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  • Here at Unemployed Professors , we typically see two types of editing jobs. The first of these are essays and research papers, written by responsible students, which simply need a little bit of spiffiness added by our amazing professors. These projects are fun, and can often mean the difference between a C and an A paper. As a note, we’ve found that, while useful to almost all students, these editing services are especially useful for student for whom English is a second language, and who simply need a little bit of assistance so as to ensure that their great ideas are put into a form which will end up getting them the A they so deeply desire. Interestingly, it should also be noted that an editing job is often cheaper than a custom essay. Rarely when rewriting or editing a student’s paper do we need to start from scratch, as is often the case with the second type of editing job which we discuss below. Instead, a student can up their grade and save a fair bit of money by hiring one of our Unemployed Professors to professionally edit their paper.
  • Second, and less happily, we also handle a lot of cases in which we’re asked to completely revise or rewrite a paper written by another custom essay website. Whether it’s because the original instructions were not followed, the essay was plagiarized, or because it was written by a non-natives speaker, something which is all too common today, we handle a lot of these types of re-dos. Don’t worry if you’re bringing a sub-par project from another custom essay site to Unemployed Professors . Based on the Unemployed Professors model, where all of our writers have had their credentials independently-verified, and where you have 24/7 access to them through our message boards; you can be assured that our editing work will be able to fix up even the most significant screw-up.
    • All of our professors are native speakers of English
    • We do not outsource any of our work to developing countries
    • All of our professors’ credentials have been independently verified
    • Absolutely no plagiarism or recycled material
    • Guaranteed confidentiality
    • Rapid response time
    • A voracious online bidding system
    • Topic specialists from Astronomy to Zoology
    • Awesome blog articles sometimes advising you on how to hook up!

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