What can our ghostwriters do

What can our ghostwriters do?

As long as it’s legal, we can write pretty much anything. From response papers to midterm and final essays, all the way to dissertations and thesis chapters, we’ll write it for you based on your custom specifications. With Master’s and Doctoral level experts specializing in disciplines running the gamut from Anthropology to Zoology, we have all of the custom academic solutions that you’ll need to complete those projects which are infringing on your personal time.

Cost of our writing services

The cost of a typical project depends on the complexity of the content and is determined by the professors who will place bids. All bids are in US funds and range between $10 to $35 per page.

How fast can our writers deliver your paper?

How fast can our writers deliver your paper?

In this context, it’s important to remember that, like the free market, our site works on the basis of an auction-style bidding system. With professors operating in all of these disciplines, there is a very good chance that a professor with expertise in your subject matter, or just MENSA-level genius, will bid on your project. That said, a very high-level or incredibly specific project is something that is best posted with more than a day of turn-around. Not even Karl Marx on Crystal Meth could write a good forty page dissertation chapter on the courting rituals of dolphins over the course of six hours.


So, getting the most for your ghostwriting buck, through our services, is best done by taking two steps:

First: Evaluate your project, and examine whether or not what you’re looking for is feasible in terms of the time frame you’re presenting. While there’s certainly a good chance that a prof will be available to complete your Aristotle reaction paper in four hours, the chances that a twenty page essay could be produced in that time frame, while still real, are far lesser. In some contexts, you might just want to ask your prof for an extension before posting.

Second: Be specific as to what you need. Our professors specialize across all disciplines, but they need to know what you need, or want, if they’re to deliver you an A+ burger with awesome sauce. So think about things like page length, minimum and maximum word counts, referencing style, number of references needed, and the quality of the writing you want. If you’re not Shakespeare, make sure to list this in your post. The same thing goes if you need British spelling as a prerequisite. The more specific you are in this regard, the better your project will turn out, and the faster your ninja master prof will be able to churn it out.

At the end of the day, this is a service that we provide to make your life easier. Whether you’re stressing out madly over a paper or just need to get it done so you can go to “drunk o’clock,” don’t worry about it. We can handle the content and the writing as surely as Pope Francis can drunk dial a nunnery looking for fun. Given that we can do it all, following the tips listed above will not only ensure that you find the most qualified professor to work on your project, but that you simultaneously get exactly what you want, and the most bang for your buck.

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