Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

Master of Science in Neuroscience (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

Past Employment

Professor University of Oxford


I have held postdoctoral academic research positions in reputable universities in Canada, U.S. and UK.
Qualified Tutor in Medicine, History, English, Nursing, Psychology, I am interested in providing coherent, custom and comprehensive papers.


Date Comment Rating
07/29/2017 Simply outstanding work!

Nomary submitted my paper way before the assigned deadline.

I wanted to change a few things to the report and it was done with no hassle.

I would use this proffesor in the future if the need arise.

Trust me if Nomary bids, its because they can more than delivery.

Happy customer!

06/07/2017 Not sure how someone could miss the mark so well. Didn't follow the very detailed instructions and marking rubrix on what the paper was suppose to be about. No communication and was late (6 weeks timeframe). Missed a whole 1/3 of the project completely. Seemed extremerly rushed and chucked together last minute. Not worth the money I paid.

Would not recommend, for anything medical/anatomy/biology related anyway.
05/26/2017 Thank you so much!
05/03/2017 Provided a well-done paper practically overnight. Got an A+ on the assignment and several good comments from my professor. Nomary met all of my expectations.
04/29/2017 You didn't follow the outline of the proposal which was laid out very well in detail. After I got feedback from my professor on the first draft you did. You basically ignored most of it.  Discussion/results/and reccommendation is basically all just literature review which is suppose to be in the section 'literature review'. That section should include the results of the case study based on your problem statement which you didn't do. 
04/26/2017 Got some points off for some things but over all a good grade. 
04/10/2017 Extremely low-quality essay. The professor isn't familiar with academic writing, especially in humanities and social sciences. Would not recommend. 
04/05/2017 Nomary provided an extremely poor level of service; I understand there was a short deadline however for a $240 (CAD) essay it should have been significantly better. This essay wouldn't serve as a kindergarten essay. The research is weak; facts are not correctly cited, he or she only answered my messages after I escalated the issue, instructions were not fully followed (partially my fault), the essay was over 8 hours late. I have no intent of ever using this professor again. I would advise anyone considering him/her to NOT USE THIS PROFESSOR. For what it's worth they were willing to make some sort of minuscule effort to revise the essay after they sent it to me making the final product about 12hrs late. 

Again: DO NOT USE THEM, there are significantly better writers on the site

To Nomary: Sorry for being so blunt, but people deserve to know.
03/30/2017 Nomary explains complex, comprehensive subjects simply and has a writing style that flows very well. Nomary also follows instructions well and is very quick to respond to any communications.
Overall, I am very happy with his services and I recommend using him
03/29/2017 Was timely and well written. Arrived earlier than just before the due time unlike others I have worked with. Missed a key part of the assignment but was willing to work with me on resolving the issue. Will use again.
03/28/2017 Professor Nomary did a wonderful job on my project with very little time as it took me a while to respond.  Nomary had a lot of materials to sift through for my project but still got it done in a timely fashion.  The paper was formatted appropriately and Nomary even added flare to the paper, which I loved.  I look forward to working with this professor again.
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