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College Essay Editing Services
By Unemployed Professors is a company that provides custom college and university essay and paper editing services and offers the best prices on the market. Unlike many other College essay editing services, our writers are real unemployed professors who know how the core and extended processes associated with essay and paper revisions. We can provide you with professional help, whether for admissions essays, case studies, research papers, or just general essays.

Custom College Essay Editing Services

Here at Unemployed Professors , we typically see two types of editing jobs. The first of these are essays and research papers, written by responsible students, which simply need a little bit of spiffiness added by our amazing professors. These projects are fun, and can often mean the difference between a C and an A paper. As a note, we’ve found that, while useful to almost all students, these college essay editing services are especially useful for student for whom English is a second language, and who simply need a little bit of assistance so as to ensure that their great ideas are put into a form which will end up getting them the A they so deeply desire. Interestingly, it should also be noted that an editing job is often cheaper than a custom essay. Rarely when rewriting or editing a student’s paper do we need to start from scratch, as is often the case with the second type of editing job which we discuss below. Instead, a student can up their grade and save a fair bit of money by hiring one of our Unemployed Professors to professionally edit their paper.

Unlike other essay services providers, we have writers based in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Western Europe; therefore, you're assured of quality analytical essays from writers whose native language is English. We also ensure the writer's credentials are verified to prove their expertise. We also have a unique way to hire writers where we use a referral from current writers to get qualified writers from their network. UnemployedProfessors hires writers with degrees and PhDs who have worked at the university level to ensure our clients get the best services.

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Paper editing is the process by which the contents of an essay or research paper are verified so as to ensure that their structure is optimized, that the referencing system used by the author is consistent, and that no mistakes have been made in terms of referencing, sourcing, structuring or the writing process itself. The process of editing a paper is a rigorous and time-consuming one that is based on making use of a methodical approach and an open mind. As an essay is reviewed, the reviewer will not only look for typos but will also look for areas where there are gaps in the logic of your argument, unsubstantiated claims, and errors in formatting or sourcing. Many students who do not buy college essays still make use of paper editing services because they know that using an expert unemployed professor will allow their paper to be transformed from a good one to a great one.

Paper and essay editing is especially important for international and ESL students. If English if not your native language, it is of course more likely that you will make more mistakes when writing an essay. This is normal and you should not be ashamed of it. You can ask a friend to take a look at your essay, hire an unemployed professor to do it or even bring it to your college writing center. All of these different editing resources will allow you, to differing degrees, to take your brilliant ideas and ensure that they are presented in a manner that is commensurate with your intelligence. We know that international students have it hard when they come to study in the United States, England or Canada. As such, our unemployed professors have the intercultural competence to help international students edit essays and help ESL students edit papers.


There is no single approach to editing an essay. Because essay editing involves examining structure, sourcing, referencing, grammar, the coherence of your argument as well as your spelling, editing a paper is a multifaceted process. Below, we present some tips regarding how you can best edit your paper. This being said, there are some general principles that you should observe when editing an essay. First, you need to make use of a methodical approach. List the elements of the paper that you will be editing, and then proceed through them one at a time. If you make a change in one area of the paper, ensure that it does not involve changes being made to another area of the essay without you editing that part as well. A good essay is more than the sum of its parts. Editing a paper is about bringing these parts together to put forth the excellence of your ideas. When you are editing your essay, you need to focus and, most importantly, you need to recognize that you need to edit your project more than once if you want to achieve real academic excellence.

This said, editing a paper can be made simpler when a professor has provided you with comments on a first draft or outline of your paper. With these comments representing the directions that your professor wants you to take so as to get an excellent grade, following the comments made by your professor is critical. If your professor has given you comments or feedback on how you should edit your paper, they will likely be upset if you do not follow them. This comes with good news and bad news. The bad news is that professor feedback sometimes means that you have to start from scratch and write a new essay instead of editing it. The good news is that editing an essay on the basis of feedback will allow you to obtain the A+ grade that you deserve.


The process of paper editing is as varied as the types of essays that are written in universities. Key areas for editing papers include spelling, grammar, structure, sourcing and referencing. When you are editing your paper, you should start with structure to ensure that your body paragraphs are supporting your thesis. You should then proofread your essay in relation to grammar and editing, and make any necessary changes. Then, you should examine your sourcing and your referencing to ensure that every source that you used to write the essay is referenced and that you have been consistent in terms of your use of a specific citation style. Professors will often dock points for minor sourcing and citation mistakes so this is an important part of editing your paper.

Once you have edited your structure, your grammar and spelling and then your sourcing and your referencing, you should do it again. No, we are not joking. Editing a paper once is not enough. Because of confirmation bias, our brain sometimes ignores mistakes that we make. To avoid this when editing a paper, it is better to edit it multiple times to ensure that you haven’t missed a critical mistake during your first edit. The best practice for editing a paper is to have someone else look over it. They can offer you ideas for improving your essay or they can find typos or grammar mistakes that you might have missed. Sometimes professors will be willing to look over your essay prior to submission but this is rare unless they have asked you to provide a rough draft. If your professor will not review your essay, we recommend that you ask a friend to edit it for you or hire an unemployed professor to do it.


If you are looking for some quick tips for essay and paper editing, you’ve come to the right place. When you are editing an essay, you want to look at structure first. Do you have a thesis? Do your body paragraphs support your thesis? Does each body paragraph or section of your research paper support a different argument? Does your conclusion not include new information but provides reflections on what you have already done? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you are ready to move to our second tip.

The second tip for editing a research paper is to engage in a disciplined proofreading of the paper. Unless you’re writing your paper at the last minute, you should wait a few hours or even a day between finishing your paper and proofreading it. The reason for that is that errors that you might have made while writing your essay may have become normalized in your brain during the writing process. If you wait a few hours, you are more likely to notice the mistakes that you have made as the essay will not be as fresh in your mind.

A third tip is to have someone else proofread the essay for you. Your brain is hard wired to not notice the mistakes that you have made. That is something that is called confirmation bias. Allowing someone else to edit your paper not only allows you to benefit from their good ideas but also allows for mistakes you have not noticed to become more obvious. You are far more likely to get a good grade is you ask a friend or hire an unemployed professor to proofread your essay or edit your research paper.

Finally, you should consult the style guide that you are using when editing a paper. Whether you are using MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard or another citation style, your professor will be happy to take points away for minor mistakes in formatting and referencing. Use online style guides, like the free ones offered by Purdue University, to ensure that all of your citations are correct and consistent. If you do not know how to use the citation style you have been asked, you can consult your school’s writing center or hire an unemployed professor to look over your referencing and edit your essay.