I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophya and Ph.D. in Philosophy from (MIT).

Past Employment

I'm an assistant professor at a renown University, where I've been teaching and tutoring students since 2013. Before that, I was a junior fellow at a renown university for 2 years.


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NB: As per the company policy, the minimum bid is $25 per each double spaced page, where a page is 225 words . However, if the assignment has a short deadline 24 to 48 hours or needs more attaention, it may attract extra charges.


Date Comment Rating
01/17/2017 Kate was awesome, minor changes needed, she corrected right away, I receive an "A". I will hire this professor again! Thanks
12/23/2016 wrote a 6 page paper when defined was 8 pages
12/15/2016 Taking into account Kate's credentials and the other reviews, I am definitely disappointed. I was initially given a very professional impression -- that Kate knew the subject matter, had much experience in writing similar papers, that my provided sources would be used primarily in the paper (they weren't really, until apparently hastily added in at the end), and that the paper would be delivered on time. In the end, I was not impressed by a very knowledgeable grasp of the subject matter; the paper came up short; was okay in quality at best; and I had even granted a short extension. My paper was in the realm of international development/poli sci/international relations, an area in which Kate does not sound like an expert. I have used this service multiple times before and this is the only time I can remember leaving a negative review. 
12/13/2016 The project was completed within a reasonable time, considering it was submitted last minute on my part. 

Besides a few changes that I made, the paper was extremely detailed and of a very high quality of writing. 

I'm impressed with the level of detail in the writing and would definitely consider using UP again if I'm ever in a difficult situation and unable to complete an assignment myself.

I could have easily done this assignment myself has I been healthy, but had completely forgot that there there was a final assignment due for this class, and had come down with the stomach flu this week and I was unable to do it myself.


12/05/2016 Great work!  Thanks for your help Kate.
12/03/2016 Didn't completely follow my professor's instructions and guidelines on first try, but when I messaged her about it, she made no excuses and had a revised essay written in about a day. Also, essay was turned in well before deadline which allowed the time for revisions and overall the essay came out pretty good. 
12/03/2016 Great professor, quick really good communicator work reads really well. Still waiting for feedback from tutor but couldn't fault Kate. She worked quickly getting the project to me early. Would highly recommend if I'm ever in a pinch again I will be contacting Kate! 
Nice job!  And, very reasonable and easy to work with on projects. 
11/30/2016 Great content, finished far before the dealine. 
Great quick service..... Highly recommended. Thank you.
11/26/2016 My paper was turned in earlier than my due date and it was great!
11/25/2016 Continued from last post. I will say Kate got this project done well ahead of time and was very accurate. Would definitely use her again. Thank you
Good paper. We will see how it works out in the end. Be careful. This Professor goes by the number of words and not number of pages. I had to go back and order two extra pages. Maybe that was my fault, who knows. Ovewrall I am pleased with the outcome. Would definitely use this prfessor again.
11/24/2016 This is a brilliant teacher.  Thank you so much Kate!
11/22/2016 I don't even know where to begin! When I first posted my assignment, I only gave writers 24 hours to complete, due to when my assignment was due, all the bids I was receiving were at least $300 plus, but not Kates, she offered half that rate. In addition to offering a killer rate for my last minute assignment, Kate also GREATLY exceeded my initial finish time. I needed this paper within 4 hours of kate accepting my assignment, I messaged her to let her know the urgency and see if she could complete 20 hours prior to the assigned time, and SHE DID!!! You have no idea how much that meant to me that she was so willing to work her ass off to finish this paper that I decided to submit to be done last minute. The best part, she still delivered a A+ plus paper, not shorting me of any good information. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kate over all the other she did go to MIT :)!
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