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I am a Virginia-based editor and writer who currently works as a publicist and creative consultant. I attended the University of Iowa, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Georgia State University for my Masters and University of Georgia for my B.A in Philosophy. As a trained social scholar, for the past 12 years, I have polished my writing, research, content creation, and communication skills in many settings. I have experience as a paralegal, writer, college administrator, educator, and public relations. Regardless of the medium or platform, I have made a career out of delivering messaging that lands.


Date Comment Rating
06/11/2017 Dr. Right completed my paper in a timely and professional manner.  Scored a 100% on my nursing paper because of him. Thanks again!
05/21/2017 My paper was missing a few things including subtopics, but he's new. I'll give him a pass
05/10/2017 Didn't even read the requirements I provided and the worst grammar I have ever seen.
05/08/2017 Dr. Right was prompt with finishing the assignment early and fixing things i needed done, but I still had to go through and edit my entire paper because it looked like half of it was written with broken English. Got me a solid A though.
04/25/2017 It's like he didn't even read my teacher's guidelines for the paper. Complete waste of money. He paraphrased just about the entire essay off of the International Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Wikipedia. This probably would've been ok for some teachers but not with a hard grader like mine. Thanks Dr. Wrong
04/23/2017 Great professor, easy to work with. Glad I picked this professor!
04/21/2017 Followed the assignment and my requests perfectly.
04/19/2017  Not a graduate level paper. I think that English might be his second language? Spelling and syntax errors are present. Totally editable though. Grateful for the fast turn around time.
04/17/2017 Amazing work and fast to respond!
04/12/2017 All my expectations were met. Thank you, Dr. Right!
Great Job!
04/09/2017 Absolutley Fantastic.
04/08/2017 Paper was of terrible quality and did not satisfy the brief. The professor's writing style was clumsy and juvenile. Utter waste of money.
04/06/2017 This prof completed my assignment on VERY late notice, before the due date I expected and with a great essay. I am very happy with the work that was done. 
04/05/2017 Paper was completed in less than 24 hours, met all the requirements other than the page length came out to 8 1/2 pages rather than the requested 10. I changed a couple sentences to make it flow better, but the paper was what was expected. 
04/04/2017 answered all questions and delivered before due date!!
04/03/2017 It was timely and exactly what I needed!
04/02/2017 Dr. Right provided me with an amazing product! Would most definatly recommend. 
04/02/2017 Wrote a good essay, got it to me early and did everything I asked. I am a happy customer. 
03/20/2017 Dr. Right finished the essay early which was appreciated but the sentences felt very clunky and didn't have variation. Dr. Right also had weird word choice and I often had to reread a section mulitpule times before I understood what they were trying to say. I am dissipointed that I had to go through to make it flow better and meet the standards of my class. It met the bottom criteria for a C essay but the formatting was correct. I have heard lots of good things about this site and I am bummed out that the standards are not what I expected. 
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