Graduate School:
Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health
Masters in Immunology and Microbiology
Focus in Infectious Diseases

University of California, Berkeley
B.A. in Integrative Biology
Focus in Evolutionary Biology and Medicine
Minor in English

Past Employment

I used to work for a college admissions services writing college entrance essays, hence the English minor, but I've been trained especially to write scientific papers and analyses. I've also tutored in the general sciences and worked in different labs (actually, one of the profs who taught me undergrad bio invented CRISPR, so there's that). 


Hey hey,

I'm a pretty laid-back Californian who, through a series of regrettable and (not unfortunate) events, stumbled upon this website and honestly, I'm willing to sell my soul for a lot less money than what y'all are offering. 

I also recently got a third, yes, THIRD, monitor for my computer set up so writing papers are a glorious experience for me at least. Plus they allow me to relive my recently misspent youth. Who knew grad school involved so much alcohol?


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