custom research paper.


A research paper is an essay that focuses on researching a specific element. Research papers are common across all disciplines and you will find them in English, the Social Sciences, and even the Natural Sciences. Given that all research papers are essays, writing a research paper means adopting an essay model. The core feature of an essay is that it a form of academic writing that is driven by a thesis. The thesis represents the central argument that the research paper is making. The thesis is always located in the first paragraph of the essay. After presenting your thesis, you will want to provide an overview of how you will support your thesis through argumentation and sources. This should also be in your introduction. Linking your thesis to these arguments is the key to writing a successful research paper because the goal of writing any essay is always to support your thesis with facts and evidence.

The subsequent paragraphs of the research paper all exist so as to support the claims that you are making in your thesis. The best practice for writing a research paper is to devote each paragraph to a single piece of evidence or line of argumentation that supports your thesis. Each of the paragraphs of a research paper should begin with a topic sentence that clearly introduces what this paragraph will discuss. As you write the paragraph, present all of the information that is associated with that element of support for the thesis. In a standard essay, you should not be using pieces of evidence which support different parts of the thesis in the same paragraph. The conclusion of your research paper should wrap up the argument that you made to support your thesis. It should provide an overview of all of the main points that you used to support your thesis when writing your research paper. You should never add new information to the conclusion, but you may discuss the implications of your thesis or questions for future research.

For many high school and college research papers, a five-paragraph essay format is used. The five-paragraph essay format is very easy to use. If you are wondering how to write a five-paragraph research paper, the introduction should contain your thesis. Then, each of the three body paragraphs should contain one piece of information or argument to support your thesis. The conclusion should consolidate everything that you have discussed in your body paragraphs. While the five-paragraph research paper model is very common, much longer research papers do not use the five-paragraph model and should instead be based on the use of sections, something that is discussed below in reference to how to format your essay.

While the form and nature of a research paper might change depending on the class you are taking, how to write an essay does not change. It is a process that is always based on writing a thesis and supporting it with evidence. A thesis should be viewed as an argument and all of the facts that you are using in your research paper should be viewed as pieces of evidence supporting your thesis. Once you’re finished writing your research paper, your thesis will have at least three paragraphs of supporting arguments. While research papers vary in terms of their length and complexity, often on the basis of how advanced the class you are taking is, the core of writing a research paper is always supporting your thesis through evidence as you would in any essay.


The first step in writing any research paper is to decide what your thesis is going to be. Sometimes, your professor will provide you with a question and you should base your research paper’s thesis on the phrasing of the question. For more open-ended projects, you should come up with a thesis that is interesting to you. Once you place your thesis in your introduction, you must find the sources that will support your thesis throughout the research paper just like when writing any other essay. From there, you will want to get organized before writing your research paper. The best way to do this is to first build an essay outline. Many examples of essay outlines are available on the web, but you should place your thesis at the top, and then divide your pieces of supporting evidence into paragraphs.

Once you have organized your research paper by creating an essay outline, it is time to begin writing your research paper. You can either start by writing your introduction and then building the body paragraphs that support the thesis. Alternatively, you can write your research paper by writing the body paragraphs to support the thesis first, and then write the introduction and conclusion. Both of these approaches have strengths and weaknesses. If you have made a solid outline, you might want to write your introduction first and then proceed with writing the body of your research paper. If your outline is weak, you might want to write the body paragraphs first to make sure that they are supporting your thesis. If necessary, you can adjust your thesis accordingly if you do not think the body pages of your research paper support the thesis. Adjusting your thesis does not mean that your research paper is a failure. It simply means that your research has led you to believe that your original thesis was not entirely correct.


When writing a research paper, the most commonly accepted fonts are Times New Roman, Cambria, and Arial. The first step that you should take is making sure that you are using a size 12 font and double-spacing your text. Double-spacing is important because it ensures that your margins are even and that all of your text can fit onto the page without running onto the next one. You should align the text left, and unless your professor has told you otherwise, do not click the Justify button. You should then set your margins to 1 inch on all sides of the document.

Once you have formatted your research paper in this way, you may want to use headings and sub-headings so as to organize your research paper. Headings should be bolded and centered over the paragraphs that they refer to. Aligning headings centrally and putting them in bold will make them more visible and make it easier for your reader to follow the structure of your research paper. Headings are especially useful for writing longer research papers. You generally will not format your essay with headings when you are using a traditional five-paragraph essay model

Finally, and to avoid plagiarism, it is very important that you cite all of the sources that you use in your research paper. Citing your sources is tied to formatting because different essay citation styles, like APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard, will all have different implications for how you make your citations, and even how you number your pages. You should find a style guide that is associated with the citation style you have been asked to use. They are available all over the Web. Do not forget to cite all your sources when formatting your research paper or you could be accused of plagiarism.


Research papers and papers differ significantly. While all research papers are essays, not all papers are essays or research papers. If you have been asked to write a research paper, you must never forget that the core of your essay is the thesis. The way that an essay is centered around a thesis and serves to build an argument to support the thesis is what makes an essay a research project. A paper does not always involve a thesis. Instead, some papers just require that you give your thoughts on a topic or list facts. A research paper is thus a specific type of essay that is driven by a thesis and supporting evidence.