Masters in Public Policy and Administration w/focus on Science and Society

Bachelor's in Environmental Science, w/minors in Entomology and Hydrology/Soils

Completed a year's course in speechwriting and public speaking at the theatre department of an Oberlin Group college

Past Employment

In the past I have worked for both federal and state agencies. I also spent some time as a technical support engineer for an international statistics software company used by many government labs and Fortune 500 corporations, and have worked in entomology, and applied biochemistry lab groups.


My background is largely in history, public policy, biology/genetics, hydrology, geology, and geospatial mapping systems. If you have a paper, whether it's technical or theoretical, provided it's not an expert piece on quantum mechanics, I am always willing to take up the mantle and pursue it. Currently working in the public sector, previous experience working under universities and academic software companies.

lt is always important to understand one's audience, if you are trying to write a paper or presentation for a specific class, group, or the general public, and have a certain amount of the work done as well, I will work with you to make the tone of your final paper correct for its context.


Date Comment Rating
04/12/2017 Thank you very much! Even though I made a mistake on the deadline, professor had a really great outline and list of sources already made up and sent those to me so I could get something turned in.
03/26/2017 Great professor. Very considerate in the price and did an excellent work! Recommend 100% 
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