University of Toronto   

Master of Literature
Completed graduate program through major thesis and coursework

University of Toronto

Bachelor of Art

English language and literature specialist.

Past Employment

Academic freelance writer 
2015 - 2016

After School Assistant Counselor 
2015 – present

School clerk Assistant-Intern 

Volunteer Teacher’s Aide 



Date Comment Rating
12/08/2017 Passed thank you 
08/23/2017 It was well written. Very good job. 
07/25/2017 Did a good job and received a B on the assignment.  The formatting was all correct and the assignment was done well.
07/17/2017 Did a great job on my Business Law essay I received an A.
07/14/2017 Excellent work
07/13/2017 perfect powerpoint presentation
07/10/2017 Project was a super short timeline and the professor did a great job getting me a paper longer than expected within the timeframe!
07/08/2017 Above and beyond what I expected. Project was completed 4 hours prior to deadline. Highly recommend this professor and I can't wait to work with this professor again. 
07/05/2017 He did great, but sometimes there are just professors out there that want you to fail. In a different class setting this paper received an A. Solid work.
07/03/2017 This professor has done about 20 assignments for me and I have always gotten an A for it. I couldn't think of a better professor to do your project.
07/03/2017 Great work, on time. I don't know what else you can ask for.
07/03/2017 This is the professor you should select for your assignment. You won't be disappointed and you won't have to worry about the quality he puts out. He absolutely delivers an amazing product every time.
07/03/2017 The work that mastermatt does is superb. I only have 2 classes left in order to graduate and they are incredibly technical. I was concerned at first that given his background he may struggle with the work, but he has delivered A's on each and every assignment without fail. He is my go to professor from here on out.
07/03/2017 Great work, I always get the maximum points for the assignment when mastermatt does it.
07/03/2017 Best professor ever! I had a huge backlog of work (like 10 assignments) and other classes I was trying to keep up on. The professor hammered them out and helped me pass the class so I will be able to graduate on time.
06/28/2017 Helped out with my Literature Review; thorough and early.
06/27/2017 Matt truly was a master for my paper. As a first time user, I had some concerns which Matt did his best to respond. What he delivered was exceptional. TurnItIn score of only 8% and that was obviously a result of headers. Matt, thank you. You killed this paper!
Great paper. Fell a little short in the length and was not a full three pages but never the less it was well written. Thank you.
06/24/2017 Mastermatt wrote a very professional paper.  It was exactly what I asked for and I would definitly recommend him to a friend.
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