Undergraduate degree: ALB 1986 with honors, from Harvard University, Cambridge MA
MA, PhD. 1998 in history from Emory University, Atlanta GA

My education is wide and varied. As an undegraduate I focused on history, philosophy, political science and political sociology, as well as the standard area requirements in english, science and foreign languages. As an undergraduate, I wrote several detailed research papers, on topics as different as an in depth analysis of Aristotle's Posterior Analytics, a study of Thomas Jefferson's ideas on American expansionism, papers on political parties and social change in Peru, Mexico and Argentina, and on the role of peasant political movements in forming democratic and dictatorial governments in Latin America. 

My graduate degree is in American history, with an area concentration in political science and political theory. The focus of my research is on political thought in early national Virgina, and the intersection of political theory with the evolving pro-slavery ideology in the American South

Past Employment

I have taught for more than 20 years at a wide variety of educational institutions, from Community Colleges in the US Midwest and West, to private liberal arts colleges, to large state universities. Since 2004 I have been teaching full time at community colleges in Ohio, Idaho and Colorado, teaching history, political science and government, philosophy and ethics, and capstone courses. As a teacher, I know what professors are looking for in an essay, writing assignment or research paper--the kinds of questions they want students to ask, the sources they want to see used, the integration of evidence into an argument, and the kind of citations they will expect.


I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in history and political science from top 20 universities in the US, and can certainly help you finish your assignments with quality, polish and on time. My areas of expertise and interest include US and Latin American history, Western Civilization, philosophy, ethics, political theory, American government, International relations, political sociaology and comparative revolutions. But, I can write on a wide range of topics from current events to art history as well. 


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