BA English Literature
MA English Literature
PhD Interdisciplinary Studies (ABD)

Past Employment

Various teaching positons at both state universities and small liberal arts colleges -- currently employed with the latter


Mark Twain said, “Don’t let schooling get in the way of education.” Although said perhaps in a tongue and cheek manner, Twain’s words ring true – and they ring especially true in the context of the services offered by and myself.
My experience in education runs the gamut, and I’ve taught a great deal of courses in the humanities. As a doctoral student my PhD research centers on the relationship between the literary aesthetic and empathy. You don't care about that though, nor should you. What you should care about are these two things:
1) My research is interdisciplinary in nature. This means I am comfortable researching and writing in virtually any academic discipline and any format.
2) I teach academic writing, among other things. This means I have a deep understanding of, and acute sensitivity to, what professors are looking for in any college-level text. 


Date Comment Rating
12/07/2016 Went above and beyond what I asked. Very nice, well spoken, and a passionate writer. Was absolutely perfect for what I needed. Kudos to you my friend!
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